Dreaming Of

Marissa dreams of Ryan, all stubble and muscle, firm sinewy arms surrounding her and protecting her, and the warmth of his breath on the back of her neck. She is safe, secure, a little girl sheltered from the world. Only little girls aren't kissed like this. And then Alex walks in and they're both naked, suddenly, and she looks Marissa up and down, and does the same to Ryan, and Marissa waits desperately for her approval, and suddenly has the strangest idea – Alex is going to kiss Ryan. And she does, while Marissa watches, as though it makes perfect sense.

Alex dreams of Marissa's lips on her skin, gentle and tentative, like the first time, before Marissa learned not to be so shy. Every kiss pressed on her body feels like nothing she's ever felt before, as though her skin has become extra sensitive. And suddenly there's another mouth, a different mouth, and she knows without looking that it's Ryan, even though Ryan is Marissa's, not hers. Then Alex is abandoned when Ryan and Marissa share a kiss, but then they return to her. Both of them, together, fingers and tongues on her and on each other. Both of them.

Ryan dreams of Alex and Marissa in bed together, like the sort of porn movie he'd never watch because it's way too cheesy, only Alex and Marissa are not plastic, and there is nothing fake about this. He's watching from somewhere, and then suddenly they know he's watching, and he's right beside them, and they laugh at him, laugh, like they know what he wants and he can't have it, so he kisses one girl, then the other, then the other again. He can have it. They're not laughing anymore. They're fucking, all of them, and he has a place.

Marissa wakes up unexpectedly, set off by some noise outside. Sounds like a car alarm, maybe. She hates being pulled out of her dreams. She can't even remember what she was dreaming about, but she has a sense of it being the sort of dream she'd like to return to. She sighs. Damn alarm. She'll never get back to sleep as long as that keeps going. She turns over to look at Ryan and Alex, who are both sleeping peacefully, oblivious to any kind of noise. At least they'll get a good night's sleep, she thinks, and closes her eyes.

- end -