by Lisette: Lisette_1@lycos.com

Created on: 12/01/98

Revised on: 11/28/01

Legalese: Nothing here is of my own creation. Goliath and his crew belong to Buena Vista and Disney. In no way will a profit be made from this.

Brief summary: Can death ever have a happy ending? In this universe, the answer is a terrifying and heart-rending no.

Rating: PG-13 due to language and content


She was alone, all alone. When she had awoken, she found herself amongst her loved ones. Yet no matter what she did, she couldn't get their attention. It was like she wasn't even there. Her parents, Derrick, Beth, Maggie, the labyrinth clan, Captain Chavez, Matt, the guys from the precinct, and even Xanatos was there. Yet no one would acknowledge her presence. Now everyone was gone. They had all left her here, all alone. The day had turned darker until storm clouds lined the sky. As the sun fell below the horizon, the clouds finally opened up, letting forth a torrent of rain. She was cold in this dark place, lightning crashing all around her. She was cold and all alone.

Suddenly Goliath pounded to the ground beside her. "Goliath!" Elisa yelled, running towards him eagerly. He ignored her also. "I love you! Why won't you answer me?!" she whispered, her energy leaving her as she stared up at his silent countenance, afraid to even touch him. Sighing dejectedly, Elisa gave up and watched her love as he knelt down, rain dripping unnoticed down his mighty frame. By now his hair was limp and water was dripping down his back. Reaching out, she tried to run her fingers through it, like she always did before, but found she could not.

"NOOO!!!!" Goliath roared into the night sky, making Elisa jump back in surprise. "Why did you take her from me? Why?! Elisa.." Goliath whimpered, his energy apparently spent as his head dipped back down, his limp hair almost hiding him from view. It was then that Elisa realized that it wasn't only rain that dripped down his cheeks, but tears as well.

"No, Goliath... I'm here," Elisa whispered, tears dripping down her face as well.

"My love," Goliath moaned, rocking back and forth, cradling his arms around him.

"Goliath, I'm here... why won't you answer? Why can't you see me?!?" Elisa screamed, hugging herself tightly as she danced back and forth on weak legs, wanting nothing more than to be taken into his strong arms. Watching the mighty gargoyle do this was breaking her heart.

"Elisa," Goliath sobbed, dropping his head onto the fresh dirt before him. "I couldn't even be here as they put you to your final resting spot," Goliath whispered, his voice anguished. "You can't leave me now, not now! There was so much left undone, not said... " he trailed off, his voice muffled by the dirt that pressed against him.

"Goliath?" Elisa sobbed, her head slowly shaking from side to side as she began to back away from her love, not wanting to believe his words. But even as she did this weak form of protest, she knew it was true. She was dead. The idea had started to form earlier as she watched a casket being lowered to the ground, her family crying as they watched. Still, she wouldn't accept it. It had to be a mistake! But now.. now she knew it was true.

"No, I don't want to be dead! Take it back God, let me wake up!!" Elisa suddenly murmured, her voice growing in volume as the world began to spin around her. "This has to be some horrible dream... let me wake up! I can't leave him now!" Elisa pleaded to the heavens, her voice cracking. Dropping to her knees, she cried beside her love, unable to comfort him and he unable to comfort her.

"Why does life insist on doing this to me.. why must it always take my love from me.." Goliath whispered quietly, his energy seemingly drained -- until he remembered anew all that he had lost with this one soul leaving him. "NO!" he growled fiercely, "Bring her back! I loved her more than I ever did for Demona... Why didn't you take me instead?" Goliath trailed off softly, running his hand over the soft dirt. And then, as though he had come to some long-thought out conclusion, he slowly squeezed the wet earth between his mighty hands as his eyes locked on the words etched into the hard granite. "The humans shall pay for this -- for taking away my love," he stated calmly in a voice that chilled Elisa to the bone.

"But Goliath, I'm right here!" she yelled, wanting to shake him as hard as she could till he understood, until he took away the very words that he had fought against for so long.

"I love you Elisa," Goliath whispered, the tears dripping from his face. Getting to his feet, he turned away from the grave and climbed atop a nearby tree, his wings extending to either side.

"No Goliath, don't leave me here all alone!" Elisa screamed, edging away from the tomb but feeling that she couldn't leave. That she couldn't follow where he was going.

As Goliath turned to face the grave below, Elisa hoped beyond all hope that Goliath had finally heard her pleas. Instead, she realized she was sadly mistaken as Goliath roared as one did when their heart was broken: "Elisa!!" Then he jumped into the night sky and disappeared into the darkness.

"NOO!!!" Elisa wailed, dropping to her knees in the soft grass as her heart broke within her. "Don't leave me here all alone," she whispered to the departing figure, the tears dripping down her cold face. "I love you Goliath... please don't leave me here all alone..."