NIGHT DRIVE by King Cheetah

Oh, how I wish these characters are mine, but they're not. Craig Bartlett's the lucky stiff.
Rated T for adult situations and language. Lemme know whatcha think!

6 Couvade


I'm not sure when I awoke. Spooned together, I was afraid to move and disturb Arnold. By the diffused light, I guessed it to be to be nine-ish. Arnold... His arm around me, his hand rested just in front of my face. I cauciously moved my own hand around to gently rest on his. Stirring, he rose up on one arm to look over at me. "Morning." he said as he kissed my cheek. Even his morning breath was nice. Drawing his arms back, he pressed his body against mine. Nice.

"How you feel?" I asked as I rolled over onto my back. 8:44 AM; I was close.

"I'm okay," he yawned "but we have a big day ahead. Know where to go?"

"Oh yeah, I've been through this before" He looked shocked.

Quickly I added, "Sheena; Phoebe and I went for support." Arnold nodded.

"Helga, I gave this some thought on the way up here... As I figure it, you won't start showing til way after graduation, so if we get married this summer... well, we should stand up okay to casual scrutiny." I smiled and stroked his cheek. "Gonna make an honest woman outta me, eh? Well, my grades are strong enough that I can afford to skip a year before college. I'll catch up to you quick enough." Arnold suddenly looked uncomfortable. "Helga, um... I think I'll need to get a job instead. What's your Dad's stand on nepotism?" He caught my look.

"Helga, a family's a big responsiblilty! I can wait for school, it's no big deal."

"It IS a big deal, bucko!" I said in a loud whisper. "Our child deserves the best, and that includes parent's that aren't working the drivethrough! We are BOTH not going to skip school!"

"Helga, I have to provide for us, NOW. I can't go to school full time AND earn enough to support the three of us! Where are we suppose to live! Your folks? My folks? I can tell you that'll get old quick."

"Fine, I'll take a job with Big Bob, and you can swing some parttime work. But, make no mistake, you are GOING to school! End of discussion!"

He looked pissed "Don't be ridiculous! Your grades are better than mine. If either of us should be in school, it should be you! I can get good work without a degree."

"Oh, like WHAT!" I snorted," Retail? Food Service? We're not just talking about a job, we're talking about your carreer!" He laid there in silence.

Slowly, he whispered, "Family before carreer. Our child deserves a decent childhood, including two fulltime parents." and he caught me with those eyes.

Why can't I stay angry with him. He leaned in to kiss my cheek, but I caught him on the lips. Smiling I said,"We'll make this work. Don't worry."

Sqeezing his arm, I said "Well, let's get this day going" We kicked off the covers and struggled to our feet. I was just stretching the kink's out when I noticed Arnold's puzzled look.

Following his gaze, I looked down at the dark stain on the front of my nightshirt. "No..." I heard him gasp.

I thought he was going to cry, but I beat him to it.


As they say, 'Whom Gods Exhault, They First Give Really Bad Cramps'. Not only was my period back, but it was HEAVY. Arnold was an absolute prince during all of this. Getting cleaned up, he dropped me off at school to catch up on the few classes I'd missed and promised to be there afterwards when we got out.

One of the advantages of academic prowess is that most of the rules don't apply to you. Making apologies, I managed to gather all the assignments I'd missed that morning and caught up with Sheena and Phoebe at lunch.

"Hysterical Pregnancy." nodded Phoebe sagely,"Actually rather common. As a psychosomatic condition, you would be expected to manifest all the symptoms of pregnancy."

I nodded, considering this. What in the hell was going on in my head to cause this? "How's Arnold taking this?" asked Sheena.

My answer was causcious, "Good... good. He's okay. We both really wanted this... but I think he's happy the it's not a crisis." I watched Phoebe helped herself to my french fries.

"You know Helga, I think this is an enlightening look into your relationship. In a crisis situation you both behaved admirably. This speaks well of your future together." I smiled at the thought.

Thanks to fifth period study hall, I was able to catch up on all the days school work with a bit of time to spare. Get through Organic Chemistry next period, and my week was done. Ever reliable, Arnold was waiting for us in the parking lot, and setting my backpack on the hood of his Mustang, I threw my arms around his neck and gave him a toe-curling open mouth kiss. "Sorry Ma'am, but you'll still have to pay the full fare." he smiled.

Sheena and Phoebe looked on amused. Maintaining my grasp on Arnold I turned to them and said "Party at Rhonda's tonight, you up for it?" Their exaggerated expressions told the whole story. "A party at Rhonda's! Who saw that coming?" Sheena gasped. "I beleive this is her 'My Best Bowel Movement Ever' celebration. I suggest that we attend and get shitfaced!" said Phoebe with a disturbingly straight face.

Watches synchronized, we agreed to meet up at Phoebes place at 7:00 PM. Back at home, Arnold and I stretched out on my bed to try and catch up on needed rest. Sweet sleep came soon enough, and I awoke just as the clock flashed 6:00. Sthealthfully, I exitted the bed without disturbing him, and took a moment to enjoy his serene, untroubled face.

Heading downstairs, I found Big Bob in the kitchen trying to decipher the microwave.

"Oh hey Helga. Say, can you get this blasted thing goin'? I can't figure out how yer mother makes this thing defrost...ah!" He watched with rapt attention as I commanded the magic box to heat his Hot Pockets.

"Here y'go! Where's Miriam, anyway?" I asked, handing him his steaming plate.

"Eh, that charity thing you got her going on. What about the needs of this cities business leaders? What about us?" he growled.

As he settled into his chair in the trophey room, I massaged his shoulders and cooed "Aw, I know what you need. How about some home cooking tomorrow night for the two men in my life?"

He raised an eyebrow, "Wha- Oh, you mean Arnold too. Alright, what's it gonna cost me?" I rested my head on his, "twenty bucks, but I'll cover the wine." Handing me his wallet he asked, "Hold on a sec missy, what're you making?" Returning the lightened billfold, I said "Goulash, extra chunky. Just the way you like it." and his face brightened.

"Yeah, you got yourself quite a catch with that Arnold. Good head on his shoulders. He stopped by the store while you were in school..." he finished his Hot Pocket, "Yeah, had a nice long talk, even helped unload one of the trucks. That boy's got 'success' written all over him."

I tried my best to keep my pokerface.

What the hell was THIS all about?

To Be Continued