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Jim Street sat with his head in his hands at the round wooden table in the middle of a messy kitchen in his apartment contemplating what has just happened.

Mom and Dad are drinking more then ever and many times, they

have come close to hurting me. One time Dad actually kicked me

for making him spill him beer.

How had he ignored his baby sister, who, if a guy ever touched her, he would break his neck. His sister who he loved more then anyone else in the world.

They have stopped caring about everything, they stay up all night

drinking and yelling until they pass out., then the next morning they

are hung over so I can't make any noise in the house. Around 4:30,

they feel better long enough to drive the bar that is down the street

and they end up staying up all night drinking again! I don't think

they have even noticed we won't have a home soon or that I got

suspended for 2 weeks for beating up a guy who groped me in the

lunch line or that I have almost lost my virginity in front of them twice!

(Here, Jim choked so hard Julie had to whack him on the back) One

thing I know for sure is that if it wasn't for my 3 jobs I have, we would

already be living in the street, in a cardboard box.

What was he supposed to do? His only choice was to take her in and make up for all the things he hadn't, done, no matter how much money for school he had to pay or how many pairs of shoes he had to buy, he would always be here for her. That meant helping her with her homework and coming straight home after work.

Jim was making a promise to do the above when a high-pitched scream broke the apartment's silence.

"Ahh! What the hell Beth! Oh ya, you totally thought it's funny to come up behind me and scare me when I am trying to fix my eye! If you don't get out of this bathroom this second I will get my eye juice on you!" (A/n stupid, I know, but it's based on something that happened to me) Jim tuned Julie out, smiling to himself, and saying to the empty kitchen,

"Yeah right, Julie doesn't need me to baby her, she can kick my ass any day, plus she has Beth…" Beth, Jim didn't quite know how he felt about Beth. He had only known her a few hours, but he already knew he had strong feeling towards her. She was the kind of person that everyone either, wanted to be her, be friends with her, or sleep with her. JJust as he was pondering what relationship might bloom between Julie's brother and friend, a knock sounded at the window/door.

"I really need to find a real apartment, one that doesn't have a fire escape for the front door." thought Jim as he stood up.

Opening the window, a comical sight met his eyes. Mark, Beck, Will, Chris, and Vince were all squeezed into the landing of his third floor apartment

"Dude, Jimbo, don't leave us out here, you remember what happened last time with Chris." Mark yelled from the back, where he was straddling the rail because there was so little room.

"Yeah! I still have that scar!" Chris tried to yell, but his face was squished against the side of the building, so the comment came out muffled. Jim laughed and moved aside to all the S.W.A.T. officers in.

20 minutes later the S.W.A.T. Dream Team was found sitting around the wooden table, with beer, chips and dip, a deck of cards, and a pile of 10 and 20 $ bills and pieces of paper.

"Here," Jim paused on scribble something on one of the slips of paper, "Beck, I'll teach you how to get your cell phone to vibrate whenever you want it to, not just when it rings." The small kitchen exploded with laughter.

"It was really odd, how whenever your phone rang, you would shove it down your pants." Will said between gasping for air and laughing.

For the next half an hour, bets were lost, chips were eaten, and jokes were told. Everything was fine and dandy until Vince, the sullen one of the group brought up a serious topic.

"So what happened to your sister and her friend?"

Jim had been trying to think of an answer since "the boys" had first stepped into the apartment, because he knew the subject would come up at some point.

"Well we talked about what had been happening back home and how and why she came here." The group sobered up, quickly at hearing this information.

"Where is she now? At a hotel?" asked Will.

"Actually, right now-" Before Jim could finish his sentence, Julie walked in to the kitchen and strode over to the refrigerator, her long braid swishing when she walked. The awkward part was that she was only wearing a white bra and a red pair of Jim's silk boxers that he had bought for himself as a treat for the hostage situation at the bank a week ago. The room fell completely silent, besides the sound of cranberry juice sliding down Julie's throat; she was now drinking straight from the bottle she had removed from the fridge. Every male pair of eyes, apart from Jim's was staring at her apple bosoms, and hard rock stomach. The stillness of the room was broken by Jim's deep voice.

"What the hell Julie? You're not supposed to drink straight from the bottle!" Julie screwed on the top and placed it back in the fridge.

"Screw you Jimmy, It's not like you own cups anyway, only beer bottles."

Jim became so angry that he stood up from his chair so fast, he knocked it over.

"What the fuck Julie! Don't speak to me like that!"

"did you ever think that maybe she's a little upset because she just spent 3 hours crying and telling you about your abusive, alcoholic parents and you go and drink beer with your 'buddies'" Beth had entered the room unnoticed and started yelling.

Jim was so shocked at being yelled at by Beth, that all good feelings towards her flew out of his mind, along with what he had thought about before his friends came.

"I don't have to do shit! I am already taking you," he pointed to Beth, "and my sister into my home and letting you live in it. I'll be paying for every goddamn thing you want!"

The silence of the room was louder then the shouting Jim. Everyone was watching Julie, waiting for her to retaliate.

Julie stared stonily at Jim. "Fine, if you feel that way, we'll go." Turning she began to exit the room. Beth, Mark, Vince, Beck, Will, and Chris all shifted their eyes towards Jim to see what would happen next. He broke his gaze from Julie's retreating and looked at Beck. Beck nodded ant quickly stood up from his chair and strode across the room in three long steps, where he reached Julie. Quickly he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Shrieking, Julie stabbed him in the back with her nails trying to get him to put her down. Wincing in pain, but refusing to put her down, Beck deposited her on the floor in front of Jim. Bending down so the siblings were face to face, Jim said in the sincerest voice possible.

"Julie, you have to remember that I'm new at being a parent, in fact, I'm new at being at role model. I will hardly ever get anything right on the first try, we're a team and we have to stick together. These guys will help me out and Beth will watch you when I'm at work, but we can do this."

Julie and Jim's eyes met and the both smile the same, heart-wrenching smile.

"Thank you." Julie whispered simply. Brother and sister hugged, until Mark interrupted by blowing his nose loudly.

After pulling apart, Jim helped Julie up.

"Now, would you please go get changed! That is not appropriate to be wearing around Chris. " Looking over at Beth, he asked, "Would you guys like to play poker?"

Julie and Beth looked at each other and laughed. "Of course."

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