When Two Blades Cross

Through the peaceful forest rode a carriage, carrying four people in it, moving slowly to view the land. There were two adults dressed in royal outfits and two children, a young boy with glasses about 9 and a girl with brown hair about 12. They were the royal family of the Hoen Region. "Wow the forest is so beautiful and peaceful I can't believe that you never took us out here father." The girl exclaimed gazing out the window of the carriage. Her brother has looking out the other side and was amazed at all the beauty in the forest. "I agree this place is amazing." Her brother agreed. The two parents were just enjoying the ride smiling at the happiness of their children. "Max, May I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves." Said their father.

There mother looked at her husband and smiled. "Norman, how about we take the children on more trips with us to other regions they seem to love the scenery. Maybe May will meet a suitable husband to marry." She said to her husband. Norman stopped to think about this while he watched his daughter. "Yeah Caroline, we should they spend too much time in the palace, and I agree May needs to find a suitor before her 13th birthday." Norman agreed.

The carriage was closing in to the castle of Hoen when they saw a waterfall coming up. "Mother, father can we stop to look at the waterfall it must be beautiful. "No May, we can't." Her father replied sadly. May and max were confused. "Why dad? Why?" Max asked his father. Their mother wasn't happy either. "Driver ride as close as you can to the waterfall." Norman called. The driver heard him and set of to the waterfall. They had arrived at the waterfall and were passing by when they saw someone hanging from a rope tied to a rock in the waterfall dangling there quietly in front of the falls. "You see that boy there?" Their father asked. May and Max looked to see a boy about 15 hanging there. "That boy there is to be trapped there for all of eternity watching people pass by never helping and leaving him there to live without mercy and alone like he did to others." Their father explained. May looked at the boy he was dressed in a black and red kimono; he had black hair, with a sword with him. He looked at the carriage pass by quietly and looked sad and alone. "What did he do dad." Max asked. Norman breathed a long breath and explained. "He has committed countless robberies and an even larger amount of deaths. Even for a boy his age he was a great samurai. He could have gone far with that talent. When we caught him instead of execution we sentenced him to hang there forever with nothing to stay alone forever watching people go by ignoring him and giving him no help. We gave him no mercy in doing so." May looked at the boy and the boy looked back at May.

His eyes were full of loneliness and anger. He looked at May in the carriage and thought, 'She's beautiful'. May was also thinking of him. 'He's kind of cute' May thought. The carriage passed all the way passed the waterfall and continued on its way.

The carriage was only a few yards away when. BANG! A shot was fired and the driver dropped of the carriage. The horse was scared and it shook of the harness and ran away. The family was scared and was huddling together when about 20 men surrounded the carriage blocking the doors. The leader opened the door to look at the family face to face. "What do you want?" Norman asked furiously. The leader just laughed. "You know we want all your gold and jewels on this carriage so hand them over." He ordered. "Or I'll have to shed some blood." AS he drew his sword and held it at May's neck. "We don't have any gold with us so leave my daughter alone!" Norman yelled at him. The leader got furious then and grabbed May out of the carriage and his sword at her throat. "Oh well then we'll take her and we'll give her back as soon as you pay us." The leader explained as he threw May at his gang of thieves. They all had swords and daggers and they we're all aiming at may.

Norman didn't know what to do. Then he reached behind his back secretly and pulled out a sword of his own and charged at the leader, but he dodge easily. Norman then charged at some of the men and slashed his sword killing 4 of them. "May, run! Go get help. I'll handle them!" Norman cried. May did as she was told and ran off back towards the waterfall. "Don't let her get away after her you fools." The leader yelled at his men. "Yes sir." They replied as 10 of them ran after her. The other 5 and the leader looked at Norman. "Meet your death man!"

May was running for her life faster and faster through the trees. She emerged at the side of the waterfall and her only hope was to climb up to get away. Her white dress was ripping from the rocks. The thieves were right at the bottom when she was half way.

May raced up as fast as she could and she soon reached the top and the thieves were only half way up. May raced towards the path above the waterfall. She ran towards the center and saw the boy's ropes on the rock bellow her. She looked down at him and he noticed her. "Hey what are you looking at?" He said in a angry tone. May thought for a sec. 'If I can get him to help me we'll be safe.' "Will you help me if I set you free?" May asked in a worried tone. He looked at her a saw in her eyes fear and sadness. "Yes I'll help just help me up." He agreed. May started to pull as hard as she could to pull him up.

May son had him up and cut him free with his sword. The thieves just reached the top and charged towards May. Then the boy stood in front of her and drew his sword. "Nobody touches her or die trying." He said bravely. "Out of the way boy. All we want is the girl and we'll let you live." Said one of the men. "Funny I was about to give you the same option." He replied. Now they were mad. "That's it get him!" Cried on of them. They all charged towards him drawing their swords and crying towards him. May closed her eyes. 'I can't watch.' She thought. The boy just flicked his sword with his thumb one sec and in in a flash all the men stopped and he was behind all of them. He then sheathed his sword making it click and they all fell down dead. May looked up to see him looking back at her. "You did it." May cried. May was so happy see didn't even realize she ran towards him and hugged him tightly. She soon realized what she was doing and broke away from him blushing. He was blushing too but she didn't see. "Uh…by the way what's your name?" May asked. He looked at her and said. "Ash. My name is Ash," Ash answered. "and if I'm not mistaken your princess May. Am I right?" May was worried now. 'What if he decides to kidnap me? What have I done?' She thought. Ash saw a look of worry in her eyes. "Don't worry if you think I'll kidnap you better think again now come on if I'm right your family needs help." He said and walked away. "That's right!" May exclaimed and raced after him.

In the forest Norman had taken out every last thief except one, the leader. He was standing their watching Norman killing his men. "Well, well, well I didn't expect you to take out my men that quickly but you can never defeat me." He said evilly. Norman had to agree he had also been injured a little in his arms. 'I can't take him on I'm too tired but I must protect my family.' He thought looking back at his wife and son in the carriage. He stood his ground as the leader jumped at was about to finish it when. CLASH! Norman looked to see a sword blocking the leaders saving his life. "What! Who dares to interfere?" The leader yelled. Ash threw the leader back and smiled. "I would be guilty of that." Ash replied smiling. May ran to her father helping him up. "Are you okay dad?" May asked. Norman looked at his daughter and stood up straight. "Yeah just tired out and a few cuts but nothing serious." He answered. The whole family watched as Ash confronted the leader. "You little brat do you think you can stop me?" The leader yelled furiously. Ash just smiled mockingly at him. "I don't think I know." Ash replied. The leader was so mad he started to charge at Ash with his sword. "Well we'll see about that kid!" He kept charging at Ash and in a flash. Ash was standing behind him in a sword stance smiling. The leader fell to his knees and to the ground motionless.

Ash looked behind him and smiled at the leader's death. "Well you saw." He said. He looked at May and her family and sheathed his sword as he walked to them. Norman saw him coming at them and pushed May behind him. He drew out his sword and stood tiredly in front of Ash. "Stay back you fiend. I don't know how you got down but your going back up there again." May jumped between him and Ash and held her arms in front of her father protecting Ash. "Dad I freed him from that prison because it was the only way to help you." May exclaimed, worriedly. The whole family could not believe what they had heard. "May why?" Asked Caroline, her mom. "You know what he could have done to you when you freed him." May was about to cry knowing that her parents were made at her, but a hand touched her shoulder. "I could have killed her and not choose to help you, but I saved her life and yours along with it, and I haven't killed you now so what are you complaining about." Ash explained seriously. "Besides I couldn't hurt the person that freed me." He turned to look at May smiling. May started to blush at his stare but didn't show it..

Norman stared at him and walked up to him and held out his hand. "Thank you for saving my family." Ash stared at the hand with angrily and smiled when he shook it. "No prob. Hey tell you what as part of this I'll drive you all back to your castle since your driving is pushing up daises." They broke the shake and Norman agreed and the family set off, but May sat up in the front of the carriage along with Ash watching the scenery go by. "Hey I want to thank you again for saving my life again." May thanked blushing. "Hey no problem I always repay my depts to people." Ash replied. Just then the carriage hit a bump in the road and May fell sideways and grabbed Ash's crest pressing her head against it. The two realized the position they were in and May pulled away with both of them blushing.

Soon the family had arrived in the city of Petalburg and started to head for the castle. On the way through the town people looked at Ash and whispered things like. "Ash is back we're doomed, why would the king trust a murderer, and he must be up to something." Ash was starting to feel mad at what they we're saying that he was a murderer but May stopped him.