I would like to thank the latest reviewer (TheShadowsOfDarkness), for giving me inspiration for creating this chapter! I also read recently, that Inuyasha is DragonBallZ for girls…

Chapter 5: Village Idiot Explanation

Narrator: On the last time on In-Yu-Yas-HA! Inuyasha was planning something! The village idiot actually created a plan, Koga ran like a wuss and Kikyo was cleaning! Yeah…I quit, this script is lame!

Narrator leaves and the author steps in

Author: …hums DragonBallZ theme

Before chapter 3

"So Kagome, you want Inuyasha to be your play thing?"

"Yeah!" Kagome yelled in excitement like a little girl

"All right then I'll help you, but only because it gets me closer to the jewel!"

"You're gay?"

"You can talk?

"I dunno…Naraku-kun!"


"What are you talking about? There's no one else here!"

"Aren't you an idiot?"


"Ok, and that's my plan. Did you get it?"



"I luv Inuyasha, with the ph3ir 0f a th0$and $un$!" Kagome said in leet.

Naraku slaps his head

Another later

"All right, Kagome do you get it…now?"

"I dunno"

Another later


"Now what?"

Naraku slaps his head

Once again







Another later

"I got it!"


"Huh? No I got the Inuyasha plushie!"

Naraku slaps himself

"Now? Now? NOW!"





"I've always known!"

"…." Naraku screws up his face with a double take

"I'm supposed to be acting like; an idiot remember?"


Author: Sorry it was short