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Author's Rant: A Labyrinth/Harry Potter crossover, because they go so well together. I've been playing around with this idea for awhile and despite my other outstanding stories, I simply had to get it started. If my knowledge of canon is not up to par, please forgive me. In fact, forgive me for the whole story. It's total crap. But it's fun crap and that's what counts, eh?
Pairing: Jareth/Sarah. Is there any other?

Edited: 10.27.05 - Canon accuracy, stupid grammar errors, and general idiocy.

Prologue: A Beginning of Sorts

Catalina Stebbins couldn't help but wonder about the woman sitting on the couch in front of her. She had been working for the Ministry of Magic's Muggle-born Inclusion Division for many years and never had she come across a case such as this. Most missions she went on followed a set pattern, and though there were the occasional deviations, they too were similar. But this... this was unheard of. No Muggle should ever accept magic and wizardry so easily.

"Hmmm… Where can I pick up Tony's supplies? I'm supposing there's a market hidden away from prying eyes?"

"Yes. You can purchase Antonius' belongings in Diagon Alley. If you wish, I can take you there now to get a feel for the place. It's generally a good place for an introduction to the wizarding community."

"Wonderful! I'll just get my purse." As the dark haired woman rose, she called out to her son, a boy recently turned eleven, with sandy brown hair and interesting eyes, one of which was blue and the other green. Of course, the only reason Miss Stebbins had noticed this was because the variation was so great. The blue was clear and pale, the green strong and vibrant. When paired with his easy smile, the boy was quite the charmer. But then how many young boys weren't?

"Tony, are you ready?"

"Yes, Mom! Can I pick up a present for father while we are there?"

The quick Miss Stebbins caught the reference and frowned slightly.

"I thought you said Antonius was not familiar with his father?"

Miss Williams turned from her position and leaned against a wall to pull on a shoe.

"He doesn't much see his father is what I said. However, the two do exchange letters and presents regularly." The statement seemed almost prepared, and Miss Stebbins' frown became more prominent.

"Does the father have any connections with the wizarding world?" she questioned carefully.

A suspicious glance was exchanged between mother and son.

"Nope," the son answered resolutely while locking eyes with the unsuspecting visitor. "Dad has no ties to the wizarding world."

Miss Stebbins smiled tiredly, suddenly forgetting that she was interested in the mysterious parentage of one Antonius "Tony" Williams.

They took Muggle transportation to Diagon Alley, in order for Miss Williams to acquaint herself with the way. As they walked down the final street, Miss Stebbins explained some of what being the mother of a wizard would entail.

"Owls? Really… imagine that."

"We do realize some people are unaccustomed to owls…"

"Oh," Miss Williams interrupted. "Not at all! I… befriended an owl a few years before Tony was born." A giggle from the listening child sparked the worker's suspicions once more. However, before further inquisition, the boy interrupted with a happy squeal.

"Hey, Mom! It's the Leaky Cauldron! Can we drop by and say hi to Tom before we go on?"

Beyond shocked, the poor perplexed Miss Stebbins watched as the child ran into what should have been an unseen pub. When she entered in half a daze, she saw the balding old barkeep ruffling the boy's hair as he smiled warmly at Miss Williams. The odd group was in the middle of what seemed to be catching up when the old wizard noticed the staring Ministry worker.

"Ah, Miss Stebbins. What brings you here today? Care for a drink?"

"Huh… I mean, no thank you, Tom. I'm on Ministry business. How… how do you know Miss Williams?"

Seeming to understand the situation, the bartender smiled toothlessly as he patted Tony Williams on his head again.

"Ah. It's about time the Ministry realized how special Master Tony is! I've been waiting for years to speak openly to Her Majesty about magic." Miss Williams playfully hit Tom's arm as she laughed, and Tony smiled wickedly.

"Her… Majesty?" Miss Stebbins questioned slowly. A glance was exchanged between mother and son once again before the boy answered.

"It's just a joke, ma'am." Looking into his mismatched eyes, Miss Stebbins forgot what she was worried about and merely smiled back.

In fact, as the day progressed, Miss Catalina Stebbins found nothing wrong with the fact that half the poorer wizarding population of Diagon Alley seemed to know Miss and young Mister Williams. She did not think it odd at all that the Gringott's goblins were filled with fear and awe at sight of the mother and son or that several house-elves abandoned their posts to carry Antonius' bags. There was nothing out of sorts about the ease in which both former Muggles had taken Floo travel.

No, when Miss Stebbins, long time worker in the Muggle-born Inclusion Division of the Ministry of Magic, returned home, she wrote up her report stating that it had been a regular, per routine integration attempt.

heh...yeah. And Tony can't be a Larry Stu based solely on appearance. For Pete's sake, look at his father.