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They took the trip leisurely once they returned to the Millenium Falcon, without worry and everything seemingly righted once again. Chewie was happy because Han stopped drinking and wallowing in pity, and at a stop at his home planets, he met a rather attractive female Wookie. He gave her their comlink code, and continued onto Yavin with Han, Leia, Luke, and Mara Jade - who was still sulking sullenly in her cell, with frequent visits from Luke.

Leia woke up next to Han, guessing it was about an hour until they finally arrived at Yavin. She looked over at him, still sleeping, then wrapped her arm around his chest, kissing his bare shoulder. This woke him, and he blearily peered over at her, before smiling.

"Princess," he yawned. "I know you can't resist me, but I'm way too tired right now, maybe later..."

Leia hit him lightly on the shoulder - "You wish." - before climbing over him and pulling on one of her white dresses, starting to do up her hair. Han yawned again, stretching out on the bed.

"You're not going to put your hair in those ridiculous buns again?" he asked sleepily. Leia peered at him from the mirror.

"And what's wrong with my hair style?" she asked.

"To tell ya the truth, Worship, you're a lot hotter with your hair down."

Leia considered for a moment. If she listened to him, that would be giving in... so she decided to continue with her braiding anyway.

"I should have said I loved those pastry buns, shouldn't've I?" Han asked, grinning, pulling on a pair of slacks as he consented to wake up, too.

"Shut up. And yes, you should have." Leia said, lightly, smiling at him. Looking back, she realized how dull her life had been without Han.

"Here." Han suddenly said, reaching deep into one of his pockets. "I was gonna give this to you last night but... I suppose I got a bit distracted." he smirked at her while she rolled her eyes, finishing with one side of her hair and moving to the other. Han walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, as she complained playfully that he was making her screw up. He showed the thing that he had taken out of his pocket for her, and she stopped, breathless.

"Are you serious?"

"Would you think I would spend this much money on a joke, your Highness?" Han asked, mock-affronted. Leia laughed, taking the tiny box into her fingers, and flicking it open. It was one of those special diamonds that subtly changed color every time one looked at it. Leia smiled softly, peering up at the Corellian over her shoulder, who was looking completely nonchalant. She slipped the ring onto her finger, wrapping her arms slowly around Solo's neck, peering at the ring interestedly.

"You know, I think I'll marry you just for this ring. What do you think, nerf-herder?" she asked, grinning.

"Sounds fine to me. I was worried you'd be marrying me for something stupid."

"Like this ship?"

"Hey, I won't hold for you insultin' the Falcon, Princess. This girl and I have been together a long time." Leia just laughed at him, while Han checked the chrono on his wrist. "She just stopped, we'll get ready to land right now." he said, suddenly brisk, pulling a white shirt over his head and leaving Leia to follow him into the cockpit. Luke came in a moment later, glancing at Leia's hand and not at all surprised.

"Nice rock." he commented, grinning. Leia smiled back at him, once more examining her fingers.

"I know."


Upon the arrival at Yavin IV, the four of them were greeted with an enthusiasm that Han was not expecting - apparently, most of the Rogue squadron 'happened' to be on Yavin around the time, and after numerous slaps on the backs and reassurances that each and every one of them were rooting for him and Leia all along, Han felt obligated to tear himself the group.

Jade was led from the ship, squinting in the sunlight and seemingly annoyed by all the happiness. It was all Luke could do to keep Han from shooting the Empress, and Han tried to avoid Mara Jade's company at any chance, thinking that everyone would get a bit angry with him if he finally snapped and blasted the woman. Han and Leia held each other close, as if to make up for all the months lost between them. Luke and Chewie teased them constantly, but that just made them want each other more, until both were so overcome by their hormones that they had to find a private area as quick as possible. It had always made Chewie laugh, even if it made Luke a bit uncomfortable - it was his sister, after all.

The date for their wedding had been set for two months from now - a little hasty, and a little too slow for Han, but it was just enough time for Leia to plan it. It wasn't going to be huge, but getting married was the important thing, anyways.

The wedding day finally came, and Han was getting jittery, but he knew that was nowhere near what Leia felt. At least everything had gone according to plan, and even Han had to admit that Mara Jade has been becoming less sullen - a monster improvement. Han critically studied himself in the mirror, in his dark suit - he refused to look like Leia in white. In fact, he even tried to persuade his fiancée to get a dress of a different color, since she wasn't a 'pure' virgin anymore and she wore too much white anyways. His answer had been a dark glare from her, and a nudge from Luke. Luke didn't even have to send a message through the Force to tell Han that he shouldn't be annoying Leia right now, and Han grudgingly gave in.

Han had to admit that he looked gorgeous - as always, but even moreso today. Leia would die as soon as she came up that aisle, if he didn't first. He had no doubt in his mind that his bride could make the dark side of the universe light up brilliantly. But he always had that Solo-charm and cockiness to save face. No way was he going to let anyone know the Leia walking down that aisle could have any huge effect on him. Even if it did.

At least he knew that what he had been dreaming about over the past year - even if it did irritate him to be dreaming of those things at the time when he was supposed to hate Leia - was happening that day.

Han Solo used to be Han Solo, owner of the fastest ship in the galaxy and damn hating it, he used to be a drunk, sullen - depressed, more like - a smart ass, and just some man getting drunk in his familiar seat in the familiar cantina on that cursed planet... now, however, he was getting married to the Princess, of which he spent countless days glaring at as he stared at the holo-screen, cursing his love for her, and now he was embracing it - in every way. He was now in the middle of everything, with the woman he so desperately loved and his best friend, her brother, able to spend every waking hour in happiness.


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