The Heart of the Assassin

The night was cold, nothing out of the normal, but still uncomfortable for those who lived their life in constant danger. The brisk breeze that swept along the ground carried debris from fallen down houses and litter that lined the streets. An alarm could be heard in the distance, the sound was faint, but still audible above the whistling of the harsh wind. The trees swayed as though they were moving upon their own will. Windows were broken and the shard glass remains of them crunched as they were walked on. San Francisco had lost the glamour and beauty it had once possessed, and to those who knew was it used to look like would cringe if they saw the Bay City. Evils had conquered it and the laughter of content children playing could no longer be heard. The once clean Golden Gate Park now looked as if it were a compost pile, with trash everywhere and broken park benches.

It was a constant reminder of the pain he felt. The world was starting to crumble, San Francisco just beginning of what was to come, if his brother wasn't stopped. That hurt him deep inside, to know that his own flesh and blood had caused the mess that lay before him on the darkened streets of the once elegant city that he lived in. It had all started the day their parents had been murdered. The crime hadn't been committed by a normal person, but by assassins of the Source of All Evil, a demon. Not only had the demons killed his parents, but also his aunts, breaking the force of the power of three. But, the Twice Blessed Child was stronger than even them and he was looking for revenge. Using the magic he possessed, Wyatt vanquished the Source easily, but it didn't stop there. The pain was unbearable for the young teenager; he blamed himself for their deaths.

So, he resorted to evil.

Wyatt Halliwell had grown into the strongest force of magic ever known to mankind. His powers were unstoppable, and he easily overthrew the underworld and made himself the demonic king. But ruling demon wasn't enough for Wyatt, he craved more power, and the city of San Francisco was his next target. The demons now answered to him and would follow whatever order he gave them. So now, six years after their death, Wyatt was trying to make his dream a reality. He wanted to take over the city, but he was challenged.

Chris Halliwell would not let his brother succeed. After their parents had died, Chris was devastated, and tried to help his older brother deal with the pain. But, Wyatt was beyond help, he learned after years of trying. Now, all Chris could do was try to stop his brother no matter what it took. Wyatt was magically stronger, by a long shot, but Chris had powers of his own and a stubbornness that tended to come in handy a lot. He would fight his brother to death if that was what he had to do to keep innocent lives safe.

But there was one problem.

Wyatt and his assassins were killing witches. Already, there was a short supply of true practitioners in the city, without him murdering more. The Elders were in hiding and therefore no help in his battle again his twice blessed brother.

There were whitelighters, like his father had been, and Chris frequently accepted their help when he needed someone healed. That was the one whitelighter power he hadn't received from his father, and it had cost his mother's life. Chris had been there when the demons had attacked at the manor, but hadn't been able to heal his mother. He still blamed himself for her death, but tried to not to think about it. He knew that she would want him to worry about how to stop Wyatt, so that was what he focused on.

Chris walked behind a tree and mumbled a quick incantation. It was then that a small portal appeared behind the oak and he jumped into it. Landing on his feet, he appeared in a small cluster of houses on a small circle shaped street. He and the other witches that lived hear had hidden the neighborhood from his brother. It had been very difficult seeing as Wyatt could sense when a high concentration of magic was being used, but they had managed to do it with a small hint from the Elders. That was before they had gone into hiding.

Walking down the sidewalk, he made his way to the house he stayed in. He walked up the driveway and up to the doorstep. Taking out his keys, he unlocked the door and walked in with a saddened look on his face. Home sweet home. He thought glumly as he took off his jacket and threw it on a tall wooden coat rack.

The Mantecore screeched loudly as she sensed the presence of another in the cavern it claimed as its own. It couldn't see the intruder, but its magical powers gave it the ability to sense her. The demon sure was a sight for sore eyes. It had blotchy yellow skin, and sharp blackened teeth for tearing the skin off of its prey. Tattered robes that were faded from time hung loosely from its thin reptile like body as he paced to and froe.

The girl moved with speed only years of training could allow, and pounced on the demon from behind. As it hit the ground, she used momentum and pushed off her hands, landing on her feet in front of its tangled body. It was only a mere second before the Mantecore was back on its feet and ready for another go. The creature lashed out at her with a large left claw. She easily shimmered out of place in the blink of an eye and reappeared behind it. Opening her palm, a baseball bat flashed into it, and she swung it at the demon with practiced strength. As it connected the Mantecore coughed up blood and fell into the cave wall.

Now was the opportunity to end it, but the girl stood still, as though frozen. This was what her life had become, she was a killer. No, I am NOT a killer! she assured herself in her mind. This creature was evil and she had come to stop its cruelty, although that wasn't true. Wyatt had sent her here to kill the Mantecore because it didn't want to be part of his legion.

That brought up the whole topic of Wyatt. After discovering her family, he had forced them to become his personal assassins. Though her family, the Phoenix witches, was famous for that line of work Bianca had no intention of being one. But, there was no arguing with the Twice Blessed Source and she had no choice. Bianca was then snapped out of her momentary brain freeze as the Mantecore threw a fireball at her. The attack grazed her shoulder and she felt a burst of pain as her skin sizzled from the heat.

"Damn." She coursed. Opening her palm, she formed an energy ball and hurled it at the demon. She shook her head in sadness as it burst into flames and was sent to oblivion.

She had to get find a way out of this life.