Author's Notes: To everyone who stuck with this story over all of the long months it took me to work on it and post the chapters - I thank you all VERY much. This is the final chapter, although I do have a short sequel planned, which I will hopefully be able to finish and post in the near future.

Chapter 21 Happily Ever After

Their wedding was a small affair on second anniversary of their first date. Jack had somehow managed, using his fortune, to get the whole Hogwarts Express reserved for them as a surprise. He even remembered which car they had been in when they first met.

Corbin thought it was the happiest day of his life. Jack was inclined to agree until his birthday rolled around.

"Quidditch!" Corbin yanked frantically at his bindings. "Jack! Quidditch!"

Jack hastily said the spell to release Corbin's hands. "Are you-"

The question was cut off by Corbin's tongue as Corbin buried his hands in Jack's hair.

"I love you," Corbin gasped, winding one arm around Jack's shoulders, digging his fingers into Jack's skin. "I love you. Please. Harder."

Jack settled Corbin closer to his body, stroking over the long limbs. They were the same height but somehow Corbin seemed taller because he was slender where Jack was stocky.

"All right?"


"Is that a yes?" Jack nuzzled against Corbin's ear.


"Would you tell me if you're sore?"

"Yes, I would, and yes, I am, a little. Because you told me you loved me...a lot."

"What does that mean?"

"When you say you love me, you thrust really hard," Corbin whispered.


"It's like you're trying to reach all the way to my heart - which is anatomically impossible but you try anyway." Corbin lifted his head. "Could I tell you something?"

"You can tell me anything, you know that."

"When...when I was with those other men," Corbin paused and his hand covered Jack's eyes. "I don't think I can tell you if you're looking at me." He took a couple breaths. "When I was with those other men, I wanted them to just take me because I didn't want to accept that I really wanted what they were doing to me. And it was just sex - just the physical feeling. But with's..." Jack could picture Corbin biting at his lip nervously. Corbin shifted slightly in his arms and Jack opened his mouth to reassure him. "Wait, I'll's not just sex, it's love too and when you touch feels right. Because you accept me. And...I realized I accept myself, and you helped me to do that." Corbin moved his hand, tucking it in between their bodies. "I just wanted you to know that." He buried his face against Jack's neck. "You could say something now."

"No I can't, because I'm speechless." Jack tightened his arms around Corbin. "It feels right?"


"Wow. That's one of the best things I've ever heard."

"Only one of?" Corbin arched an eyebrow as he lifted his head to look at Jack.

"Well, that noise you make when I stick my tongue in your ear is the best - or maybe when you say you love me - or that gasp when I do this. Just like that," Jack grinned.

"Bastard." Corbin shoved at him playfully. "That was a huge breakthrough in my therapy - the healer was almost jumping on his chair he was so thrilled."

"I can imagine." Jack sobered. "I know. means so much to me that it - this - us - that we feel right. You feel right to me too. This is the best birthday ever."

"Yeah? Surpassing your seventh birthday?"

"Oh, yeah." Jack kissed Corbin's nose. "Have I told you recently that I love you?"

"Yes, but you could tell me again."

"I love you."