The train was truly was an awe-inspiring sight. Double Decker, each car ten meters long and gleaming white streaked with blue (LAB's national colours). At the back of the engine car was a funnel out of which steam poured at a tremendous rate. It was the pinnacle of LABick ingenuity. Like Isambard Kingdom Brunnel's old idea the cars were between the huge wheels, which meant that the already smooth ride was even smoother. Economic, doing 40 miles to the cubic metre, while still ecological, as all it releases is steam. The tickets were easily to get hold of however The Professor had to trade in her jade broach to pay for the tickets. Once inside the group realised how spacious and luxurious the train really was. The carriage had wide-open spaces between the small tables and chairs and there was a bar on one side of the carriage. This was one of the lounge areas in which the group would be sitting during the journey, if the group were going further then they would move into the compartments. The train quickly picked up speed and the group arrived at Amesbury about 2:30. Amesbury Station was a lot smaller than the one at Harwell but Aylesbury had become, contrary to its brief but highly profitable time as the world computer manufacturer, a mere travellers stop on the way to and from bigger better places. Amesbury was however much more developed than some unterreformable planets, which had only a science station.

The Professor, after consulting the "You are here map" at the station, led them to a small hotel on the edge of the town, which was very close the awe-inspiring Stonehenge. It, the group imagined, was once a very nice four or five star hotel but a centaury of neglect had left it with pealing paint and crumbling stone. The bog oak door creaked so loud when Lloyd opened it that you could hardly hear the bell that hung above the door.

An attractive young teenage girl stood behind a desk reading a magazine. Virgil having noticed the ring bell for service sign obligingly rang the bell on the desk. After nothing happened he rang it again and again and again. The teenager who was getting progressively angrier finally snapped.


"But it says ring bell for service." protested Virgil.

"Oh right," The girl quickly put on a kind informative tone. "Welcome to the Imperial Hotel. How can I help you?"

"We are looking for a Mr. Keamon Frogger is he here?" said The Professor hitting Virgil smartly on the back of the head as she passed.

"We have a Mr. Frogger here but Keamon Frogger died almost 100 years ago. Would you like to see his grand son Mr. Kanakisho Frogger?"

"Yes, that would be lovely," replied The Professor hiding her astonishment astoundingly well.

The teenager walked through a door at the back of the room and after a few moments came back with in, the eyes of Charlotte and The Professor, the dreamiest man alive. He was tall and muscular with long brown hair, which had the most delightful sheen. He looked like the type of guy you would expect to see in a gym working the weights or running on a treadmill. All of this was then squeezed into a purple suit that showed off his mucsles while not looking a tight fit. Lloyd thought he was just a show off.

"How may I help you Ladies… and gents?" said Kanakisho in a deep hunky voice.

"We were hoping we could stay here a while my father was a friend of your grand father. You see we are lost in the LABick Empire. We are from the small planet that rebelled about 50 years ago. You see we need a transport out of here and a place to stay until we can get a permit."

The train was truly was an awe-inspiring sight. Double Decker, each car ten meters long and gleaming white streaked with blue (LAB's national colours).

"Well I'm sure you can stay here for a while if very great grandpa promised, however you're description of the planet doesn't help me much. You see," he said while running a hand through his brown hair. "50 years ago The Dark Eye Resistance organised a rebellion including over 500 planets-"

"I am terribly sorry Kanakisho but what is The black face thingy," interrupted Charlotte.

"The Dark Eye Resistance (TDER) is an organisation that is trying to overthrow the emperor and replace him with a better relative. At least that's what they say they want. Although that rebellion was devastating for the empire and they had to let go of less valuable a planet such as small farming planets like yours because you know our technology was at risk." He stopped and paused for breath. "And miss please call me Frogger."

"But are we allowed to stay here?" asked Lloyd hands twitching to grasp their swords.

"Oh sure," replied Frogger not showing any reaction to Lloyd's swords. "I'll give the top floor. Their probably wont be any travellers at anytime soon because it isn't travelling season yet." Then he seemed to sigh at his bad career choice. "Plus people tend to sleep on the train now."

"Thank you Frogger the top floor is more than we probably even need," said The Professor taking the keys from the desk and heading up the stairs and added. "And what time is dinner served?"

"Eight o'clock Greenwich Mean Time Earth," said Frogger as he perked up again at the thought of having guests and rushed off to the kitchen.

Everyone was out of breath except Lloyd when they reached the top floor but he was no less amazed or thankful when the walked in the room. Everyone was now used to light bulbs but this was amazing. Their were huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and were reflected in the gargantuan wall to wall TV, there was a large bathroom where The Professor thought she would feel really clean for the first time in 50 years, four bedrooms lined the wall adjacent to the TV and opposite that were huge windows offering a panoramic view of Amesbury. Inside the huge living room (lounge for my American readers) were three large poofy chairs and two four-seater sofas. This room even amazed The Professor as she had always thought this level comfort was for the exceedingly wealthy and yet here it all was in a slightly run down hotel. It was very confusing but of cause everything here was confusing for the other Aerthians except Lloyd who only cared if it might be a threat. At least until he accidentally turned TV then he cared very much and seemed to transform into a couch potato within seconds.

"I'm going to see if I can find a government building and apply for a transport permit," said The Professor as Virgil looked out the window and Charlotte sat on the sofa.

"I wouldn't if I were you sis," replied Virgil eyes fixed on the town.

"And just why not?" said the Professor as she walked to the window and looked were Virgil was pointing. "Oh my."

There was a group of standing stones some were tall, some were small, some had fallen over and although it wasn't iron, it was inarguably another ring.