Title: Destiny's Embers

Rating: R at the moment, but it will go up – what you thought I could write something that had NO smut? You give me WAY too much credit!

Warnings: If I listed them it would give everything away. Although if people falling in love regardless of gender bothers you – you might want to skip this. To spell it out. Slash and three-way pairings abound. Deal with it.

Summary: Hermione has graduated and after a trip with her two lovers gets postponed is translating some scrolls. After rushing ahead she finds herself falling back through time. Looking into the eyes of a Seventh Year Sirius Black – who is involved with a Seventh Year James Potter. Suddenly her life isn't so smooth…

Author's Note: I am glad someone asked how Harry is going to exist if James and Sirius are in a relationship. To that person I tip my hat! Or I would if I was not deathly afraid of hat hair. All I can say to them to keep your eyes open. As to what will happen next….well. Only I know that. Well, and Katzy generally does because she pokes me with a stick until I tell her. Or bribes me with snippets of TR. Evil wench of a weather anomally…

"Charms? I guess that will work…" Ginny muttered glaring at Flitwick as if he was to blame. She was good in charms but her true forte was potions. Her glare turned to amusement as she saw Hermione breeze into the Great Hall just like she used to when they all went to school together…and there completing the trip down memory there was Blaise and Draco trying to catch up to her. A giggle leaked out and Harry and Ron turned from their very in depth discussion on the use of butter and jam on scones for breakfast, to see what was so amusing.

"Hermione love, your shadows are lagging behind today." Ginny teased as the curly haired witch sat at the head table. Hermione snorted and then looked on amusedly as the two wizards took spots next to her.

Dumbledore interrupted any other comment Hermione or her lovers would have made if Dumbledore hadn't risen and clapped his hands for silence, he waited before beginning, "We seem to be running a bit late when it comes to dispensing our student teachers. I am sure our Head boy will be thrilled to learn this is the last of them, as they all seem to come into his room at the most inappropriate hours of the morning. Miss Ginny Watson will be taking on Charms with our dear Professor Flitwick. Mr. Blaise Fenrili will be sitting in with Madame Sprout. Mr. Draco Morgan will be in with Professor Hughes in Potions. Mr. Ronald Watson with Madame Hooch for flying and sports, and last but not least Mr. Harry Hunter with Professor Bristow in Defense against the Dark Arts. Of course Miss Granger will continue on in Transfiguration. If all of you would please rise so our students can put names to faces…."

They all stood and did the little wave that people did when they were put on the spot. Hermione turned and whispered to Ginny, "I need you to cover for me for an hour or more."

"How much more and why?"

"There is something I need to take care of."

Ginny looked at her friend in concern and then jumped slightly as Dumbledore spoke again, "Okay now…time for clapping…" and there was a round of applause for them.

Draco snorted softly, "If I would have known there was this much cause for celebration for standing upright…"

"Hush Mr. Morgan or the ferret might make a comeback…" Blaise said, sharing a look with Hermione.

Sirius and James both vanished from sight directly after breakfast. Remus watched them go and sighed shaking his head. He had a bad feeling about this. His two friends were in over their collective heads on this one… But they wouldn't listen to him. So all he could do was get his work done so he would have time to pick up the pieces when it all fell apart.

"Mr. Black, Mr. Potter – won't you please come into my office and we can …talk about the other night." Hermione said calmly, efficiently hiding the nerves she felt. Something told her this was not a good idea, she should run, put distance between then and owl the damned fools…

The three of them looked at each other over her desk for a moment and then Hermione sighed, "This is not going to happen. I am very sorry if you two thought …"

James snorted, "Miss Granger, you said yourself the other day that risks are worth taking. You said it front of our entire class. Are you turning into a hypocrite?"

"Certainly not! I was also referring to taking risks MAGICALLY Mr. Potter. Not in relationships. I am currently in a relationship with two of the other student teachers. I have been for awhile. I will not betray them." She said firmly.

Sirius didn't take the time to think, thinking wasn't always a good thing in his opinion. Thinking gave you reasons not to follow the path you wanted to take. It gave you excuses and loopholes to get out of emotionally charged moments when you needed to stay. He got up and walked around her desk, "Miss Granger, I am going to kiss you. I am giving you plenty of warning so you can get away if you want to."

Hermione was trapped. Her body wouldn't move. Her head was screaming at her to move. This was not what she needed to be doing, but her heart was saying he was right. That she needed to take a chance. Then his lips were on hers. She tasted the hot chocolate he had had with his meal. The tinge of berry and him. Sirius tasted wonderful. His lips were warm and firm. His hands gently cupped her face as they both shared the moment. A pair of arms wrapped around her shoulders and there was James' breathy voice by her ear.

"See Miss Granger? Take a risk…"

She pushed away and put a desk between them, "Listen to me closely you two. I am sorry this got out of hand. But it is never going to happen again. If you have some sort of issue with that I am sorry. Now if you will excuse me I several things I need to see to today. Good day."

She was gone. James and Sirius smirked at each other. Sirius sat in her chair and James straddled his lap, nibbling on the lips that had just been on their teachers…

"She is going to be ours isn't she?" he laughed into his lover's ear, feeling the arms tighten around his waist and the rumble of Sirius' chuckle against his chest.

"Yes she will love, yes she will…"

Hermione hurried down the hall till she saw Ginny, she grabbed her friend by the arm and propelled her down the hall and into an empty classroom. Ginny looked at her like she had lost her mind when she didn't say a word and just started pacing. She started to get worried when she saw Hermione chewing her thumbnail. It was a sign all was not well with her friend.

"Ginny, you would say I am as sane as the next person wouldn't you?" she finally asked, looking at her friend with hope in her eyes. But behind the hope Ginny could see worry, fear and a pinch of lust. This was a development.

"I would say if anything you are saner than most. Why do you ask?"

"Then why did a kiss from Sirius Black do more for me than a kiss from Blaise has done in months?"

Ginny blinked at her and then smirked, "You are screwed sweetie. I must say it couldn't have happened to a better girl."


"No think about it. Draco and Blaise went after you – you have ALWAYS called the shots. I think it is refreshing to see you out of your element…"

Hermione looked at her like she had lost her mind, "They are my students!"

"There is a they? Since when is Sirius Black a they?" Ginny's eyes went wider, "Mione tell me who I am thinking isn't who I should be thinking of here…"

Hermione looked at her and groaned covering her face with her hands and groaned.

"Hermione, I think you have a problem. You seem to not only be forgetting you have a long term relationship with two of the most dedicated wizards I know, but you seem to have developed a penchant for snogging people who are DEAD in our time."

Hermione glared at her long time friend from between her splayed fingers for a moment, then nodded, "I just…have you ever wondered what was more important – comfort or passion?"

Ginny smiled gently and sat next to a frazzled Hermione and put her arm around the sloping shoulders, "I think comfortable passion with a hint of loyalty and a dash of humor is the best recipe."

Hermione nodded, "What if you aren't sure you have those things anymore?"

Ginny was silent for a moment, and then replied, "I think you are too smart of a witch to be lulled into a sense of frenzy by some feeling that came out of nowhere. Don't forget what you have. Okay?"

Hermione nodded and leaned her head on Ginny's shoulder, "I told them it wasn't going to happen."

Ginny snorted, "That would stop Sirius Black how?"

"Valid point."

There was a moment that night when Hermione had a chance to set everything right. Then it was gone and she realized she wasn't in control anymore. That something was going to happen and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. But the moment it all happened she wasn't thinking her clearest. When one had one lover nuzzling your neck while your other lover did a playful strip tease, one was not faulted for thinking of other things…

If only Blaise's eyes were staying green instead of becoming piecing blue like one Mr. Black's eyes. And if his hair would stay shoulder length and curly instead of becoming longer and sleeker in her mind. If only the lips nuzzling her throat were Draco's and she didn't see James Potter when she looked over her shoulder. This was getting truly frustrating and she was going to end this…

Really she was…

In just a …


Draco could tell there was something bothering his witch. He couldn't tell if it were the time travel, the fact they were thrust into the same school environment that had fostered many years of fighting or very possibly that there had been a change…


Hermione Granger had sworn she loved him and Blaise. She wouldn't be thinking of choosing one over the other now would she? His blood ran cold. What if it wasn't him she was choosing'? What if she picked Blaise and they left him. What was he going to do then?

Blaise sensed Hermione withdrawing mentally and decided that was going to go tonight. She was going to be in the here and now with them. He crawled onto the bed and nibbled on her toes and worked his way up her legs. He laid his head on her lap and all but purred when she ran her fingers through his hair. Draco caught on to Blaise's subliminal scheme and nibbled teasingly on the pulse point of her throat making her moan softly then tilt her head back for a kiss.

He savored the pouting pink lips. The way they teasingly remained closed till he had paid them enough nibbling homage and they part sweetly so he could plunder the dark sweetness within.

Blaise took this moment to roll over, kissing and nibbling on her inner thighs as he did. Her legs part and he was granted access to the sight of his two lovers, one teasing the other into a wanton display of her charms. He smirked up at them before kissing and tasting the skin as he worked his way towards the center of her heat, her moans and sighs getting louder and louder.

Her lovers shared one thought, "Tonight she is ours…"

With her eyes closed Hermione usually saw her two lovers as she felt what their knowing hands and mouths were doing to her body. Tonight she saw devilish blue and hazel eyes and two Marauders instead of her two snakes. She felt their hands on her and their mouths wringing the sounds from her.

He arched her back and surrendered to whomever it was – whatever duo had found her, she just wanted it too much to give up. She surrendered to her thoughts and sent her apologies to the men in her bed, tonight she wasn't with them.

Tonight she was surrendering to passion instead of comfort…

Passion thoroughly sated Draco and Blaise snuggled with Hermione knowing she had been with them that night. Content they had shown her how much they loved her.

Hermione lay with her two wizards and felt dirty. She had physically been with her lovers, but mentally she had been with two students. Two students who were DEAD in her own time. She couldn't fall in love with them. She couldn't be with them.

Because no matter how sweet passion was, it was wrong and passion faded…

Didn't it?