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When had life become so full of sorrow but happiness at the same time? Inuyasha never remembered life being like this. He used to just wake up in the morning, take a shower, eat breakfast, and take a few minutes to think on what he was going to do today. That was all.

Now, after he had met Kikyo, Inuyasha got up, took a shower, ate breakfast, and headed straight for the hospital. Some people would think he was crazy and at times that made Inuyasha think once or twice about skipping out on seeing Kikyo just that day. But, when he arrived and he saw Kikyo's face, that was enough to erase all those negative thoughts.

Inuyasha's life was full of happiness but also sadness. Kikyo had told him that she had only a week to live. When he was alone, Inuyasha would sometimes think about it. Was this all just a dream…? Was it real or just a fantasy? How was it possible that the one person that Inuyasha loved the most in his life would die in one week! One week!

"Inuyasha? Are you awake?"

Inuyasha slowly opened his eyes. "Oh…Kikyo."

"You were asleep weren't you?"

Inuyasha denied it. "No I wasn't."

Kikyo smirked. She put her soft hand on his cheek. "It's okay. Sleep."

Inuyasha didn't want to sleep in front of Kikyo but somehow, with her soft hand on his cheek, his eyes closed and he went back to his slumber. He had not been getting a lot of sleep lately.

Kikyo smiled softly at Inuyasha. He looked just like a child. The quietness made Kikyo think about the terrible news again. One week to live…

Suddenly, Kikyo felt her hand being gripped by Inuyasha's. He held it tightly. "Mmph…" he mumbled in his sleep.

Kikyo smiled again. No…I shouldn't think such horrible thoughts. I should be happy on what I have right now. Yes…happy. She squeezed Inuyasha's hand too; not knowing if it was because she was scared or she wanted to reassure him that she was still there. Kikyo closed her eyes and tried to think of calm, nice things to clear her mind. But all she could visualize was herself dying in a bed with Inuyasha next to her. Before she knew it, hot tears rolled down her pale cheeks. She squeezed Inuyasha's hand harder.

Inuyasha opened his eyes from the squeezing that he had felt on his hand. "Kikyo…what's the matter?"

Kikyo took a breath and tried to stop the tears. "N-nothing's wrong…"

Inuyasha stared at her for a moment. "Kikyo. You're thinking about…the news huh?"

Kikyo looked away.

Inuyasha put his arms around her. "Kikyo. Be brave."

Kikyo couldn't take it anymore. She burst into tears again and fell into Inuyasha's arms. Inuyasha held Kikyo lovingly. "Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha could feel Kikyo's tears fall on his shirt. Hot and full of pain. Kikyo's tears are hot and full of pain. "I know. I'll take you to see all my friends. We will make these last moments of your life happy. Kikyo, for these days you will live happily. No more moping okay?" he wiped her tears away.

Kikyo nodded. "Arigato Inuyasha-kun."

Inuyasha smiled. "Let's go! First stop, Kouga's place!" he helped Kikyo up into her wheelchair. Inuyasha's heart broke when he saw in so much pain that she now had to travel in a wheelchair. Kikyo…you're in so much pain… Kikyo settled her in her wheelchair. The leukemia was getting worse everyday. Now she couldn't walk. Sooner or later, Kikyo would lose her hair again from the chemo therapy.

Kikyo looked up at Inuyasha. Inuyasha…

"Well, let's go!" Inuyasha smiled. He lead Kikyo into his car and went to Kouga's place. When they arrived, Inuyasha knocked on the door.

"Who is it now!" Kouga said, slamming open the door. "Inuyasha? Hey, and its that girl…Kikyo right?"

"Yup! That's right! We came all the way here to visit you, buddy!"

Kouga widened his eyes. Whoa…he sure is happy. Buddy? He never called me that. "Uh…come in!"

Inuyasha gently pushed Kikyo in. They walked into Kouga's living room "Well, we came here to visit everyone and you were first. Maybe we could call Kagome up and tell her to come here for a few days eh Kouga?"

"Kikyo? Can Inuyasha and I talk privately for a moment?"

Kikyo smiled. "Sure."

"Yeah! What do you wanna talk about buddy?" Inuyasha patted Kouga's back.

"Let's go in my room really quick! Um…don't worry okay Kikyo?"


Tears slowly fell down Inuyasha's cheeks.

"W-whoa! What the hell? A-Are you crying?" Kouga asked. I never saw Inuyasha cry before…!

"Kikyo…has been crying all this morning!" Inuyasha wiped his tears on his arm.


"Ever since the doctors said that she only has a week to live, she has been crying. I didn't want her to be all depressed. These few days of her life should be happy…not sad!"

Kouga bit his lip. "Aw man. I-I didn't know."

"I told her that…that I'd bring her to all my friends so that she wouldn't be so lonely."

"Inuyasha…I'm really sorry. Yeah, maybe I'll help you make Kikyo's life happy. I guess if we called Kagome up and told her the reason then she'd come. We'll make it work."

"Thanks Kouga…but don't ever think I'll be calling you buddy again." Inuyasha said, hitting Kouga on the head. He walked out the door and sat down with Kikyo. Kikyo looked at Inuyasha come out of the room.

"Kikyo…Kouga's happy that you came here to visit him. That's great, isn't it?" Inuyasha put his arms around.

"Yeah…that's great." Kikyo said. She smiled at him.

Inuyasha was crying inside when he saw that smile. Kikyo…! Kikyo! Kikyo! Kouga called up Kagome and told her about 'it'. Kagome said that she'd come and spend time with them. When he looked at Inuyasha and Kikyo, Kikyo fell asleep while Inuyasha just sat there thinking about stuff.



"Kagome said yes. We'll tell Miroku and Sango to come too." (A/N: They're finally in this story huh? LOL)

"Thanks Kouga."

"If I get other people we can all get a get together, you know."

"Yeah. I hope Kikyo is happy."

:X:X:X:X:X:X:X seven days later X:X:X:X:X:X

Everyone sat in Kouga's living room. They all laughed and smiled. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Souta, Kaede, Kouga, and even Sesshomaru, were all there. They were just talking about stuff for a moment. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo had heard a lot about Kikyo; the girl who had leukemia that Inuyasha had grown to love. Inuyasha told them the story of how they met, his dream, their childhood, and a lot of stuff. By now, Kikyo lost all her hair again.

Sesshomaru smiled at how strong Kikyo had gotten. When they were small, he was older then Kikyo and Inuyasha and was like the leader of the gang. Kikyo was always the one squealing at bugs but now she had endured so much. Everyone got to have their own time with Kikyo for a bit. When it was Sesshomaru's turn, Kikyo had fallen asleep.

Sesshomaru put his hand on her forehead. "Kikyo…I'm very sorry that I caused you so much pain like the accident. Maybe you didn't hear me tell you the story but I'm really sorry. Even if you never knew my feelings, I'm still glad I met you and that you're happy with…Inuyasha." He chuckled a bit. "But…please…don't give up on living." Small droplets of tears from Sesshomaru fell on Kikyo's cheeks. "I wanted to tell you this when I was small…Kikyo. These feelings aren't mutual but…I love you. As long as I told you this, even if you're asleep, I can go on knowing that I told you and these feelings inside me can vanish. I wish you and Inuyasha the best happiness." He kissed her forehead and then left the room. "Okay, who's next?" he said, trying to sound like he didn't cry.

Sango, Miroku, and Shippo went in. Because they didn't know her, the three did it together. By then, Kikyo had woken up. (A/N: Poor Sesshomaru…) "Kikyo…we didn't know you much. But Inuyasha seems really happy with you. Please make him happy too. We wish only the best happiness for our dear friend and you." They said. Then they left the room.

Kagome was next. "Kikyo. I once had loved Inuyasha…or I thought I did. Before I saw you and Inuyasha together, I thought I was the perfect match for him. But…actually it was you. I'm glad Inuyasha met you. Please be happy."

Kouga was next. "Hey there Kikyo. Kikyo, Inuyasha's really happy with you. If he ever does anything stupid, tell me and I'll set him straight!" Kouga chuckled. "Well, best luck!"

Kaede was next after Kouga. "Kikyo-oneesama. Please be strong. I love you and you're my only real family member. Please don't leave me again."

"Don't worry. I'll try my best to live." Kikyo said with tears in her eyes.

Inuyasha was finally next. "Kikyo…" he first said. Inuyasha sat down next to her. "I'm so glad that I met you."

"I'm glad too…and I'm also glad that you care for me so much."

Inuyasha leaned near her and pressed his lips against hers. "I love you so much Kikyo."

"I do too." The two embraced for a long time and then Inuyasha left. Kikyo sat by herself for a moment and thought about things. And then Inuyasha came in again. "Kikyo, we should leave for the hospital."

"Yeah." Kikyo got up to go on her wheelchair when suddenly she fell down, unconscious.

"KIKYOOO!" Inuyasha yelled. He finally realized that today was her last day of living. Tears fell down his cheeks. "Hold on!" he ran out and told everyone then called the ambulance. The ambulance quickly came and took her to the hospital. Inuyasha stayed by her side all the time. "KIKYYOOOOOO!"

:X:X:X:X:X:X:X at the hospital :X:X:X:X:X:X

Kikyo slowly opened her weary eyes. Inuyasha sat near her, crying on her bed sheets.

"Kikyo…don't leave me."

Kikyo put her hand on Inuyasha's cheek. "Don't cry Inuyasha."

"How can you say that! Kikyo! You're dying and you expect me not to cry!"

"Inuyasha…please…I love you so much. Dying right here with you by my side is an honor."

"Don't say that! Don't say that you're gonna die. Kikyo…don't die!"

"Inuyasha." Kikyo struggled to push herself up. "If I die…I want you to do one thing…" She pressed her lips against Inuyasha's. That kiss was very passionate. Kikyo put her arms around Inuyasha's. She broke the kiss. "Remember me, okay?" (A/N: And that is where the title gets its name. LOL. I just thought of it right now."


Kikyo let go of Inuyasha and collapsed into her bed. She took one big breath then released it. A small smile formed on her lips. She seemed so happy…so calm.

"KIIKKKYYYOOOO!" (A/N: Sorry that he keeps screaming her name.)


Inuyasha woke up. He laid beside Kikyo's body. He couldn't tell if she was alive or not. The doctors said that she didn't die last night but if she survived this morning she would be okay. Kikyo had not opened her eyes or seemed like she was breathing. Inuyasha's heart had broken and his world with Kikyo fell apart. Kikyo was supposed to be declared dead if she didn't wake up.

Knock-knock! The door opened. It was the doctor with everyone else. "Inuyasha? Are you okay?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha didn't answer.

"She's dead, huh?" Kouga asked.

"SHE'S NOT DEAD!" he yelled.

"Inuyasha…" The doctor began. "She's…dead."

"NO!" Inuyasha held Kikyo's cold hand tightly. "S-She's not dead!"

The doctor shook his head. "I'm sorry. Kikyo…is…officially…pronounced..." he took a breath. "De-"

There was a small mumble in the room. Inuyasha looked at Kikyo's motionless body. It began to be filled with warmth. Inuyasha's tears fell on her cheek.

"I-Inuyasha…w-why…are…you…crying?" she said between breaths.

"Kikyo…!" he cried. "My voice has reached you! Kikyo…!" more tears fell down his cheeks. "You're alive…"

A/N: Well, maybe this story may be coming to an end. Well, okay. This story was based on real events. Like you know, my cousin Peter was told he was only supposed to live for a week. The doctor said that we should spend as much time we could with Peter and create happy memories before he died. Of course, at the end of the last week, we all thought that he was dead. When we looked to see where he was in his room, he wasn't there. He was in the bathroom and well, Peter had a sense of humor, and said, "What are you guys doing? I'm right here." We all laughed and cried. Peter was told that he would only live for a week. Instead he lived for two whole months. Sniff, sniff. We all cried when he died. He was declared, or pronounced, dead somewhere in March of 2004 in the hospital. (sorry I can't remember the day, I'll tell you later like on the next chappie if I remember) He took one last breath and then let go of my cousin's (his sister) hand. I wasn't there but my mom and dad was and cuzins (two of them and they were his sisters) and they told me. His parents didn't think he'd die like that. They went out to get something to eat for my parents and cuzins. They were crying so much when they found out. I'll tell you more info later. C ya! Please enjoy the rest of story!