Disclaimer: The characters and situation mentioned are from the motion picture What a Girl Wants and not my property, but some major motion picture studio's. What I have written, however, does belong to me. No money is made off this; it is purely for pleasure and the sake of writing.

Author's Note
This piece is a mildly drastic depart from my usual writing style: it's darker and doesn't really hint at any silver lining, unlike my first two pieces. It also has the new element of an integrated song. In short, I've written a darker, angstier songfic than before.


Maybe I'm not cut out for this life. Maybe this isn't what I'm meant for. Maybe Clarissa was right.

Maybe…I don't belong here.

I ain't no queen of hearts;
I go through stages;
I fall in love,
Then complicate it.

Then where do I belong?

That more,
I thought if I had more,
I wouldn't get so bored,
But everything just left me empty.

God, everything's a mess. I've publicly embarrassed everyone: my father, my family, everything the Dashwood name stands for. I didn't want to admit it…but I am an embarrassment.

I'm just trying to be creative,
But everyone's so opinionated;
They wanna tell me what I'm feeling.

I'm sorry I'm not charming enough.

I'm sorry I'm not talented enough.

I'm sorry I'm not polished enough.

I'm sorry I'm not everything you want me to be.

But most of all, I'm just sorry that I'm not the perfect daughter.


Song Credit: "What's Good For Me," performed by Lucy Woodward on the What a Girl Wants Soundtrack.