Note: lot's of weird stuff that I haven't really figured out yet

Note: lot's of weird stuff that I haven't really figured out yet. If this bothers you READ NO FURTHER! Also has dark and angsty parts. It's AU (alternate universe). Plus this has nothing to do with any of my other stories. This has been staring at me for a while, so I finally posted it.

BTW: if you don't like the verbal slap, well… my friends said I took it to new levels in this. Last warning. And if you can help me with a title that would be lovely! R&R and C&C much welcomed!

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(A GW fic)

CH 1


"Stupid onna, get out of the way!"

"Wufei I-"

"Damn it Relena, leave! Your not helping matters. Only making them worse."

"But Heero I-"

"Same spoiled princess, just doesn't know when to quit."


"Miss Relena, now is not the time."

"Quatre if you would just let me explane-"

"Your brother and miss Noin are waiting out side for you. It would be best if you left, now."

Relena steps back as she looks at the five Gundam pilots, hurt.

"If you would only listen."

"We have listened to your rantings about peace and how war is bad. Giving speeches might be your forte`a, but fighting is ours. You can no longer follow us into battle onna. Before you could tag along with out hindering us too much, but now you are nothing but an annoyance that could not only get yourself killed, but the fragile peace and us as well. Now go."

Thru out Wufei's little speech Relena's face did not change. She didn't show shock, hurt, or disgust. The only insight to her violent emotions was the crack of her hand as it contacted with Wufei's face before she left.

~Fools! Why couldn't they have just listened, if only for a moment.~ She thought as she was escorted to her home. She never even notices the pain in her hand, only in her heart. They said that they trusted me. I even trusted them. I no longer trust Wufei. How could he say those things? If I had been such a hindrance before why didn't they say anything? Were they too afraid to hurt their chance at peace? If that's what they want then that is what I shall give them. No more will I just show up or call them. If I'm invited then I will see them. They've made it clear that they were around me for pities sake. I thought the two of them truly cared, how stupid I was to think other wise.~

Looking out the window she makes up her mind.

~This week I will ask Noin if she's still willing to teach me some self-defense. If not to keep my mind off my decision, but to give me an excuse for the sudden lack o time to socialize. I will not become Heero and eradicate all emotions. Yet I will not become Duo and pretend that nothing hurts and everything is ok.~


She looks up, startled out of her reverie.

"Relena I'm sorry I startled you but we're here."

"Thank you Noin."

"What were you thinking about Relena? The coming meeting?"

"Yes," she lied, "that an the offer Noin made earlier this week."

"About the self-defense?"

"Yes, and your both right. It would be foolish not to take a course or two. In the wiled even the dove can defend it's self."