This idea came from pretty much nowhere but me wondering about Mustang's childhood. Does he ever say anything about it in the series? Anyway, if you liked my other Royai submission, So Cold, you'll probably like this, too. This whole collection (well, it will be eventually) is going to include my response to the Royai 100 Themes Challenge, and any other random bits of Royai (like this) that I can think of. Just as a warning, the mood of these pieces may very greatly. This one is pretty sad, but some of the other ones will probably be fairly lighthearted. There may be spoilers later on, but not in this one anyway.

Disclaimer: I don't own FullMetal Alchemist. But I remain ever optimistic.

If there's one thing Roy Mustang ever learned from his parents, it's that you should be careful about who you marry. He only has one picture of them all together: an old, faded picture taken when he was about eight. His parents are smiling at the camera, but their faces are usually different in his memories. Usually they were angry. Sometimes a couple of weeks would go by without an argument, and then he would feel better inside, thinking that maybe, this time, things would get better, and his parents would get along. But it never did. For a long time, he thought that it was something he'd done; maybe if he tried to be a good boy they'd stop arguing. So he studied hard, got good grades, and was quite popular at school. But none of that seemed to help at all. He didn't want anyone to know, so he buried his unhappy, insecure feelings and acted like nothing was wrong. He couldn't wait until he got away from them. He can remember how happy he was when he entered the military. His parents didn't seem to really care that he left, either. They were too busy being angry at each other to pay much attention to him. His parents are dead now, and all he has left of them is that picture. But he looks at that picture, and thinks about marriage, and wonders what kind of wife Riza Hawkeye would make.

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