Mary Therese Has Two Mommies

Mary Therese has two mommies. Sometimes the other kids tease her because nearly all of them have a mommy and a daddy and no one else has two mommies and no daddy (well, okay, Mary Therese has a daddy only she never sees him but it's okay because having another mommy makes up for it, right?) but she keeps telling herself that sticks and stones can break her bones but words will never hurt her, and it's only words because you can't hit a girl, that's the rule.

Someone once told her that it's wrong to have two mommies because they're the same and your parents aren't supposed to be the same, but she doesn't understand that, because her mommies aren't the same at all. They both have long hair but her mommy Theresa has dark hair and it's longer than her mommy Marissa's hair, who has sort of golden-browny wavy hair, and they have different smiles and eyes and noses and everything, and they behave differently too – her mommy Theresa is stricter with her and won't let her get away with anything, but her mommy Marissa can be persuaded with enough pleading.

She's named for her mommy Theresa, who was the one who gave birth to her, but she likes to think that the Mary in her name isn't just for Our Lady but is sort of like Marissa, so she can be named after both her mommies and it can be more fair. Her grandmother once said something that sounded like she doesn't think her mommy Marissa is like a real mommy, which Mary Therese hated and wouldn't speak to her grandmother for weeks afterwards because of. Her mommy Marissa is so a real mommy. And she does Mary Therese's hair and tells her she's pretty. And she says it's okay if Mary Therese doesn't like going to Mass, because she doesn't like it either, and she knows some of the other families that go don't like seeing them there, because the other families don't have two mommies, but she also says it's important to go because it's very important to mommy Theresa and that they're a real family and God still loves them so it's okay. And that makes Mary Therese feel better about having to go every Sunday.

She doesn't know why God wouldn't love them but maybe she needs to pay more attention in Mass or something. Because her mommy Theresa is kind to her even if she is strict, and hugs her whenever she's sad and makes everything better, and tells her stories, and her mommy Marissa always says that the only thing better than falling in love with mommy Theresa was the day Mary Therese was born, and she knows that these are the kind of loving people that God wants people to be, so it doesn't make sense, really. But it's okay because even though the kids tease her and people stare meanly sometimes, she thinks maybe everyone else is just jealous, because they only have one mommy and she has two, and she has the best two mommies in the world.

- end -