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NOTE… I want to advise that the thoughts of these six kids, minus T.K. and Kari, have nothing to do with Season 2 or Our War Game, so I recommend that you completely ignore it.

SECOND NOTE… Don't go quick to judgment on T.K. and Kari. I will mention those two, as well, but since they were in both adventures, their thoughts will be mentioned for both of their journeys. All good? Now, onto the story.

Thoughts of the Children, Ch. I: Tai Kamiya

I was called many things early in my life: leader, clown, jerk, whatever you could think of. But, no matter what they thought, I always considered myself a role model to my team, especially my soccer team. My teammates were always around me, especially Sora. However, I got so wrapped up in my leadership role, I always thought that everything revolved around me, that I was the one who can solve all the problems.

Then, when my friends and I got to the Digital World and met our digimon for the very first time, I quickly realized that I couldn't do it all alone. I had to have my friends by my side. This was proven when we battled Etemon. I became very cocky, bold, and stupid, which almost cost us our lives, but thanks to Izzy's smarts and Joe's counseling, we were able to fight him off and kicked his digi-tail into the next dimension. Afterwards, I knew that I had more of a responsibility as a leader than I thought I had. And this time, I wasn't going to take it for granted, that I wouldn't consider this a game anymore.

However, when Kari joined the team, I felt I had to do everything I could so she would stay safe. And when she nearly died, I thought I failed my duty as a brother and guardian. For the first time since that soccer incident about three to four years earlier, I felt very scared; scared that I might never see Kari alive and healthy again. But when she got better from that fever, I never felt so relieved in my entire life. Afterwards, I knew it was time to put the past in the past and move on with my life.

This whole adventure made me realize all of my problems, and I can't help, but thank the entire Digital World for helping me become a much better person than what I once was. Sometimes, I fell into a pit of despair because I felt lost and confused, but I didn't care and I never will. This whole trek was completely worth it.

Thank you, Digital World, for helping me show off my true colors.

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