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Chapter 1

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The group of travelers was settled around the campfire except of course Inuyasha who was situated in the shadows leaning against a nearby tree. They had been bored and decided they should share some of their favorite childhood memories. Kagome was just finishing up her story of when her mom brought her baby brother home. While listening Inuyasha couldn't help but feel a little jealous that everyone else had such happy childhoods whereas his was filled with fear and abuse.

"Then my mom placed him in my arms and he was so cute and defenseless it was one of my happiest memories. So who hasn't gone yet?" Kagome said as she finished her narration.

"Let's see everyone has gone except Inuyasha, come on Inuyasha tell us a bit about your childhood." Miroku commented.

"I don't want to talk about it" came Inuyasha's voice from the shadows" it's just a waste of time we should be concentrating on the jewel shards."

"Come on Inuyasha, it'll be fun I'm sure you have some interesting stories knowing you, you were probably quite a little hell raiser as a child" Kagome tried to coax Inuyasha into sharing with them

Strangely enough Inuyasha seemed to take great offense to the comment" I never caused any trouble or bothered anyone so just quit bugging me about it!" Sango having more experience with half demons tried to stop them from pushing the matter further knowing that Inuyasha didn't exactly have a happy childhood because of his heritage but Miroku didn't notice.

"Inuyasha there's no need to snap at Kagome she didn't mean any harm by it" said Miroku harshly after Inuyasha outburst.

"feh" and with that Inuyasha leapt off into the woods. Silence dominated the remaining group as everyone but Sango was confused about what had gotten into their friend.

"Well I hope you two are happy with yourselves chasing him away like that" Sango said finally breaking the silence. The others all stared at her and couldn't believe she was taking Inuyasha's side.

"What are you talking about we only tried to get him to open up a bit" Kagome defended herself. "Yeah Sango we didn't do anything that would upset him" Miroku added

"Yes you did we all did. we didn't take Inuyasha's feeling into consideration when we shared all of our stories" Sango stated her theory" "what do the stories have to do with anything?" asked Miroku.

That's when it dawned on Kagome that Inuyasha had had a hard life due to his demon blood and probably thought they were rubbing their nice childhoods in his face. The group watched as Kagome slowly got up and started heading in the direction Inuyasha went until something caught her hand she looked back and saw Miroku holding her back. "Kagome you should stay here and get some sleep. I'm sure Inuyasha will be back in the morning and march us around Japan like normal."

"Okay" she agreed reluctantly still concerned over her friend 'I just wish that he would open up to and trust me with his secrets. If he told me I'm sure I could help with his problems' Kagome thought as sleep overtook her.

As dawn approached Kagome slowly awoke and looked around their campsite hoping to find Inuyasha. She scanned the trees in search of him and was rewarded when she saw a red leg hanging off the edge of a tree. She carefully approached wondering if Inuyasha was still sour about the previous night.

"Inuyasha could you please come down here I want to talk to you" she called up to him. Inuyasha dropped down landing in front of her "What do you want to lecture me some more" he responded.

"No, I came to apologize for trying to make you talk about your past and if it upset you then you don't have to share it with us" "Upset I wasn't upset i-it's just that it was a waste of time" Inuyasha said trying to hide his emotions. "It's okay Inuyasha I know that you've had a hard life because of you being a half demon."

"I don't know what your talking about let's just break camp and get going."

"Okay but we're going to talk about this later" and so after they packed they headed out to the west in search of the Shikon Jewel. It was another uneventful day and Inuyasha ran ahead to find a suitable spot to spend the night.

'Damn why does she always insist on prying into my personal life you'd think she would get the hint and leave me alone' he thought as he sped through the forest. 'Maybe I shouldn't take it to personally I mean she was just trying to help maybe if I told her it would take some weight off my shoulders and at the very least she would stop pestering me about it. That's it when go get them I'll talk to her about it.' Now that he had made his decision his mind cleared and he began to focus on his surroundings. Then he picked up the scent of a demon and some of Miroku's blood.

He rushed back a fast as he could afraid for his friends' safety as he arrived he quickly took in the situation. They were in the field surrounded by tall grass Miroku had a large slash on his shoulder but nothing life threatening. Sango was surveying the grass with her boomerang ready waiting for the demon that was using the grass for to quickly attack and disappear. Kagome was standing on the edge of the field with her bow ready. Inuyasha saw the grass in front of Kagome move and started to rush towards as a large mantis demon emerged and leapt toward her.

Kagome was startled by the demons sudden appearance and closed her eyes as its right claw came hurtling towards her head but it never came. When she opened her eyes she was surprised to see Inuyasha there standing over the dying demon Miroku walked over to congratulate Inuyasha for his victory but as he approached he heard the demon muttering something that recognized as a curse "Inuyasha quickly finish the demon it's performing a curse"

"What?" Inuyasha quickly used his claws to finish off the demon. "What kind of curse did he cast?" "I don't know it could have been anything we should head back to Keade's and see what she thinks it could be." Miroku advised the group.

"That's ridiculous you want us to go all the way back there because you think there's a curse I don't even feel anyth- ugh Inuyasha moaned as he bent over clutching his stomach 'what's wrong with me my killing stomach is me'. Inuyasha thought before he collapsed.

Kagome rushed to his side to try to help him but didn't know what to do. Her worry increased as Inuyasha body began to glow a bright white and began to become brighter till she could no longer look at him. As the light faded they were all shocked at what they found. A small version of Inuyasha was lying where he had been and was wearing a haori just like his normal one only it was smaller and fit the boy.

Inuyasha awoke in the clearing surrounded by a group of strangers looking down at him. He began to become increasingly nervous as he realized that one was a monk another was a demon slayer and the third was dressed in strange clothes he had never seen before.

He quickly leapt up and away from the strangers and looked at them with a guarded expression.

Kagome was the first to do anything but as she took a few steps toward Inuyasha he backed away giving Kagome a look of fear that hurt her more than any demon they had faced so far.

Finally Inuyasha spoke and his voice was quavering and was softer than his normal voice" Please leave me alone I didn't do anything I swear I was just sleeping in a tree"

"Inuyasha don't you remember us" Miroku asked and Inuyasha slowly shook his head. "We better get him back to Keade's quickly so she can help him."

Inuyasha shook his head and backed away from his companions before he ran off deep into the woods.

"Inuyasha come back here!" Kagome yelled after him she was worried because he was just a boy in the woods and night was approaching. So she and Sango took Kirara with them to track him down and bring him back.

Inuyasha ran through the woods looking for somewhere to hide wondering why everyone can't just leave him alone ever since mom died last year (A.N. Inuyasha says his mom died last year because he only has his past memories from that he had when he was that old) people kept trying to hunt him down even when his mother was alive they attacked him but never tried to kill him. Inuyasha found a small hollow tree that he settled into and started crying as he began to think of his mom.

As Kirara led Kagome and Sango closer to the tree Inuyasha was in Kagome could hear sobs coming from the tree and wanted to run to comfort the half demon but didn't because she didn't want to scare him off again. She figured he was scared of people because he only had his childhood memories.

Inuyasha heard them coming but it was to late to get away he figured as soon as he left the tree the demon slayer would mow him down with her boomerang so he finally gave up and curled up fearfully awaiting his death.

When Kagome saw him she could have sworn her heart broke as she saw the brave strong man she fell in love with curled up shivering with fear. She reached out and to grab his shoulder but hesitated when he flinched from her touch. Then she couldn't take it anymore and scooped him up placing him against her chest. Inuyasha felt oddly safe in her arms he relaxed snuggled against her and fell asleep.

Kagome brought Inuyasha over to Sango and they headed back to camp. Sango looked over at the tired Inuyasha. "Poor little guy he seemed so scared of everything I'm surprised he even let you touch him let alone fall asleep in your arms he must trust you for some reason."

Kagome liked that idea and it caused her to smile. Inuyasha opened his eyes s bit and saw the beautiful girl from earlier smiling while staring ahead. Inuyasha smiled and fell back asleep.

When they got back to the camp Miroku set up they were greeted by a heart warming sight of Shippo curled in a ball sleeping in Miroku's arms. "Aww it's hard to believe he's a pervert when he's like this" Sango said as she found herself staring at the sleeping monk.

Kagome tried to lay Inuyasha down on her sleeping bag and tried to leave him there but his arms were wrapped around her and he wouldn't let her go. Kagome didn't know what to do she didn't want to wake him so she decided to lay down with the little half demon and was soon asleep thinking of what would happen tomorrow.

Kagome woke up and was happy to see that Inuyasha was still asleep next to her she looked around and noticed that all the others were up and crowded around her and Inuyasha. Shippo looked hopefully down at Kagome "Kagome could I play with Inuyasha when he wakes up."

Kagome smiled at Shippo "Of course but first you'll wait till we get back to the village"

"Yeah sure I can't wait to see what he's like now that he's a child"

"Um everyone you need to be really nice to him you should have seen how scared he was when we found him" Kagome told them then gently shook Inuyasha awake.

Inuyasha opened his eyes and had a feeling of déjà vu as his eyes darted back and forth nervously. He had forgotten how he got there and started to panic a bit.

Kagome saw the fear returning in his face "it's okay we don't want to hurt you" Kagome comforted him. Inuyasha calmed down as the memory of last night came back to him and he smiled at the young woman who cared for him yesterday.

"H-hello my name is Inuyasha"

Kagome thought that she should start with simple questions about him. "So Inuyasha how old are you?" "I'm 6 years old" Inuyasha replied happy that someone was being nice to him for a change.

"Oh yes how rude of me my name is Kagome this is Miroku, Kirara, Shippo, and over there cooking breakfast is Sango." she said happily trying to make him feel comfortable.

"Breakfast's done" Sango said as she began handing out everyone's food. She handed Inuyasha his food first and he looked surprised for a moment before he began shoveling it down. "Don't worry Inuyasha no one is going to take it from you"

"Kagome why is he such a pig" Shippo asked. "Shippo don't be so insensitive he probably isn't used to having much to eat." Kagome explained. "But he always has plenty to eat." Shippo argued. "The Inuyasha we knew always had plenty to eat but this is a side of him we've never seen." She whispered back to him.

Inuyasha sat and watched as the group finished packing. "Well let's go guys I want to get to Keade's as soon as possible" Kagome said and the group started to leave but had only gone about 30 feet when Kagome realized something was missing. She turned around and saw that Inuyasha hadn't moved at all and that he was staring sadly at the ground.

"Inuyasha are you coming or not" She called back to him. He lifted his head and stared at her and Kagome saw a gleam of hope in his eyes as he responded to her question "do you mean I can really come with you."

"Of course you can in fact we'd be delighted to have you with us" Sango reassured him.

Inuyasha didn't need to be told twice and ran to catch up to the others and they set off on their trip back to the village.