Chris and Bianca walked down the street together, talking. After the attack they had aided to those who were injured and called the authorities to inform them about the dead bodies of those they were unable to save. Chris was utterly surprised. After meeting her the night before he never would've guessed that she was a wish. It really was a small world, or so he thought.

"So, you're a witch...what're your powers?" asked Chris curiously as he looked at her with interest.

"I can conjure and shimmer, and energy balls, you?" replied Bianca not wanting to mention her ability to steal powers or rise from the ashes. That could give away her real identity.

"I can orb, I have telekinesis, can freeze time, and blast." he told her.

"I just really can't get over the fact that we met last night and had a great time...and I never even knew you were a witch." said Bianca playing the part.

"Well, you're not an empath so that's understandable." said Chris smiling, something he didn't do a lot.

"So, full name..lets hear it." Bianca prodded playfully.

"Chris Halliwell." he told her. "Now you."

"Bianca Perry." she said. "You said Halliwell...that must mean.."

"Wyatt's my brother." stated Chris with a sigh. Telling a girl that your brother was the Source of All Evil wasn't exactly a way to score.

"'re amazing." she told him.

"What?" asked Chris shocked by her comment.

"You're brother is the incarnate of evil yet you are the purest and most kind hearted person I've ever met. Its amazing." Bianca said to him actually meaning what she said.

"Ah..thanks." he said not really sure how to respond to that.

"You're welcome." she replied.

"Well, now that we've got that under control..why don't I take you to lunch." offered Chris hopefully.

"That sounds great." agreed Bianca.

(Scene changes to Halliwell manor)

Wyatt Halliwell stood in the Halliwell Manor Museum, facing the pedestal that held a digital projection of the Book of Shadows. The real book was hidden within his chamber in the underworld, but he could summon it in no time if he wanted to. That wasn't why he was in the manor though. The Source had much more in his mind than just spells and potions. Not only was he fighting a war of magic, but a war of the heart also and that was why he had come back to the manor that day. He needed to remember what it was that drove Chris to stay strong each and every day.

The only thing his little brother had that Wyatt didn't was love, so that is what Wyatt thought must be the link to sever. If he made it so that Chris could no longer love then his brother would be more vulnerable than ever and would find himself unable to refuse Wyatt's offer of partnership. That was what had in fact drove Wyatt to evil, his inability to find love again after the death of his parents and aunts.

So, that was how he had forged his plan. Wyatt would use Bianca to hurt Chris, but he knew that only that alone would not weaken him enough. If he really wanted to get Chris he had to hurt the ones that he loved, and that was exactly what he was going to do. Now, he just had to find them.

Wyatt snapped his fingers and a group of assassins shimmered into the room in front of him. They were part of his elite unit. He smiled as the plan formed in his head and he savored the thought of the pain it would cause his little brother.

"From now on you are study my brother. I want you to find out who's close to him, where he lives, anything that you can. Its time I put more pressure on him. Its time time show Chris that the life of good isn't as easy as he thinks it is." said Wyatt to them.

"Yes master." the demons said in unison before shimmering out.

"And the game begins."

(A few weeks later...)

Chris walked into his house and shut the door behind him. He had just gotten back from Bianca's house. They had been spending a lot of time together lately and Chris was falling for her fast. He hadn't met anyone like her in his entire life, and it was good to know that someone could understand his pain. When he walked into the living room he saw Kyle, Kendal, and Aiden waiting for him on the couch. He had no idea why they would be in his house when he wasn't even there, but decided the only way to find out was to ask.

"Do you guys like hanging out at someone's house when he's not home?" asked Chris with a laugh.

"Well, you're never home so we like to pretend." Kendal joked.

"Oh please, I'm not gone that much." said Chris. He had spent the night at Bianca's again.

"I mean seriously though, you've been dating this girl for almost a month now and none of us have met her yet. All we know is that her name is Bianca." she said.

"And that she's hot." added Aiden before getting poked in the ribs by Kendal.

"Sorry, I told him that." said Chris laughing. "Just be patient you'll all get to meet her soon enough. I just, I want to be sure about everything before I start introducing her to all kinds of people."

"I understand, but you still should know that you have responsibilities here also." said Kyle.

"I know I do...what does that have to do with anything?" asked Chris.

"There was another raid last night, and because you were at Bianca's, I couldn't get a hold of you." said Kyle.

"Oh god...I'm sorry. I didn't know...was anyone killed?" he asked with worry.

"Thankfully, no." his uncle answered. "Wyatt just needed some more funding."

Chris sighed with relief. "You're going to meet her...soon." he said before turning and walking into his room. He had to shower and get ready for the day ahead of him.

The three of them looked at one another for a moment. They hadn't expected him to take the news that well, but were relieved that he had. They didn't like it when he had his breakdowns. It wasn't good for anyone when he did. Aiden grabbed Kendal's hand and they shimmered to her house. Kyle orbed out.

(Bianca's house)

Chris appeared in a swirl of blue and white lights. Bianca had been waiting for him in the living room, and she walked to the entryway to greet him. As she stepped close to him, Chris leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. She smiled and led him into the other room. She really liked Chris, a lot, and she didn't yet know what that was going to do to what she was really supposed to be doing.

"Hey there." she said to him smiling brightly.

Chris loved it when she smiled. All of his worries just seemed to go away when she did. "Hey there." he replied with his own smile.

"So, how was your shower?" asked Bianca with a grin.

"Not bad, but would've been better if you were there." answered Chris.

Bianca laughed and hugged him tightly. She was starting care for Chris more than she had cared for anyone ever in his life and didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Listen, I've been thinking...I want you to meet my friends." said Chris waiting for her reaction.

"I think that sounds like a good idea." she answered.

Chris held her close and kissed her passionately. Kissing her gave him a feeling unlike any else. It was so wonderful, so magical. Was he falling in love? The endulged in the kiss for a few moments before Bianca broke away slowly and smiled up at him.

"Mmm...Chris kisses." she whispered to him as she leaned against his chest. He was a little bit taller than she was.

"I can't wait for you to meet Kendal. She's been my best friend since preschool." Chris told her with excitement.

"I know. You told me already, and she's the one dating a demon, right?" asked Bianca with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, but don't judge her by that and he's only half demon. His name's Aiden, his mother was a Manticore." explained Chris with a slight nod.

Bianca pretended like she didn't know this. She had, after all, vanquished Aiden's mother and practically helped Wyatt kill the Beast. She couldn't blame herself for his deaht though. There was no way she could've stopped Wyatt from doing what he wanted with the man, and she hadn't helped him capture the guy or anything, but still she felt guilty at the end of the day knowing that she was aligned with such a cruel being.

The moment of peace was interrupted as dark orbs swirled in front of them, and a darklighter appeared mere feet away from them. This wasn't just any darklight, no, this was the only darklighter. When Wyatt had went to the dark side he had made sure that the one breed of demon that had an advantage over him was wiped out. Except one of course. Many of Wyatt's enemies were whitelighters after all, and the poison that only darklighters can possess was a strong asset for him, so Wyatt had left this one alone. But, in return the darklighter had made him an antidote that made him immune of the deadly poison.

Still, this wasn't just any darklighter.

"Chris, its been a while." sounded the menacing voice. He was clad in leather pants and a black muscle shirt with a black leather duster over it. His hair was pitch black with dark stips of blue, and his eyes were a shade of cobalt.

A jolt of fear struck Chris as he laid his eyes on the demon. "Zacron." was all he could manage to say at this moment. Bianca was next to him, ready to attack. Wyatt hadn't informed her of an attack, but that didn't mean this guy wasn't working for him.

Zacron was the king of darklighters, and feared by many, demon and whitelighter alike. Zacron was the darklighter who murdered Leo Wyatt. He took a step closer, though it was small, and smiled sadistically.

"I'm glad you still remember me, and you bloody well should. Taught you a lesson, right I did. And my my my, who is the lovely lassie?" Zacron asked licking his chapped lips with his tongue.

Bianca stood her ground and kept her eyes on him. "I'm not someone you want want to mess with." she said with confidence evident in her voice.

"Good pickin', Chris. She's just as bloody arrogant as you. See, arrogance is what got Chrissy here in trouble in the first place. Thought he was all big and powerful, trying to stop his brother." he paused to lick some blood from a cut on his finger. "He tried to make a deal with me, wanted me to take out his brother, but little Chris didn't know that I was already in league with Wyatt at the time. So, I went to big brother and told him what the little bit was up to and we made ourselves a great sodding plan we did."

Chris stared at Zacron, looking catatonic. The memory was still fresh in his head, though it had happened years ago. The wounds still felt like they were gaping, so much had happened all in that short span after his mother had been killed and then his father...he couldn't think about it.

"So, I pretended to be 'elpin him and right when it was time to strike down Wyatt, I shot his father. You should've seen it, Daddy dying and Chris crying. It was quite the show." Zacron reminised with pleasure.

"Shut up." snapped Chris finally breaking his long silence.

"Oooh, now that's what I like to hear." replied Zacron with a grin.

Chris angrily threw out his hand and telekinetically sent the darklighter flying into the wall. Bianca materialized an energy ball and went to throw it, but Zacron threw an energy ring that bound her hands together.

"This is between me and him." the darklighter said.

Chris again smashed him back with telekinesis and sent a large plant at him. Zacron hit the wall with a thud and the plants vase smashed when it made contact with his head. The boy had definitely improved over the years, but that wasn't good enough. The darklighter smiled before throwing a blast of energy at him. Chris flung out his hands and froze the attack in front of him before flinging it back at him. Zacron easily dodged it and conjured his crossbow. The deadly projectile appeared in his hands in a swirl of dark orbs.

The witchwhitelighter looked at the crossbow that held the deadly poisonous arrows and took a step backwards. That was the same weapon that had killed his father. It had all been his fault. If only he hadn't made that deal, why had he made that deal? He felt himself starting to slip again...going back to the day.

"Chris! Snap out of it!" shouted Bianca as she conjured a switchblade and tried to get out of her magical entrapment.

"Aww...too bad you'll never see her again." shouted Zacron as he pulled the trigger and the arrow was launched forward. It flew fast and shot into Chris' shoulder. This way he would have time to get healed. That was part of his plan, but he had to act like he meant to kill him. Zacron looked at Bianca and mentally made the energy ring disappear.

"You're going to pay for that!" the assassin shouted before throwing her switchblade at him, but the darklighter had already dark orbed out.

Bianca ran to Chris and looked at him. The poison was already working its way through his veins, and she didn't have much time. She tried to get his attention, but he was still in his catattonia. "I have to get you out of here." she said before grabbing onto him and shimmering out.