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The villagers kept asking Kikyo to heal someone or to help them to cook something. It wasn't that she liked to help people it's just that, getting nagged all day was difficult for someone such as a miko to protect the jewel. When this started she thought a powerful demon had controlled everyone's minds, so that the shikin no tama was to be left unguarded. In order to help people, she decided to have Inuyasha and her sensei to watch the jewel, so that she could teach the villagers how to cook.

Kikyo told her sensei to watch Inuyasha carefully or else he might steal the jewel. Inuyasha promised not to do anything or else he would punish himself by not seeing Kikyo in a way that seemed harsh. (To him) Kikyo told everyone to begin by picking up fresh vegetables or herbs from the nearby mountains. Kikyo had to act like a school teacher so she decided to become the nice yet strict kind. She asked Inuyasha to get some supplies that way the process would be faster to get some of the ingredients. Some of the children in the village whispered to each other that Inuyasha looked like little red riding hood. (Except without the hood)

Day one

Kikyo started to prepare her books, ingredients, and cleaned around her outdoor school of cooking. Inuyasha was wondering if she wanted to know something, but, he decided to keep it to himself as he thought about what might happen if she wasn't focused about cooking. Kikyo looked at Inuyasha, with calm peaceful eyes, Inuyasha returned the look, but, with sad gold eyes. Inuyasha was half demon meaning he could live forever, while Kikyo was only human and her time to live would end as soon as death decided to take her. Inuyasha didn't want to think of this, but, it bothered him a bit, there was one solution to this problem, but it might go against Kikyo's means. Around the dead of night Inuyasha got up from beside Kikyo. (They live in the same hut with Keade) He walked up to the temple and grabbed the Shikin no Tama. He closed his eyes, thought and took in deep breaths. He put back the jewel and decided to do this another time.

Later that day, Kikyo arose from her slumber. She patted Inuyasha's head. (Girls start to grow with jealousy) and she started to towards her school. She thought about the time this would take away from her and guarding the jewel, but most of all Inuyasha.

After her class settled down, she started to talk about some safety rules, and gave everyone mittens, apron and goggles. First they were going to start out with something simple. She instructed the class to cut tofu. (Inuyasha cuts tofu wind scar style!) After the tofu was cut she instructed for the class to cut some herbs. Some of the men got amused and cut his like a sushi chef. Next she instructed for everyone to experiment with some sauce. Everyone had his or her special secret whether it was soy sauce, lemons juice, and teriyaki sauce, the one key ingredient is; how is it made. Pepper sauce, spices of exotic kinds, and some other ingredients to make soup were added. Last warm water was poured into the soup bowl and the outdoor house smelled like a steaming bath house. This scent caught up to many people. One in particular was a wolf who was dating a teenage student. His name was Koga.

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