This is my first fanfic ever—so any sort of review will be greatly appreciated, even flames. And if anyone feels the rating's inappropriate, please say so. I will be using plenty of foul language.

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Oh, God. I don't know what happened. I was so happy until that blonde bitch came poking around, removing old ashes. What's the point, anyway? Everything happened so long ago—years and years. Everyone had forgotten. No one ever knew it was me—and I sure as hell wasn't going to tell! It wasn't even my fault really. It was self-defense. Any self-respecting person would've done the same. Of course no one will say so, but I know they would--the fucking hypocrites…

Now everything's gone to hell. I'm so scared, every minute of every day. Couldn't even sleep last night—jumped at every creak and groan. I was so sure they were gonna come for me. Any minute now that uppity bitch is gonna come across what she's looking for—the key piece of evidence—the one person who cracks. I've watched CSI. I know how it goes.

And when that happens, I'm doomed.

The bitch has to be stopped. Someone has to stop her. She's just asking for trouble anyway, sticking her nose where it's not wanted. It's only a matter of time before something happens to her—an "accident". Bet her partner will even be grateful to me for putting her in her place, considering how she treated him that day…stupid bitch.

She's a casualty waiting to happen.

And I wanna hear her howl.