My worse fears have come true,
Looking towards the day with sadness.
But as I look up towards the night sky
Are yearning memories of your warm embrace
That melts the ice of my deepest sorrows.

Where was the time that we could only be ourselves,
Reminiscing; laughter; running through the fields of wildflowers,
Not a care in the world could bother us.
As your lips touches mine
I could only see a picture of us linked by a red strand of fate
That ties our two worlds together:
A world that is only you and I.

I believe that the madness will all end
Where time will flow back, returning that happiness.
So I shed tears of a love not betrayed,
But only misunderstood by those who do not wish to open their hearts
To see that we are meant to be.

Somehow, someday, somewhere…
We could watch the cerulean skies together
And dream of a better place for our future:
A future that I now carry inside me as a reminder of you.

From the collected letters of Princess Amelia of Southern Dynax to Prince Aramus of Northern Dynax, days before "The War of Tears" commenced.