Ash the Manslayer

Chapter 9

Heart's Sword


Ash and the others could hear the sound of Ritchie's and Shiv's swords hitting each other from away. "Hold on guys." Ash said. He took out his sword and started to scratch something on the wall. "Okay lets move." He said and they were off.

Richie was fighting Shiv on an even match. "Tell me Richie why did you become known as the dragon slayer?" Shiv asked. Their swords met again and sparked when colided."I though you just sought out me." Richie's anger rose. "Shut UP!" He yelled blocking Shiv. "You remember why you've always wanted to kill me don't you." He said. He struck his sword again at Richie only to be blocked. "You remember what i did don't ya to sensei and duplica." Richie's anger rose and started to attack more violently. "Don't you even speak of them." He yelled in anger. "I wont have to with what i have in store for you." Shiv and Richie jumped back and froze. "Now time for me to finish you." Shiv started to close his eyes and soften his grip on his sword. Suddenly Richie could feel wind blowing by him. It was a big breeze that seemed to circle Shiv. He opened his eyes slowly again and gripped his sword. "Now Forbidden Sword Technique: Sickling Wind Scythe." He stood in a weird stance and then jumped and spun horizontaly waved his sword vertically and slashed at the air. Richie watched and then relized something and jumped away. A wave of air was racing towards him like and giant scythe. He jumped away just in time for it to miss and watched as it sliced perfectly through the wall without making a single crack. "Air pressure." Richie said. "Correct this technique was made for long combat so a fighter wouldm't have to kill an opponent with his sword but with the air. I still wonder why sensei kept it locked away. Richie looked down and remembered it all.


2 years Prior

Ritchie, 14, was attacking Shiv, 16, with a wooden sword he tried to hit but was blocked and then Shiv dodged and struck Richie as he stumbled when he missed. "Okay boys that's enough for now." their sensei said. "Yes Bruno sensei." they said. Richie and Shiv were walking down through the dojo talking. "Hey Shiv do you think we'll become great swordsmen." "Don't know it'll just happen but i know a way to get there." "How" Richie asked. "You remember that forbidden room in the dojo. I looked in and saw and tied up scroll that had the word wind on it with a sword." Richie was devastated. "You know that room is forbidden as well as anything in it." Shiv laughed. "I know i was just kidding." Richie though had a bad feeling.

Suddenly. "What are you two talking about over here?" Asked a female voice. "Nothing that concerns you Duplica (She's 13)." Richie said. "Oh come on boys you think your so bad because your my grandpa's students. You were just lucky he took you two on he's never taken students before." "Yeah well he sees the potential we have to become the best." "Whatever you say Richie"

Later that night Richie was walking outside looking up at the night heading to bed when he saw someone. It was Duplica looking up into the sky with a bright shining moon. He snuck up quietly behind her and grabbed her making her jump. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" He laughed and Duplica breathed heavily. "Richie you jerk that scared me." Richie started to run and Duplica after him. She caught up and grabbed him and pulled him onto the ground. She feel on top of him with facing eachother. "You know in this light your really beautiful." Richie said making duplica blush more. Duplica remained silent and just leaned her lips on to Richie's

End Flashback

Richie dodged again and again as Shiv wave hiss air scythes at him. "You remember sensei that fool who kept a perfect technique like this locked away. He was scared of something that could make him a god in the world." Shiv mocked. "You have no right to speak of sensei like that." Richie yelled charging in. Shiv slashed his sword again at Richie. Richie jumped to dodge but it hit part of his foot cutting through his bones. "AHH!" Richie screeched. His foot was bleeding from the inside. "Pressure getting to you Richie." Richie charged in and made contact with Shiv's sword. Shiv slashed his sword at Richie only to be blocked. But then. "AHHH!" Richie screamed in pain. Even though he blocked the sword the pressure still penetrated his body and hit him in the right shoulder. Richie just endured it and attacked again. The swords clashed and wind howled through the room. The wind stsarted forming a twister around them as they fought hard and long. Wind scythes were cutting up the room and slicing through the walls.


2 years ago

Richie was walking back to the dojo from the market with some food. "AHHH!" He heard a voice scream. Richie ran inside and to the direction it came from and arrived in the forbidden room. He bursted through the door to see Bruno dead on the floor in a pool of blood. "Sensei!" Richie called. He looked beside him to see Duplica lying on the floor bleeding badly. "Duplica!" He ran over to her and raised her head in his arms. "Duplica, Duplica come on stay awake please be alright." He pleaded. She opened her eyes to look at him. "Who did this?" Richie asked. "I did Richie." Richie looked to see the voice came from Shiv standing in front of the door. "I knew this technique was powerfull but since i've tried it on sensei now i know it's more than that." Shiv said. "Why Shiv why?" Richie pleaded. Duplica started to cough blood up and Richie held her tighter. "To test myself what else. Sensei didn't last 5 minutes against this technique if he had learned it he would be a god, but instead he's a dead fool." He mocked. "Tell me though Richie do you hate me." He asked. Richie didn't answer. "I know you do i attacked your little girlfriend here to add a little fuel to that fire." Shiv could see Richie's eyes full of rage towards him. "I can see the anger in your eyes. Now take that anger and direct it into your sword. I want a powerful opponent and that's you so i wont kill you now." Shiv laughed and walked away.

Richie could hardly move. "Cough." Richie looked down at Duplica in his arms and saw her on the verge of death. "Duplica please don't die I don't want you to leave me." He begged. She smiled. "I don't...want to leave you...either Richie." He panted out. "I Love you Duplica please don't die." She just smiled. "I love you too." She said and raised her head enough to kiss him. "I'm sorry." She said. Her body fell limp. "No, no."Richie begged shaking her lightly trying despiratly to wake her. "Please Duplica please," but it was no use she was gone.

End Flashback

The two continued to clash swords and the wind picked up as they went. Suddenly they jumped away from each other panting from the attack. They wind had it's affects on both. Both had been cut up badly and bleeding from the pressure crushing their bodies. "You've definatly gotten stronger Richie, but my wind Scythes and wind sickles are not my techniques only attacks. Prepare for my Ultamite one." Shiv said. Richie smiled. "Prepare for mine too."

Shiv gripped his sword tight and it started to gether the air around it. "Backlash Wave." Shiv charged forward at Richie for a final attack. Richie started to twirl his two swords at an incredible speed. "Three Thousand Worlds." They charged at each other for a final time. Shiv launched his attack and a tornado of wind headed right for Richie. It torn his shin and was ripping through him cutiing his bones but charged on.


Both were standing still after the attack to see what happened. Then, CRACK, Richie's swords started to crack uncontrollably and then stopped.Let his arms fall to his sides and blood started come out of him. He fell to his knee in pain. Shiv just smiled but, CRACK, His sword just exploded from the hit it took in the attack. Before Shiv realized it His vision split in two, then four, and he fell to the gorund dead. Richir smiled and endured the pain to get up and walk out.


Richie was standing over two graves. One was his sensei and the other was his love. "Don't worry sensei I will kill Shiv, not for revenge, but to make sure he can't ever use that technique to kill again." He said. He knew that's what he would want. He look to Duplica's. "I'll see you again my love in the next life." He finished and walked off he had a lot of work ahead of him.

End Flashback

Richie struggled out the door and walked tiredly to try to catch up to his friends, but he knew he couldm't. He then leaned against the wall to rest. He felt something on the the wall he looked to see it scratched and looked like something was written. He walked to the other wall and leaned against it but couldn't stand and sat up against it. He lifted his head to read it.

Everyone's waiting

Richie smiled and his swords fell to the gorund. "Ash." He laughed softly and his eyes closed.

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