A haze of pink obscured the grey of the sky as the sun slowly dipped toward the horizon. The citizens of Gotham scurried home, latching their doors tight against the intrusion of the night as a full moon began to gracefully ascend skyward.

It hung like a glimmering diamond over the city, its pale white light making everything glow with a faint luminescence. The wind blew through the streets, stirring up papers and rattling them against the walls as it swept on.

Night draped itself softly over Gotham.

Harvey Dent. Two-Face. Little jumped-up nobody.

I sit in my chair, patting the leaves of my favorite rose. It almost killed him, you know, back when he was the D.A.

I almost killed him.

Those were the days.

Tonight I plan on going for a little stroll in the parks of Gotham. Nothing much, just a little reminder to the plants that Momma was still here and still loved them.

I pack my bag carefully. Mesh sections separate my babies from one another, the vines from the flytraps, the nettles from the poison ivy. Since I'm traveling through the parks, I also include a few decorative plants that I've raised specially with certain…properties, shall we say.

I leave the greenhouse and walk quietly through the night, passing through the first few minor parks without incident. I love walking through the parks at night. It's the only time when the plants and I can truly be alone together.

I curl up in the branches of a large maple tree and survey the city streets outside Robinson Park. The few trees that were planted in the sidewalks were shredded and broken, painted with graffiti and thoroughly desecrated. I climb out onto the branch and leap down onto the street to comfort them.

As I cross to them, an oncoming car dares to honk at me. I whip a vine out of my bag and hurl it toward the vehicle. It sends shoots out to whip around the tires, rendering the car completely immobile within a tiny forest of greenery in minutes.

Gunfire blasts through the windshield. Figures emerge from the darkness within the car as more vehicles skid to a halt behind them. One of the figures, fists clenched at his sides, is coming for me. As he gets closer, I recognize the little rat as Two-Face.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you to look before you cross the street?" he snarls at me.

I give his bifurcated face a frosty look. "Didn't yours ever teach you that honking your horn at pedestrians is a vulgar exercise?"

"Would you rather have had us run you over? We would have been happy to oblige."

"Wouldn't you have had to flip for it?" I say, rather nastily.

He narrows his eyes and raises a fist. Suddenly he draws back and digs into his pocket, bringing out the coin. It flies into the air.

Point proven, I'd say.

The Harvey side of his face cracks open with the most evil grin I've ever seen on it, and he pulls a gun out. He doesn't aim it at me, though. He points his gun at the tree on the roadside and he fires every shot he has right into the trunk.

Oh, I'm angry now. I dig both hands into my bag and I'm screaming "Murderer!" at him, and I let fly with fistfuls of angry little plants.

He's laughing at me when the poison ivy hits him in the face. The idiot can't tell one plant from another and he sees the thin little plant as no threat. That laughter stops pretty quickly when the nettles start growing under his collar. The vines that tie his hands to his feet make him contort into a little whimpering ball on the ground.

I stand over him and I laugh until tears are running down my face. I put my bare foot on his shoulder and I roll him over (carefully, so I don't hurt my babies). I make a kissy face at him. "Aw, did big bad Two-Face get a boo-boo?"

He snarls at me from within his cocoon. I don't believe it, but he actually attempts to flip the coin. It hits me in the leg and rolls to a stop near his chin…scratched side up.

Somehow he brings his feet up to catch me from behind, and I stagger off balance for just a moment. He yells "Get her, boys!" and a horde of men with canisters strapped to their backs come piling out of several vans. They race toward me.

I run back to the park. I climb up the short wall as fast as I can and stand on top of it, gesturing dramatically at Two-Face and his men. "Come on, babies!" I rip into my bag again, sending writhing plants in tangles over those wretched men.

The plants from the park want to help too, and I allow them. They pour over the wall like a living waterfall, searching out the men in white and black and capturing them fast.

This was the most fun I'd had in weeks. The men managed to cut Harvey loose, and he now directed his side of the action from behind a parked car. I move to a more comfortable perch on a branch of the maple tree, where I can see the street better so I can guide my plants around the streams of herbicide pouring out of the canisters. I was just about to send my babies out to sneak up on Harvey when a more irritating little rodent decided to show up and ruin my night completely.

When I felt the rope around my ankle, I thought it was a vine coming to say hello. They do that sometimes, especially when there's a lot of activity going on. They never drag me out of the tree like this one did though! When I land on the ground, I turn my head angrily to see Batman and Robin standing there. I spit out a leaf and glare at them, and I'm just about to inform them of what they've interrupted when Batman ties me up and leaves me with Robin! Really. A pair of cuffs would have been so much better…especially since my babies could have broken them apart for me.

I hear Batman yelling to Robin to bring me along and give me to the police, that he needs help with Harvey and his little playmates. Robin slings me over his shoulder and I am treated to a view of his backside as he runs through the park. He has a run in his tights.

He unceremoniously sets me down in front of a police van and bounds away after Harvey. I suppose it's back to Arkham for another few weeks.

(to be continued)