Disclaimer: The characters of Inuyasha are owned by Rumiko Takahashi, but this story belongs to me.

Chapter One: Kagome is Dead

"No!" screamed Sango.

"I'm sorry, Sango," Miroku said, "But it's true. Kagome is dead."

Inuyasha howled. "Noooooo!"

"She just wasn't strong enough, Inuyasha. She wasn't ready. You knew that when you decided to challenge the demons."

"Are you saying this is MY fault, MONK?" He growled viciously, ready to rip into his long time friend. "Are you saying it is MY fault Kagome is dead?"

Miroku sighed. "Don't forget Shippo and Koga. too."

"We can live without those two morons, but we NEED Kagome to defeat Naraku." Inuyasha glared. How could Kagome go and get herself killed like that? Stupid girl. Why did she insist on protecting us with that barrier? It left her too weak to defend herself against that panther demon.

"That's rather cold, Inuyasha."

"It is true though, Sango. We need her protective barriers and her ability to heal to make it through this. And she was finally getting the hang of shooting her stupid arrows. Without her we will never make it. Although it certainly would not hurt if Inuyasha would exercise a little tact now and then."

"What do you suggest we do, monk?"

"Do? Sango, we will do the only thing we can do." Miroku sighed, trying to rub the headache away.

Inuyasha yelled, "Don't say it, monk! Don't you dare! We are NOT quitters!"

Ignoring the hanyou, Miroku said, "We escape."