Just a quickie I came up with on a flash of inspiration. Enjoy!

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Rose Bud

By Dragonix

A young japanese teen bounded down the road towards the park, a happy smile plastered over his face. In his hand was a long long thin package, wrapped in white tissue paper.

Passersby gave him odd looks as he practically bounded along the path, searching for the one he was looking for.

He stopped and frowned, dark, almost reddish brown eyes darted this and that, searching for the missing person. The wind tossled his messy dark hair and his mouth split into a grin as a spotted the person.

He headed over to them hurridly, the package clasped firmly his grasp.

Kai sighed as he shifted slightly.

He was resting on a patch of grass, a little way from the playground. Much like the area he and Tyson had rested at when the BBA restarted after BEGA was brough down. A blade of grass was in his mouth, something he grown fond of. Chewing on the blade while thinking was somewhat relaxing to the russian. The wind made his dark grey bangs ruffle slughtly, and he reached up irritably to brush them away from his violet eyes. Stasisfied, he settled down again.

But his peace didn't last long as a loud, cheerful voice broke through his thoughts.

"Hey Kai!"

Prying his eyes open with a sigh, he pushed himself up on his forearms, just in time to see a blue and red blur dash towards him in a enthuiastic glomp attack.

"Where'd you run off too?" The smaller teen pulled back slightly, a frown on his tanned face.

Kai rolled his eyes. "I didn't run anywhere, I just came here." He glanced at his boyfriend oddly. The smaller was now sitting in Kai's lap, arms aorund the tallers neck as a result of his glomp.

"Oh, well that okay then!" The other smiled brightly.

"Wonderful." Kai pulled the arms from around his neck and laid back down on the grass, his boyfriend now seated on his thighs. The younger blinked at this and stuck his bottom lip out in a pout.

Fiddling with tissue-wrapped package in his hand, he looked down at Kai.

"I got you something!"

Kai cracked open a violet eye. "Hm?"

The tanned thrust the tissue paper covered object towards the pale, a megawatt smile set firmly in place. "This"

Kai, once again sat up. Resting one arm around his lover's waist he took the package with the other, giving him a curious look.

"What are you waiting for? Open it!"

Smiling slightly, Kai did so, pulling the tissue paper away to reveal his gift. Violet eys blinked at the object, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. He turned to the smaller.

"It's a rose bud."

His boyfriend nodded happpily. "I was going to get you a rose, but this way, it'll have a chance to bloom. It reminded me of you, you see." He sugged and hugged his phoenix, nuzzling the older's shoulder.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that, you were a like a rose bud, all closed up with beauty inside waiting to come out. No-one would give you a chance because you weren't a full bloom and so you were shunted. But I still like you as a rose bud, and I wanted to help you bloom."

Kai smiled softly, placing the rose bud on the grass, before hugging the smaller gently. "Sappy speach, but I'm sure glad you did"

"Hey!" The other protested, pokeing Kai on the nose, "you like the sappy!"

Kai chuckled and rubbed noses with him. "I guess I do then."

"Did you like the rose bud Kai?"

"Yeah, I did."

He smiled.

"Thank-you Tyson."

The other beamed.

It was hard not writing Tyson's name O