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Lex was awaken the next morning by something tickling his nose.

He rubbed at it. Only to discover that no sooner did he move it, then it was right back. He would have been greatly annoyed had he not opened his eyes and seen just what the culprit was.

Hair. Chloe's hair to be specific. It was splayed out from where she had buried her face in her pillow. She had her arms crossed underneath the pillow and was sleeping soundly on her stomach next to him.

He wished she would roll over and open her eyes. He wanted to know what was running through that overactive brain of hers. If she regretted what had happened last night.

He still couldn't quite wrap his head around it. Wasn't fully able to grasp the reality that it wasn't all some horrible, wonderful figment of his imagination. That it was really Chloe, safe and warm, snuggled up beside him with the rising sun casting a warm glow across her golden hair and fair skin.

He stretched contentedly beside her, careful not to disturb her. He could be patient with waiting for her to wake up if he had to. He had known Chloe long enough, and well enough, to suspect she wouldn't be happy to woken before dawn if not necessary.

As if subconsciously reading his thoughts, Chloe rolled over onto her side, facing him. His lips quirked slightly at the sight of her rumpled hair and the little pout she was sporting. One arm was still curled under the pillow but the other was now flung over her head and she sighed in contentment.

He wondered what it would be like to wake up to his everyday. To open his eyes with each dawn and see this sight before him. Imagined himself waking up to Chloe, her hair longer and her stomach grown heavy with Lena inside of her. Pictured the eyes he knew so well framed delicately by tiny lines at the corners matching the ones etching their way around her mouth and the first streaks of gray vying for attention with the strands of gold. Briefly saw the picture alter to include hair white as snow and deep lines of a long, happy life taking the place of the smooth cheeks and forehead in front of him.

Then he blinked and it was gone, returning to the one before him. Chloe as she was now. Probably the only time he would ever see her this way. And it was his own fault, he knew that now.

He had lied to her. Something he swore he would never do again. And this was the greatest one of his life. He had kept her child from her. No one in their right mind would forgive him for that.

But then, no one in their right mind would have slept with him after such a betrayal either.

He didn't deserve this. The brief moment of happiness some unknowing entity was granting him. He had no right to see her this way, to touch her the way he had, not after what he'd done.

Life was just not that forgiving.

But maybe Chloe was. For at that moment she opened her eyes and smiled at him while she stretched lazily. Silently, she rolled over and huddled beside him, burying her face in the crook of his shoulder before falling back asleep.

And when she awoke two hours later they made love again before she said goodbye and left with tears in her eyes for her orientation at Metropolis University.


"Lois, I think I may kill you." Chloe told her from her place on the bathroom floor.

"I said I was sorry." Lois pleaded as she wiped Chloe's hair from her brow. She had been up sick since daybreak with a horrible case of food poisoning from the out of the way Indian restaurant Lois had insisted they go to the night before. It wouldn't be so bad if Lois had gotten sick, too. But growing up on army food had given her cousin a stomach made of steel. So Chloe was forced to suffer alone. And she wasn't about to let Lois forget it either.

"I have never felt this bad in my entire life. I literally feel like I'm dying." Chloe moaned and laid down on the tile floor.

"I told you not to get the pork." Lois said.

Chloe glared at her before Lois hauled her up to help her to her bed. There was soup Lana had gotten from the student union growing cold on her bedside table and some daisies from Clark in a water glass beside them. She appreciated their thoughtfulness, really she did, but at that moment she would have gladly given either one of them her place.

"It makes no sense. Clark got the same thing I did. He should be sick too." Chloe moaned.

"Clark never gets sick. You told me that yourself." Lois reminded her. "Maybe it wasn't the pork."

"Then what could it be?"


Lena stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom. She could still think of it as her bathroom because in another life it would have been her room. But now she had done what she needed to do and was bracing herself for the inevitable.

The pain had been lessening over the last few weeks. They had told her it might become unbearable or even disappear altogether. She was just grateful it seemed to be the latter.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Saw her mother's eyes reflected back at her. Saw her hair, a perfect mix of her parents'. Her grandmother's nose and high cheekbones. And what her grandfather had always adamantly declared to be Lois's smile.

Only she wasn't smiling. She felt like she was on her way to her own execution. It was almost dawn, and she would be gone in a few minutes. She had done what she came here to do. She's gotten to know her father in a way she never imagined was possible and had made it possible that her mother would live a long life safe from the treat of the Luthors and everything that went with being one.

The gray sky outside her window had been lightening to purple steadily and was well on it's way to pink. She could just see the faint outline of the sun stretching out along the horizon. She waited.

Nothing happened. Pink turned to orange to yellow with the first blaze of daylight. Bright azure blue took it's place as only the sky of a beautiful autumn day can. And when the sun had settled in it's place, heralding the new day over Smallville she knew.

Everything she'd done had been for nothing. She'd lied about her conception date and it still hadn't worked. Because she was still there. And that meant only one thing.

Chloe was pregnant.