Soak: Seasick Part IV.V (4.5 in Roman Numerals.. hehe)

A/N: Ah, so you decided to read on. I'm not sure why I made this another entire installment, exactly. I was just going to have it after the song lyrics at the end of the epilogue - but then I just decided to make it wholly something else. Closing words: Let me just say that this was the first Tama/Tasuki fic that I've ever completed. Weird, ain't it? In the past, the slashes I've done with them have been longer fics that are sitting on my desktop, uncompleted. But I actually finished this one! Yay! This was such an enjoyment to write, and I hope to read as well. Yes, there were times when it got so frustrating and I wanted to delete it into oblivion because I thought it was such crap. But then I just took some time off from it and came back later after a good night's sleep - which by the way helps a lot. I hope you all have enjoyed reading. Adieu!

The Revelation…

Taka felt himself let go. It was time. Home was no longer on this earth, and though he was leaving Miaka behind, he felt that she would understand. Some way. Somehow.

It was the only way for the pain to stop, and though Taka didn't do it himself, he willingly let go without a struggle.

It wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. Death… was nothing more than a peculiar feeling, though he was a little afraid of where he would go. How would he find his way?

When Taka opened his eyes again, everything was covered with a layer of blinding brightness. He looked back at his lifeless body, lying on the kitchen floor, a peaceful smile gracing his cold face. Miaka would not discover him for another four hours.

And by then, he'd be long gone.

"Tama." That familiar voice… where was it coming from?

A burst of startling red hair and golden eyes seemed to uncover something buried deep beneath, like the sands of time were being brushed aside to reveal something that Taka hadn't felt in awhile. But… he wasn't Taka. He was…

The golden eyes were gleaming as the stranger smiled, revealing pointed fangs. "Yah finally came. It's about time, too."

Finally came? What was this boy talking about? And he had called him 'Tama'.

Tama…small flares of recognition. The name was igniting something deep within. From somewhere, fragments of six friends laughing, of death and tears as they buried them, of being reborn… of an unrequited love?

And then Tamahome knew. His lavender eyes lit up; and Tasuki smiled. Even in death, Tasuki's devilish looks could not be smothered, even as his sparkling eyes softened. "I've been waitin' for yah. A long, long time, too. I was about tah give up if yah didn't show up soon. Yer such a damn slowpoke."

Tasuki… Tasuki had waited? For Tamahome?

Why? "Why?"

"Why're yah a slowpoke? I dunno. Oh," Tasuki comprehended when Tamahome gave him a puzzled look. "Yah mean why I waited. Well…" Tasuki hesitated, looking away. "I haven't… been able tah let go." He closed his eyes again, like he did so long ago, when he didn't want Tamahome to see his surfaced pain. "I know it was stupid, and yea, I know you were with Miaka, but I just… couldn't let yah go… like I did that night on the ship."

So Tasuki had so patiently waited for Tamahome all these years, faithfully counting on the feelings still yet to grow between them. And even after death, he had watched from above, not letting himself move on.

Tamahome sighed, feeling all the pain he had grown so accustomed to living with finally lifting off of him forever, immediately feeling so much more lighter… and whole. "Well… I'm here now, Tasuki. I'm here now."

Taking Tasuki's hand, he took a final, long look back down at his past life. And then, Tamahome no longer afraid, they walked towards their final destination without looking back.

To infinite, ever present Love, all is Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death.
--Mary Baker Eddy

A/N: Ye-es. :grins:

So, what comes next? Well, after writing such a heavy, depressing fic, I think I'm going to do a humorous one. It's going to be called Parental Advisory, featuring Tama and Tasuki again. But this time, it's not a slash pairing, more like the unhappy friends get stuck together in a bad situation. But you can always count on Tasuki's slapstick routine and Tamahome's straightman thing with his accomplished deadpan humor. So look for itas well as the Amiboshi fic (Home) in the next week. Thanks everyone. It's been fun. (Good god, I sound like I'm on my deathbed.)- x Belles