You Are My Everything

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Julie Street sat on her bed facing the open window, which looked out upon a dark neighborhood with weeds growing in the cracks of the broken street and run-down houses packed together and crumbling. It was much like a bad cliché of Julie's heart at the moment. It was now, when her parents were fighting that the reality of her situation hit her. Her parents, both alcoholics, were on the verge of a divorce, her home was about to be bulldozed for a super sized Piggly Wiggly and they didn't have a new place to live, her best friend, Emilé, had moved to CA 1 year ago, to this day, and her brother moved away, this being the 7-year anniversary.

Her brother, Jim Street. She was so proud of him but yet so disappointed. He had left his family to move to LA to be on S.W.A.T. It had always been his dream to work on S.W.A.T. and the moment he received his acceptance letter, he packed and left within the hour, only stopping to say goodbye to Julie. He had left her in this hellhole alone only giving her joy when she received his weekly letter, which all were now spread out on her bed. but this was all about to change, because a plan was forming in the bright mind of Julie Street. This plan being formed consisted of a plane ticket to LA and a suitcase. She had no one left in sunny River Forge., South Carolina but in LA, she had Jimmy. She had bought the plane ticket 2 days before with the money, she had been using to save up for a car, which even at 17, she still didn't have.

At that moment, a war was being waged in her head. Should she leave the only home she knew, her parents, and move to LA, possibly burdening her brother with her presence or worry only about herself and but out of this crap fest. Although Julie had never been a trouble child except when she went through a bisexual phase, a devilish smile crossed her beautifully freckled face.

With a new energy, Julie jumped off the bed scattering a few of the letters scattered upon it. She looked at the electric clock on the floor that read 7:35 am.

"7:35 am which becomes pm, add 6 hours and subtract 13 minutes…1:22 am. My fight leaves at 3 am from the airport that is 1 hour away by walking and I have to check in which will take 20 minutes… that leaves me 18 minutes to pack and write my letter. Ok." With a skeptic eye, she surveyed the room, figuring out what was important and what wasn't.

"My entire wardrobe which sadly can fit in one drawer, my notebooks, my guitar is a must, the baby blanket, my converse and black boots, my camera, the box of letters, my photo albums, my CDs, and books."

10 minutes later after packing what seemed to be a large amount into an army bag she had purchased at the vintage store Emilé's parents had owned and putting her beat-up guitar into its shabby case, she turned towards the paper and pen she had left to write her goodbye letter on and sat down on the bed and wrote:

Dear Alice and Henry,

When you find this letter, I will be gone, long gone. I have left to go to a place were I will be taken care of and not be such a burden. Although Alice, you have always said that LA is a dangerous place, even for a member of S.W.A.T, I am sure Jimmy will take care of me. Please do not come get me because that will be a waste of time and money, I will come back when I feel the need to.

Lots of Love,

Julie (your daughter)

With not much time to spare, she silently slipping out of her room, went downstairs, tiptoeing past her parents' room even though the TV was blasting, she left the letter in the fridge, right next to the bottles of Budweiser and vodka. She went back upstairs, checking to make sure her parents were asleep, they were. Back in her room she push and shoved her guitar case and bag out onto the top of the ledge that hung over the front door before she herself exited the house through the window. After shutting the window, Julie strapped her bag on and started rock climbing down the side of the house only stopping to grab the guitar case and dropping in down of the ground before silently dropping to the ground herself. She swiftly walked away from the house. Turning back, Julie took one finial look at her house and walked on to her new life, further down the road.

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