Title: Destiny's Embers

Author: meggiebaby81

Rating: PG-13 at the moment, but it will go up – what you thought I could write something that had NO smut? You give me WAY to much credit!

Warnings: If I listed them it would give everything away. Although if people falling in love regardless of gender bothers you – you might want to skip this. To spell it out. Slash and three-way pairings abound. Deal with it.

Summary: Hermione has graduated and after a trip with her two lovers gets postponed is translating some scrolls. After rushing ahead she finds herself falling back through time. Looking into the eyes of a Seventh Year Sirius Black – who is involved with a Seventh Year James Potter. Suddenly her life isn't so smooth…

Author's Note: I have clearance from KissThis to DIRECTLY COPY THE INCANTATION PIECE. She gave her permission and read the chapter and loved it all. SO please do not tell me it is exactly the same. I know it is. She knows it is. It is ALL OKAY. Also she is posting this for me as, well, as I am on the naughty list… Anyway enjoy and let me know what you think!

Katzy's Note: What she said. If you review saying "stealer! stealer!" i'll gouge out your kneecaps with a spoon, mkay? By the way, I requested her to write this for me and it turned into a saga. All for me! Yay! So you'd better like it! (Oh! And I guess it's kind of like an alternate-ish plotline for TR, but not really. It uses the same scrolls, different result, etc.) REMEMBER! ME NO WRITEY THIS. MEG DID. I SIMPLY POST.

Snape was an idiot. James Potter was never more certain of anything in his eighteen years on this planet. Severus Snape, the blasted Slytherin prefect was an idiot. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back on the couch in the Common Room.

"Now why is the Head Boy here and not out doing whatever it is Head Boys do?" came a teasing voice, followed by a less than gentles nudge to move over.

"Sirius, I am going to KILL him."

"Him who?"

"Severus Snape is a DEAD DEAD man…."

There was a derisive snort and then a sigh, "What now?"

"He claims the scrolls are LOST. For the love of Merlin who the hell would LOSE them? Other than an idiot. Now the paper is going to be late and I am going to have to tell Dumbledore why…."

Sirius smirked at his boyfriend, "Or we can simply go out tonight and find them."

A bright hazel eye cracked open, "Have you lost your mind too? I told you all those detentions would be a bad thing eventually."

Sirius chuckled and leaned in closer to whisper in Jame's ear, "We find the scrolls, you write the paper, Snape gets the loss of points AND we get to celebrate you being at the top of the class. ALL weekend long…"

That brought a smirk to thehazel eyed wizard's face, "Now now, as Head Boy I do have to set an example for everyone else you know."

"An example of how a loving caring boyfriend fulfills all of his lovers needs and desires?" was the hopeful comeback.

"An example of good habits, hard work, tenacity…and keeping the twinkle in your lover's eye. Wait not the last one. What was the last thing Dumbledore told me…?"

"Keep the last one. I LIKE that one…"

Hermione Granger was pissed off. She was supposed to be on a plane going on a WONDERFUL vacation with her two lovers. They were going to the Zambini's private island and do absolutely nothing. It had been planned for almost a year. Then what happens? Blaise and Draco are both called away on missions and she gets this new project – who the bloody hell cared about these scroll that had been missing for so blasted long? No one cared what SHE needed – three weeks alone with Draco and Blaise. Preferably with as little clothing as possible.

Studying was her hobby. She still loved to read anything. She glared half heartedly at the scrolls, "You better damned interesting for all this drama." She still didn't understand why that graduating class had put the scrolls into a time capsule. It was all just odd. Very odd.

They had searched for almost four hours before calling it a night. Now they were in James' dorm plotting the next day's search. Well Sirius was plotting; James seemed to be content drawing patterns on the bare chest of his lover.

"You know we could get the loud sweaty sex faster if you would help a bit."

"I can't help it if you walk around looking tasty and I get distracted. So put it away, I will get us out of History of Magic tomorrow and we will plan then. Now I have other uses for your hands…"

"James Potter, are you seducing me?"

"Would you rather I tied you to the bed and raped your virgin ass?"

"My ass hasn't been a virgin since second year…"

"But it was lovely when it was."


There were low chuckles and soft words as the two young men became lost in soft touches and tender words. Words that no one else needed to hear. Bodies grew harder and found refuge in their partner's body.

"Oh, fuck…"

"I am! Now just wait for me…"

"Too late…."was all James had time to say before his back arched and he liberally coated both his and Sirius' stomachs, Sirius was right behind him. They collapsed for a few moments and then Sirius rolled over onto his back.

"You have got to learn to pace yourself Potter."

"Oh go sit on your wand Black."

"So you officially bumped the plans back?" she said into the cordless juggling a plate, her wine and a glass, slowly making her way back into the living room where the scrolls were waiting for her.

"Sorry love, this is just turning into a real pain in the ass. I promise..."

"Hush Blaise, we will all survive. I have to define and go over the Tempus Infractus scrolls anyway, so no HUGE loss. Why would your parents have put the damn things in a time capsule anyway?"

Blaise laughed, "I have no idea love. Maybe they thought they were being clever." He could almost hear her rolling her eyes.

"Then I am sure this will so be worth my time. When are you coming home?"

"Two weeks maximum. I swear I will make this up to you. Not to Draco because he is a prat, but to you."

"The prat is calling my cell, talk to you tomorrow?"

"Same time same channel."

"You should have hung up on the idiot. Did he tell you what he stuck me with? Longbottom and Potter on the same damn mission. All because we had to be all public with our relationship, I can't have him as a partner and somehow I get stuck with two of the most annoying morons on the earth!"

She could hear Harry and Neville calling hello in the background, "Well, stiff upper lip and all. I am here with some musty old scrolls and Blaise is all alone in a paperwork nightmare. Just think – we could be all naked on a deserted beach right now…"


"Yes Draco?"

"Shut the bloody hell up, or Neville might think I am happier to be here than I really am."


James winced before he turned around with a bright smile, "Hello Professor Sprout. What can I do for you today?"

"Tell that too-charming-for-his-own-good boy toy of yours to get to class once in awhile. I can't keep looking the other way just because he makes all the work and helps out on weekends."

James nodded, "If it was today we were in a meeting with Dumbledore. I am sorry though and will talk to him."

She nodded, "Now about your Herbology paper."

"So it is decided. To keep the scrolls from falling into the wrong hands we will put them in the time capsule and seal it." Professor Dumbledore said with a solemn nod. His blue eyes grave and serious, these scrolls were not to be tampered with. The enchantment on them made them virtually unreadable, but it never paid to be too cautious. Especially in a school of young witches and wizards who deemed themselves indestructible – but oh well. At least someone had thought up the idea of making a Muggle Time Capsule, as kind of a novelty activity fo the seventh years.

The council of professor and the board of governors all looked at each other and nodded. It seemed like the best solution.

Well, they say hindsight is 20/20…

Hermione glared at the encrypted scrolls with annoyance on her every feature. Her hair had long since been constrained to a messy bun atop her head and jean and a sweater switched for Blaise's silk pajama bottoms and Draco's old Slytherin Snakes Poker Team t-shirt.

"If you don't let me read you with this…" she muttered and flicked her wand again, "REVEAL!" The scrolls lay on the table, not changing. Just there. Her eyes narrowed, "If you are going to be stubborn I will torch you and call it an accident." They didn't respond. "By Merlin's Power TRANSCRIBE!"

They glowed and then dimmed revealing perfectly legible English.

"Was that so hard?" She picked it up gingerly and her eyes widened after every line, a hand reached for a pen and she scribbled a note to her old friend Ginny, the Mistress of Magic. Her owl came quicker than usual as if sensing the tension in the air and was gone in an instant, "Hurry Gin, I think we just opened Pandora's Box…"

Sirius Black was highly annoyed. He was supposed to be out playing Quidditch, but due to the bungling of a classmate his Charms notes had been ruined and so he had to sit in with the damned Ravenclaws to replace them. Midnight blue eyes were narrowed in annoyed concentration. The missing scrolls had been on his mind all day. James had been teasing him that was what had truly destroyed the notes – not Arthur Weasley's bungling. What did his Head Boy of a boyfriend know anyway?

"Mr., Black, care to join us here in reality?" Flitwick called out causing a tittering of laughter through the class and an annoyed flush to stain his cheeks.

"Of course sir, sorry about that."

Weasley was a dead man. DEAD.

Hermione paced and finally threw her hands up. She wasn't waiting for Ginny any longer. If this worked – it would be utterly perfect. UTTERLY. Grabbing the scroll of instructions she went about gathering supplies never hearing the owl at her window as she wandered from room to room.
One more thing to add to his less than stellar day. James had a meeting off school grounds and was staying at the Leaky Cauldron tonight. Meaning Sirius had to sleep alone – which was not his favored method. Then his pillow wouldn't lay properly, the blankets kept getting tangled in his legs. He groaned morosely into his pillow and flopped back.

"Just give me a sign that I am not doomed!"

Keeping the hood of her white cloak up around her face, she picked up a jar from the floor that held red sand. She unscrewed the lid, depositing it on the couch, and began to walk a clockwise circle trailing a steady stream of sand behind her. Just short of completing the circle she stopped and stepped inside of it. With slow precision she drew out a seven pointed star, each tip ending at the circle's boundary.

A black pillar candle she set at each point, and three smaller white ones in between points. She lit them each with the same clockwise motion as she'd drawn the circle, careful not to disturb the sand lines.

"Seven are the planets known to the Ancients

Seven are the colors of the rainbow

Seven are the stars in the Great Bear

Seven are the nights in each quarter of the moon

Seven are the directions of the circle"

She recited. She turned to a smaller jar this time, and grabbed from within a handful of salt. Starting where she began she walked the same path along each candle throwing salt into each wavering flame.

"Seven are the power centers of the body

Seven are the planes of the Universe

Seven are the notes of the musical scale

Seven are those that dwell in the light."

Holding the Tempus Infractus Scrolls in one hand, she grabbed one last handful of red sand in her hand and stepped into the center of the star. Flinging her hand out towards the hole in the circle, the remaining sand rained down and closed the boundaries. The candle flames shot upwards in heightened intensity and an unearthly wind swept the hem of her cloak.

"The Circle is closed."

She set the book down at her feet and threw her arms out to the sides. Her cloak parted, revealing a thin-strapped, simple, white dress. Back straight, she threw her head back and recited the words of the ancient text. With each word the flames brightened and the wind picked up, sending her cloak billowing out around her.

When she was finished with the incantation. She added her own prayer to the Gods, to strengthen her work.

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born and a time to die;

A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal;

A time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh;

A time to mourn and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose;

A time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew;

A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate;

A time of war, and a time of peace."

She poured everything she had into each word – willing the spell to work. Passion filled her voice and her power built inside.

"Time in its cyclic continuance cannot stop the power of light.

Health and prosperity become war and famine,

Beauty fades and minds cloud,

But goodness and purity never outgrow time.

They become stronger with each cycle;

Building upon the old, and creating new.

Flesh to bones, and bones to dust

Light feels not these affects of time

Past to Present, Present to Future –

I break these boundaries,

Cast out my soul, and pray to the Gods.

Help me shatter the cycle, and bring the seven together;

Warriors of good, missionaries of peace.

Help me to save the people I love.

Time! Begone from this place!"

Hermione's arms were out at her sides again, palms facing up. The wind was near painful now, biting against her skin and forcing the cowl of her cloak back off her head. Her untamable curls spilled free and twisted into disjointed patterns above her in a cinnamon halo. Her bare feet left the ground; the power of her and her friends levitating her straight off the carpet.

"SEVEN ARE THOSE THAT DWELL IN THE LIGHT!" As she shouted the words she shoved all the gathered magic into her words and into the spell.

Hermione closed her eyes and let every bit of magic seep out of her – she would take nothing to chance. When she opened her eyes again four pillars of red light had filled the remaining empty spaces between the star's points.

"Time – let go your grip!"

The room filled with a reddish golden glow, the owl at the window hooted and flew to safety. Hermione felt something shift and her last thought was, "This might not be so good…"

Sirius was awakened from a dead sleep when something landed on him. Thinking it was James sneaking in he wrapped his arms around it and then paused.

"LUMOS!" he barked in the silence. James did not have breasts or the hair that was falling over his bare shoulders like this. He looked into a pair of warm eyes that were widened in shock and a pretty pink mouth that was gaping at him like a fish.

"S-S-Sirius?" the person whispered in shock, then the eye closed and the head dropped, "I am SO screwed…"

Katzy's Double-Note: Edit made to the miscoloring of James' eyes. Sorry folks.