A/N: I hope that you could forgive me for the long time, and yes, this story is not been forgetable either.


Title: The Phantom of Fangorn Forest 2

Author: Sivan Shemesh


Rating: PG-13

Warning: Angst, violence, no ring.

Disclaimer: The usual cast, they did not belong to me. Only my OC's.

Timeline: AU.

Summary: Estel was a child lived on legends, with one particular legend most of all, and he travels to see if it was true.

Note: Mixed fairy-tales and movies. Don't say that I didn't warn you!


Aragorn ate the food, his mind racing about his beloved book.

He wished he could find it as he wanted to move on, led on by the book that would show him where to go.

A sound of an arrow made him alert. He moved his head from side to side, anxious to see where the arrow would land. Slowly getting up from the ground, he continued to look around, fearing he was under attack.

"WHO IS IT?" he shouted in fear, his lips trembling.

Aragorn reached for his bow and an arrow. He aimed in all directions, not knowing where exactly he was supposed to aim.

"I am the lord here…" the voice spoke from within the fog.

"What is your name, my lord? Are you the one that called 'The Phantom'?" Aragorn asked in fear.

A man came towards him, his head covered by a hood. He laughed when he heard Aragorn's last words, "The Phantom…"

"What is it so funny?" Aragorn asked and came forward, walking blindly in the fog.

The man in the hood scanned the young man's face and whispered, "The one that is called 'The Phantom' would not speak to you, he would only try and kill you, as he did to my men…"

"Wait…" Aragorn called, and thought to ask, "Have you seen him? I am looking for him… to show me the way…"

The man looked at him and noticed the curious look on Aragorn's face. The young man appeared innocent to him in a world that was covered in shadow.

"You are going to your own doom, who ever you are," the man said, a smile on his face, and added, "Once you see, that once you died."

Aragorn looked at him and asked wonderingly, "How do you know this?"

The man looked at him and answered with a trembling voice, "My father was confident he would return alive, he was confident of remaining the Steward of Gondor. But he failed, and broke the promise he made before he left…" The man paused for a moment before adding, "He promised that he would come back, alive…"

"I am sorry to hear…" Aragorn tried to comfort the man, only to be cut off.

"I do not need your pity, though I never loved my father. He loved my brother more than me, if he loved me at all," the hooded man said, lowering his head.

Aragorn moved closer to him and asked, "Would you at least show me the way? I am looking for him, and I know that I am going to my doom, but it is my choice to make."

The man looked at him and noticed the serious expression on Aragorn's face. "I am Lord Faramir, and yes, I will show you the way… if that is what you wish…"

Aragorn smiled, pleased to hear those words.

"I am Strider," Aragorn said, and noticed the smile that appeared in the lord's face.

"I heard of you, Strider," Lord Faramir said.

"I hope you have heard good things of me…" Aragorn said quietly.

Faramir moved closer and put his hand on Aragorn's shoulder. "Do not fear," he said, the smile still on his face, "I have only heard good things about you… and that is why I tried to find you… and as you can see, we have found each other."

"Why does a lord have a need for a ranger?" Aragorn asked curiously.

"Why? In order to find murderous traitors…" Faramir hissed as he answered.

"I can do that but, if I may, I want to find 'The Phantom' first. And, my Lord, I need your help too, in minor thing…" Aragorn said.

"Name it."

"I lost a book that my father gave me… this book means a great deal to me and I wish to have your help in finding it," Aragorn requested and scanned Faramir's face, hoping the other man would agree to help him.

Faramir was about to turn down his request, but as he looked at the young man that stood in front of him, showing no fear, he answered.

"I will help you, friend," Faramir said with a smile.


After the guests left his party, Estel walked to his father's room and knocked on the door. He was holding the book close to his heart.

He heard his Adar's voice, and entered, only to find his Adar, sitting and staring at him.

"Estel, what is the matter?" Elrond asked, his voice cracking, as he feared that something was amiss with his son.

Estel hurried to his father's side and hugged him tight, though he did not let go of the book. Moving away slightly from his father, tears began falling down his face as he tried to speak.

Elrond became alert when he noticed his son's behavior, and asked him again, "Has something happened, ion-nin?"

"I love the gift, Adar, it is the best gift that I have ever received. I will keep the book close to my heart, and I will never let it go," Estel answered softly, new tears falling down his cheeks.

Elrond lifted his son onto his lap and hugged him before pulling Estel away so that he could wipe away the tears.

He scanned his son's face, and then said softly to him as he stroked the boy's cheeks, "This is your gift, ion-nin; do whatever you wish with it. I love you as my son."

"I know that, Adar, and I thank you for that, and the birthday party, and the other gifts too," Estel said, hugging his Adar again.

Elrond kept looking upon the boy, feeling that there was something more. "Is there anything else you want to share with me, my son?"

"Yes, could you read me a story before bed-time, Adar?" Estel grinned as he asked his father.

End of Flashback

"Thank you, my lord," Aragorn said with joy, hope flaring in his eyes.

His book was going to be found, and he hoped that it would be soon. He loved to read the stories in it so much.

Faramir noticed the joy in Strider's face, and asked curiously, "What is so important about the book?"

"It was a gift from my father, and this book means a great deal to me," Aragorn answered.

"I only wish that my father had given me something for my last birthday, but now that he is dead…" Faramir said wistfully.

End of Chapter 2.