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Part 2

Shinji took another look at Asuka's sleeping form before removing his hand on the light switch. She seemed to be fine now, with her fever tamed by the medicine. But he knew she had to take another dose after a few hours or else, it might relapse.

The silence of the apartment made him hear her slow and steady breathing. He saw her shift a little under the covers. He tilted his head on one side, shoving his hands onto his pockets.

You can be so nice when you're sleeping, huh?... Shinji mused to himself smiling a bit whille looking at her.

Ever since they met, he couldn't really count how many times she had called himr "baka". The usual tone and pitch of her voice when mocking or insulting him suddenly felt like some form of endearment--at least for him. And of course, not to forget how hard she "tries" to compete with Shinji in piloting the EVA. But still, in the end, Shinji couldn't deny how this outspoken red-headed girl brought unsaid happiness into his life. To him, she was a fellow pilot, a classmate, a friend, a sister, a part of his "family", and...




Shinji lowered his eyelids. He remembered the last time he watched her sleep--when he tried to kiss her. Why he wanted to at that time, he still wasn't sure if he had any answer for himself right now. And then, he remembered why he stopped a mere inches from her lips. She was calling out "mama" and he couldn't forget how that single bead of tear went down sadly from her closed eyes.

Shinji turned around and then took another glimpse at her. I wonder if...

Dismissing his thoughts, Shinji decided to go to sleep as well.

Asuka found herself in a somewhat familiar place that she used to have been not so long ago. She looked at herself and she was wearing her favorite yellow dress. She took a step forward and looked around, assessing her surroundings and it was then that she realized that she was at Papa Langley's house back in Germany.

"Odd..." She whispered with her forehead crumpled.

"Hallo? (Hello) Papa? Mama?" She called out referring to her father and step mother.

Just then, a door opened in front of her with a strong light emitting out that she had to cover her eyes for a while. The illumination subsided and she went in, surprised at what she saw.

It was that time...

It was that time...

It was that time...

Asuka gulped.

She saw herself when she was much younger, maybe around 7 or 8 years old. She lay on her bed with a wet cloth on top of her head.

She remembered...

She was suffering from fever at that time.

The sound of someone's foot steps registered onto Asuka's ears. She saw a womanly figure go at the side of the bed.

"Mama Langley..." her voice trailed off as she watched her own memories.

"Asuka, you be a good girl now. Papa went off for an important meeting and I have to attend to my patients." Mama Langley casually started. "I left your meal at the kitchen, and here's your medicine. Be sure to drink it, alright?"

The young Asuka opened her heavy eyelids and produced a weak yes.

"That's good. I will see you tonight then." Mama Langley pat her covers once and then she disappeared as fast as she appeared.

Asuka's fists were clenched as she watched her younger self shakily go down from bed and drink the medicine left on the head board. Asuka quietly approached the younger girl who was trying to fumble pouring the medicine syrup into the medicine cup.

"Don't help me." A cold tone came from the young Asuka who didn't bother looking at her.

Asuka's eyes widened.

"I don't need your help. I promised, I promised to not need any help from anyone." The child drank the medicine, her gulp audible at the last drop of the liquid.

Asuka was then met by the piercing stare of her own eyes with the words, "Stay away from me" coming out of the child's mouth.

Suddenly, everything faded and Asuka now found herself in the observation room of her deceased mother.

Nothing changed. She was still there, holding the doll compassionately and lovingly.

"Mama..." Asuka stared into the glass, her hands plastered on the viewing window's surface.

"Asuka dear, you have a fever..." Kyoko caressed the doll's forehead. "You must listen to mama and drink your medicine, alright? If not, that girl over there will laugh at you."

Asuka's eyes widened. She took a hesitant step back.

"Mama, look at me, not that damned doll! Mama! Mama!" Asuka shouted, her voice shuddering while hitting the viewing window with the bottom part of her fists.

Kyoko didn't even seem to bother nor pay any attention. She just continued to "talk" to the doll lovingly encased in her arms.

Asuka stopped with her pounding. "Unfair...why? Why? you...did me?" Asuka's eyes were tear-jerked as she gazed at the floor beneath her.

"Ienaiiiiiiiiiii! (No; no way) Mamaaaaaaaa!" it was those last two words in her dream that woke her up.

Shinji's eyes snapped open upon hearing Asuka scream. He hurriedly ran to her room feeling sure she had a nightmare.

"Asuka! Asuka!" Shinji called out as he went into her room.

He stopped. She was already awake, sitting on top of her bed with her back on him while she hugged her up drawn knees tightly.

"Gomen ne (sorry), Asuka. Are you alright? I-I heard you scream..." Shinji tried to calm himself while asking those questions.

Asuka never showed any signs of movement, nor did she respond to any of his questions. She just sat there, seemingly caught in her own world.

Shinji caught a glimpse of the green digits in the digital clock placed on one corner of the room. It was already 1:09 AM.

"Hm, Asuka, I think you should take your medicine now." Shinji said realizing it has been almost 4 hours since she took the first dose.

Asuka remained quiet and immobile. At that moment, Shinji knew talking or even telling her to take the medicine will be of no use. It was rare for him to see her acting like this, and come to think of it, she was sick.

Accepting defeat, Shinji sat down on the floor with his back leaning on the wall. He too, became silent.

Minutes passed but no one dared to utter any word nor move from their current position. Shinji caught sight of the clock again.

1:30... he told himself sighing inwardly.

"Shinji..." Asuka suddenly spoke in an indescribably calm and sober voice.

"Hai?" Shinji returned. The sound of his name suddenly rendered an indefinable unfamiliarity.

"Tell me...about your mother?" Asuka asked with her gaze stuck on the dimly lighted wall in front of her.

Shinji was taken aback. Among anyone else, he least expected her to ask him such a question.

"My mother..." Shinji spoke, lowering his head. Thoughts of yesterday slowly surfaced through.

"What is she like?" Asuka asked again.

"I, I can't really recall anything much about her..." Shinji returned half smiling.

"That's good." Asuka retorted.

"Huh?" Shinji asked quite unsure of what she meant.

"I said that's good...So you don't have to be haunted by the past." Asuka spoke slowly.

"I--" Shinji wanted to say something but then, he saw Asuka hug herself tighter.

"Just this once, Shinji...I'll tell you. Mama...I have no mama..." Asuka buried her face on her knees. "My mama hates me...She looked so happy at that time...but...but..." came a staccato of incongruent words . "I hate dolls..." came her muffled voice as she shook from an unknown pain within her.

Suddenly, she felt Shinji's presence. She heard him sit on the edge of the bed but it was enough for their backs to make contact with each other. Asuka never protested or moved. She just stayed there, waiting for him to say something.

Shinji could feel the heat from underneath Asuka's clothes. He knew her fever was on the rise again and he had to let her take the medicine. But before that, he felt as if he had to "talk" with her.

"Kaa-san (mother)...I know, I know she loved me." Shinji started trying not to let the jumbled images of yesterday take control of his thoughts.

Asuka queered her eyes, a pang of jealousy hitting her.

Shinji craned his head up, looking at the dark ceiling. "I was still young at that time...I didn't have any mother for so long a time either...and then...and then... " Shinji lowered his head back down. "My father abandoned me..."

Asuka's eyes widened and her arms around her legs loosened up a bit.

Shinji clutched the edge of the bed, forming a half fist as thoughts about all the things that happened after her mother's death took their turn. His thoughts momentarily stopped when he felt Asuka's back losing its stiffness. He could feel the slight bend of her spinal cord going against his own.

"If your mother asked you to die with her, would you say yes?" Asuka asked meekly in a monotonous tone.

Shinji half turned his head towards her. "W-what do you mean? No mother would ever want to do that..."

Although I know my father wouldn't care if I die... Shinji hastily told himself.

Asuka chuckled. Once. Twice. And then she was giggling, her body was shaking from her laughter. Before Shinji could utter another word, Asuka's laughter suddenly turned into sobs.

"Baka (stupid)...look at what you've made me cry..." Asuka told him in a groggy voice.

"W-what--" Shinji quickly turned his whole body to look at her. He didn't expect her to act this way. Worse, she said it was his fault.

"G-gomen..." Shinji silently apologized lowering his head.

"Verdammt (damn)...Why do you always have to say sorry! Stop being so pathetic!" Asuka exclaimed looking at him with crumpled eyebrows.

Shinji raised his head up meeting her gaze. "I...I..."

The small moon light that passed through the windows was enough for Shinji to see the streak of tears that dampened Asuka's eyes and cheeks. She looked pissed, but within that irate face suggested a sense of her weakness and fragility. Like a lost child asking for help and care.

Shinji started to think if behind that strong and "superior" mask Asuka was always wearing, a vulnerable and helpless creature--much what he thought was like him--existed.

He couldn't help it. He just found his fingers stroking away the wetness away from her face. He could feel the heat of her skin probably caused by her fever. She never flinched. She seemed to even relax onto his hold.

Asuka closed her eyes letting the boy in front oh her caress her smooth skin. She felt the dizziness coming back much like it did hours ago. It was true, her fever was on the rise again and her back was starting to give up. She tried to fight it, but she just felt so sick, and strangely, she just wanted someone to hold her.

"Shinji no baka (stupid Shinji)..." she whispered to his face as her body slowly went limp and found its way to Shinji's strong arms.

"Asuka?" Shinji asked as he looked down on the girl. He placed the back of his hands over her forehead again. Her temperature was up as he suspected. He reached out for the medicine with a free hand, while the other one supported Asuka's head.

"Here, take this." He said as he gave her the tablet and then reached for the glass to give her water.

Asuka nestled her head on the crook of Shinji's arms. "You must be thinking I'm the one who's pathetic, huh?" Asuka said without looking at him.

"O-of course not." Shinji retorted as he returned the glass on the bed side table. "Would you expect me to leave you alone?"

Asuka smiled. "I just don't want to be in debt...especially with you, Third Children..."

Shinji sighed as he looked away. He noticed the blanket wallowing on one side and he decided to put it over Asuka's body. The girl never said a word but thanked him inwardly.

"And besides, I think anyone in my position would do this." Shinji supplied not minding her earlier comment as he smoothed the ends of the blanket.

Asuka breathed in his scent as her head met the side of his abdomen. She could feel a slow, but strong pulse in there lulling her to sleep. "Not true for the people I used to live with, dummkopf (dummy; dumb)." came her stifled voice.

The soft puffs of air that went out of her mouth seemed to send tickles along his ribs but he controlled his bodily reactions, although his hands suddenly gripped her tighter. Asuka reacted a bit with a quick gasp.

And then she understood why. "You're ticklish!" A weak laugh went out from her mouth and then one hand reached out to tickle Shinji's other side.

Shinji gave a chuckle or two before catching her hand softly while his other hand landed, elbow on the bed but he was still supporting Asuka's head.

Time seemed to stop as brown orbs locked with blue ones through the dimly lighted room. Their hands were still up in the air unmoving while their chests rose up and down in a steady manner.

Shinji broke their eye contact and deftly trailed his eyes off from Asuka's face down to her throat and into the slight swell of her chest that was covered by the blanket. He quickly returned his eyes to look at her when he saw her gazing at him.

"G-gomen..." Shinji whispered as he lowered their hands down on Asuka's side, only to realize he was almost on top of her.

Asuka never removed her wrist from Shinji's hold. "For what, baka?" Asuka returned meekly and sarcastically feeling a wave of sleepiness over her.

Shinji gulped. Unsure of what will happen or what he should do next.

Should I, should I let her go now? But this feels so right...Would she be angry if I-- thoughts sprang up in his psyche.

Is he going to kiss me? Asuka thought inwardly with no feeling of dejection whatsoever. Sure, she always thought of him as a spineless, good for nothing pervert. But she knew, somewhere inside her was a silenced adoration for this boy.

Before Shinji knew it, his face was again inches off her face, just like the last time. The only difference is that she's fully awake right now.

Asuka closed her eyes as she found no reason to resist."Baka..." she whispered in an almost inaudible manner as if challenging him further.

Without any warning, Shinji found his lips brushing ever so gently over hers. Asuka, though weakened wanted to burst out with laughter at his inexperienced "style". She remained patient waiting for him to lead.

Shinji lowered his head further, sinking his chest on top of her while his right hand pinned Asuka's hand on the side of her head.

Asuka could feel the pressure of Shinji's weight on her and she could tell both of their hearts were pounding like mad. Shinji tilted his head on one side to get a better position. Hot white thrills went off from Asuka's arms to the end of her fingers which found their way onto Shinji's hair seeking comfort. Shinji groaned a bit at the gentle tug of Asuka's fingers on his scalp but he continued to bless her mouth.

With a muted assurance, Shinji coaxed her lips to part with his tongue. A bit unsure, he let it slip in to meet with her own tongue. Asuka sighed into his mouth and held him closer. How long they kissed, neither knew, nor did they care for that matter.

On the other hand, Asuka felt very sleepy and tired as the drug's effects came in again. Not now... she told herself, protesting. Shinji noticed her slowed response and pace. Though a bit disappointed, he realized she needed rest. With one final stroke of his lips over hers, he broke the contact.

Asuka opened her eyes slowly to meet his gentle gaze over her.

Shinji licked his lips noiselessly and then stared at her.

"S-slap me if you want, Asuka..." Shinji uttered soberly.

Asuka gave out a happy sigh. "Anta baka? (Are you stupid?)" She whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down. "Look after me tonight, will you?"

Shinji briefly looked at her with questioning eyes and then returned to rest his head on her chest hearing the beat of her heart. With a silent smile, he nodded twice and closed his eyes, with his arm loosely draped on her waist.

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