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Author's Notes: This is going to be a series of one shot follow ups to the So The Drama Movie. Each one will focus on one or two characters at a time. I am starting off with Ron.

Ron Stoppable slowly came to consciousness from his deep relaxing slumber with the images from the night before playing out again in his head. Well, the last part of the evening that is. The part after the utter destruction of Bueno Nacho, in his mind, was not being replayed, but the dance, the kiss, the snuggling, and another longer slower kiss. All of those were played in an endless loop in his mind.

He sighed as he righted himself to a sitting position and stretched out his lanky frame, half shielding his eyes from the intruding sunbeams intruding upon his revelry. His feet descended to the waiting floor and began to shuffle to his bathroom. There were some things that were automatic in the morning, much to his delight. Some things his body did without his conscious thought. As his mind began to bring up its processing ability to cognitive levels, he sighed.

His body, through with its automatic procedures waited for instructions while he stood in front of his bathroom mirror. The first command that was given was a smile when he saw the lipstick, still in place, in various places on his face. He resisted the temptation to wash his face. Walking back into his room, he pulled off the remnants of his tux and slid into his everyday clothes.

He opened his bedroom door and shambled downstairs. He knew he would be receiving questions from his parents. Not that he minded this time. He had admittedly gotten in later than was agreed upon. Not that it was his fault that after all that had happened that he wasn't thinking quite straight and wound up ten blocks away. He walked into the kitchen and was greeted by the smell of breakfast cooking and the sound of his parent's conversation stopping.

He looked at his parents and waited. He waited for three beats. "Well?" was the only thing that came from his mother's mouth.

He smiled as he sat down. "Well, what?"

"How did it go? When you rushed in and then out in your father's tux… What happened?"

"Oh, that. Well, Kim and I went to the dance. We danced. We kissed. The dance was over and I took her home and then we kissed some more…"

"Oh, Ronald, I am so happy for you two. Finally, it happened. Though you two have been dating for so long and didn't even know it."

"Yes, Son, I bet it was a very big night for you indeed. By the way, I was looking at the financial page today. Looks like Bueno Nacho is in some dire straits."

Ron grimaced and nodded. "Part of last night was that Drakken took over Bueno Nacho as part of his plan."

"That is part of it. It seems that he is not that shrewd of a business man; the company is up for public sale. Also, it seems that the accounting department was out of sorts and that the end of Naco Night caused a glut of money, but not enough to offset his other actions. I put in a call to a couple of contacts. They are looking for a major investor. Not just someone that is looking to make money, but that believes in the company and can help add to the chain. Someone that might put, let us say, royalties of their creations back into the company."

Ron looked at his father dumbfounded. "You don't mean…"

"Just a word from you and you could be in the corporate offices of Bueno Nacho. From what they were telling me, they are looking for someone to head up product development. This will all be if you want to do it and conditional on your being in college."

Ron leapt up and pumped his arms. "BOOYAH! This has been the best weekend of my life!"