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Chapter 3

Kagome slowly opened her eyes as the sun began to rise. Everyone was still asleep so she started breakfast. 'I hope we can get Inuyasha back to normal soon' she thought as she looked at Inuyasha. A few minutes later they were all up and enjoying breakfast. She noticed that Inuyasha's table manners were improving now that he was eating more often.

"If we hurry we can make it to Keade's by tomorrow night and I'd like to get back as soon as possible to talk to Keade about this curse" Miroku said as everyone finished their breakfast. "What curse" Inuyasha asked innocently. "Um he was talking about his wind tunnel the curse was broken but he wants to have someone check it." Sango covered for the monk.

The group left quickly eager to make good time. They didn't stop until noon to eat lunch. Kagome had a surprise for Inuyasha she had been saving a package of ramen. "Here Inuyasha try some of this I'm sure you'll like it" she said as she handed him the cup of noodles. Inuyasha sniffed it cautiously before trying it. Kagome couldn't stop help but smile when she saw Inuyasha's face light up in delight when he had tried the noodles.

"This is great what is it Kagome" "It's called ramen and when we get back I can get some more." Shippo and Inuyasha finished before the others and ran off to play a game of tag. "Have fun you two and be careful" Kagome called as the two ran off. Inuyasha was it and was chasing Shippo he leapt in front of the kitsune and cried out "tag you're it" and ran away being chased closely by Shippo.

Inuyasha looked over his shoulder to see if Shippo was catching up when he ran into someone. He looked up and froze as he saw the two men he had run into last night. "hey it's the half demon from the village who doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself and he doesn't have his friends to help him this time what do you say we teach him a lesson" the taller man said as he reached out and grabbed a hold of Inuyasha's neck lifting him off the ground.

Inuyasha struggled to pry the hand off his neck but was unsuccessful in his attempt. The man tossed him down and the two started to kick the hanyou. Inuyasha managed to grab a hold of the short man's leg and sunk his fangs into his leg. The man yelped and dealt a blow to Inuyasha's face effectively dislodging him from his leg. "That damn brat bit me." he said as he doubled his effort in beating the half demon. When they had finished Inuyasha lay unconscious covered in bruises and cuts.

"Hey let me borrow your knife I want a souvenir" the short one said to his friend. His friend handed him a small dagger as the short one knelt down and grabbed Inuyasha's right ear.


"Have fun you two and be careful" Kagome called as the two ran off. When they were out of hearing range Miroku turned to Kagome and Sango "So what was with all the noise about last night." "Oh Inuyasha had a nightmare about when his mom died" Sango answered.

"Yeah he seemed really upset he was even crying." Kagome said. "Oh yeah I almost forgot me and Kagome were trying to think of ways to cheer up Inuyasha and were wondering if you could think of things boys like to do." (A.N. I know that it seems like a bad idea asking Miroku what boys like to do.) "Well I can think of some things but nothing appropriate for Inuyasha's age" Miroku responded.

Before Sango and Kagome could comment on Miroku's response they were distracted when they heard Kagome being called. "Kagome, Kagome hurry we have to help Inuyasha he's being attacked" Shippo cried as he approached the group. Miroku took off with his staff in the direction Shippo had come from while Sango was getting her boomerang (I know what it's called but don't want to look up how to spell it) and Kagome was gathering her arrows.

The man was hunched over Inuyasha and had cut halfway through his ear when there came a dull crack as something collided into the side of his head. His friend turned around in time to see a golden staff come down in between his eyes. Miroku stood over the unconscious men as he took in Inuyasha's condition. He was badly beaten but nothing life threatening the worst was his ear, his head was laying in a pool of blood.

"Sango keep Kagome away I don't want her to see this" he yelled as Sango and Kagome arrived. Sango trusting Miroku was making the right decision held Kagome back as she struggled to get to the half demon "Sango let go of me I have to get to Inuyasha" she cried as she fought against her friend.

Shippo arrived shortly after the girls and ran towards Inuyasha "Shippo stop right there" Miroku said. Sango was distracted by Shippo and Kagome seized the chance to get away. She ran up to the small hanyou "oh my god" she said as she saw Inuyasha laying there. She quickly collected herself and began to take charge. "Shippo take Kirara and look for a place to stay, Miroku find some water so we can clean him up, and Sango I'm going to need you to help me care for Inuyasha okay?" "Yes" they all said as they each set off to complete their tasks.

"How could they do this to him" Kagome cried as she looked at his torn ear. "Kagome we better start treating his wounds" Sango said taking out a water bottle. She handed the bottle to Kagome "Here clean his ear I'll go get your medical kit" and she took off back to their picnic site to get Kagome's bag.

Kagome ran water through Inuyasha's ear and gently rubbing his ear to clean out the blood and dirt. Just as she was finishing Sango arrived with Kagome's pack. She dug through it until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a disinfectant and some bandages. She bandaged his ear after she had applied the disinfectant.

"Sango what's taking the others so long." "Don't worry Kagome they'll be here soon." As if on cue Shippo and Kirara returned "Kagome we found a small hut not far from here" "Thank you Shippo, Sango could you carry Inuyasha." Sure Kagome c'mon Shippo lead the way." They left following the kitsune except Kirara who was to stay behind to guide Miroku to the hut.

The hut Shippo found was a one that was set up for travelers to spend the night but it was very simple with only one room with nothing in it. "Well it's not much but it'll have to do" Kagome said as she laid out her sleeping bag and placed Inuyasha in it. "Oh Sango how could they do this to him he's only a child" Kagome cried. "It's because he's a half demon Kagome he's had to endure things like this his entire life."

"I can't believe people could be so cruel to a child" Kagome said sadly. "Kagome, Sango are you in there" Miroku said as he followed Kirara into the hut. "I found a stream not to far from here" he said as he laid down a bucket filled with water. Kagome removed Inuyasha's outer haori and started to take off his inner robe when she suddenly stopped and looked away. What's wrong" Sango as Kagome's eyes welled up with tears. "Kagome what is it"

Miroku had had enough and walked over to Inuyasha and removed his remaining haori. Miroku winced when he had parted Inuyasha's haori but continued to remove it. "Will someone tell me what's wrong" Sango said as she tried to get a good view of Inuyasha. Miroku finally took off Inuyasha's shirt giving her a full view of Inuyasha's chest. "Oh my God" Sango whispered. Inuyasha's chest and upper body was covered with large nasty bruises.

"Kagome I need some bandages he probably has some broken ribs" Miroku said taking responsibility since the others seemed troubled. "Um yeah here" Kagome answered briefly as she handed him her first aid kit her mom had put together. "Sango I need you to sit Inuyasha up so I can apply the bandages" Sango did as she was asked and Miroku wrapped Inuyasha's chest and abdomen when he had finished they laid him back down in the sleeping bag.

"Kagome will Inuyasha be okay" Shippo asked from beside the said girl. "Of course Shippo he'll just need time to heal." "She's right Inuyasha has had much worse injuries before I suggest we get some sleep and by morning he'll be fine." Miroku said as he settled himself into one of the corners to sleep.

"Good idea Miroku I could use some sleep goodnight guys." Sango said. Kagome laid awake long after the others had all fallen asleep. 'What'll we do if we can't get Inuyasha back to normal? I could raise him like Shippo or we could wish him back to normal once we complete the jewel' she thought searching for a solution. Kagome was awakened from her thoughts when she heard a rustling sound and Inuyasha groan.

"Inuyasha are you awake" she asked barely able to make out his form lying in the sleeping bag. "Kagome where am I" he said weakly his voice still sore from when he was choked. "Shippo found us and led us to you and now we're in a hut along the road."

"Kagome what's wrong with me" "Inuyasha don't say it wasn't your fault" "why do I have to be different why am I a half demon." he said sadly. "Inuyasha there's nothing wrong with being a half demon" she said trying to cheer him up. "That's easy for you to say you don't know what it's like to be different" He stated loudly waking everyone up.

"Kagome what's going on is Inuyasha alright?" Sango asked noticing that he was the source of disturbance. "It's okay to be different that's what makes us unique" "It's not okay no one likes me" he argued tears evident in his eyes. "That's not true we're your friends" She argued. "I don't have any friends and I don't need any one day I'll become a full youkai and then I can take care of myself" The room fell silent when he had stated that he wished to be full youkai. "Inuyasha you don't have to take care of yourself we'll help you" Miroku said breaking the silence. "Why are you being so nice to me" he asked. "Because we're friends and friends are nice to each other right guys" Sango said.

"Yeah she's right" Miroku said "now then you should get some rest we might travel tomorrow if you're feeling better" "But I'm not even tired" he said as a badly timed yawn escaped his mouth. "C'mon Inuyasha just go to bed you're hurt and need rest." I'm fine really" he said. Inuyasha tried to sit up but as soon as he started to rise he was stopped by a jolt of pain that exploded across his chest and stomach. He let out a cry and curled into the fetal position. Kagome and the others crowded around him to see if he was okay "Inuyasha just get some rest please" Kagome said.

Once he had recovered they laid him back in the sleeping bag, he was soon sleeping. "It was so hard to convince him we were his friends I think he still doesn't trust us fully" Sango said. "He just needs some time I mean he's probably never had a friend before" Miroku said. "What do you think Kagome" Sango asked. "I think it's late and I'm tired can't we talk about in the morning."

"Fine we'll talk about it tomorrow" Sango said unaware that Miroku was settling down next to her. She lay down and wished her friends good night. She rolled over and came face to face with Miroku "what do you think you're doing monk." she said glaring at the letcher. "Nothing" he said nervously backing away from the demon slayer. "goodnight" they all said and went to sleep.

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