Of course, I do not own Kim Possible; this chapter is actually the piece of KP literature that I've ever written. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and check out if my writing style changes over the months. This story begins four years after STD.

The air was alive with excitement on this particular night as most of the town gathered at Middleton Park. After all Middleton's own, Kimberly Ann Possible was the guest of honor. What had started as a small town gala turned into a full-fledged bash as dozens of uninvited guests crashed the party to cheer on the town's biggest celebrity. The large mass of people gathered in a circle surrounding a stage, which itself was surrounded by a dozen or so tables for the official guests. A hush came over the crowd, as the band on stage played the intro for the town's mayor

"Welcome ladies, gentleman, and party crashing ruffians"

A cheer went up in the crowd "whoo yea, Kim rules, we want Kim, we want Kim!"

More hooting, howling then follows the repeated chants and finally they end after some loud barking

"Why is my town the one full of idiots?" the mayor thought.

"It brings me great pleasure to hand out this prestigious award to the town's most model citizen."

A huge ovation went through the crowd, which was then followed by more barking from the Kim Possible dog pound.

"It's safe to say that because of this one individual, our town, no the world is a safer place. After years of giving, it is time for us to give back. I present to you Kimberly Possible the Middleton Medal of Honor, Come on and give her a hand everyone."

The hand turned out to be a deafening standing ovation from about half of the town. As Kim took the stage and began her speech; Two people took there seats at the official guests table next to the Possible family, her friend Monique and her seemingly nervous boyfriend Ron Stoppable in a tacky looking tux.

"She's something else isn't she?" Asked Monique

"Like no other" answered Ron as he stared out at his onetime just a friend.

"This is a big night for you too right?" She watched as beads of sweat poured down Ron's face.

"You need to relax a little Ron it's going be okay."

"What; calm down, who says I'm not calm, Monique you need to calm down, I'm a cucumber Mo."

Suddenly Ron's glass rolled off the table onto the floor.

"Monique did you see that, that cup just flew right off the table."

"That's because your legs are shaking the table."

"My what?" Ron peered at his legs that seemed to be moving by themselves.

"How long has this been going on?"

"Since Kim went to the stage," replied Monique

Rufus popped out of Ron's pant pocket with a dizzy look in his eye.

"Oh jeez I'm sorry buddy," Ron pleaded as he seat Rufus on the table, who then found the nearest cup to throw up in

"Ugh" cried Monique looking slightly disgusted, but then her attention returned to Ron.

She began to whisper so that only the two of them could hear.

"Well, when did you decide on this big project?"

"Right after I got out of the hospital," he answered. "Hmmm so you can say I've been cooking this up for six months, during my rehab of course."

"Wow you planned all this while getting better huh, Are you fully healed yet?"

"Mo how long have we known each other? Have you not figured out by now that I'm like a rock, at the peak of physical condition? He awkwardly posed his skinny body.

"I mean look at me would a body like this take six months to heal, I believe the only word to describe it is Adonis."

"Uh huh" replied Monique as she jabbed Ron's ribs with her fingers

"Oh god" Ron panted as he trembled from the pain. "No fair Mo' you have very muscular fingers."

Monique looked at him in semi shock "Are you trying to say I have man hands?"

"Well if the glove fits or doesn't …"

"Ron" she interrupted "if you say another word you'll walk out of here with more than hurt ribs."

"Well some people just can't take witty banter right Rufus", Ron mused just as Rufus proceeded to barf up more of his naco lunch.

"Ugh" Ron exclaimed before he turned back to Monique "anyway of course I'm not totally healed up, do you know what I went through?"

He began to tell his story "and there I was standing deep in the jungle surrounded by the most evil genetic mutant ninjas you've ever seen they were 9 ft tall with heated chains attached to their arms, Kim was down because of a sprained ankle, and I was running around with a cut on my leg"

"Uh huh" replied Monique.

"The president's daughter was being carried off by helicopter. Kim couldn't move I knew I was injured but I had too do my duty."


"Kim pleaded with me; 'no Ron don't go you're already bleeding!' of course I was deeply moved by her care but I had to do the right thing. Sorry KP I say, but I don't have time to bleed so I rip open my shirt wrap it around my leg and dive head first into the vicious beasts and …."

Ron stopped as Monique gave him a look of total disbelief.

"What's with the look?"

"Come on Ron, be serious I've already heard the true story from Kim. Plus how can you joke about that, you ended up in a coma for two weeks. I mean Kim couldn't eat for days, she thought she lost you forever."

Ron sighed and went into a more serious mode.

"If you had let me finish my story which is the truth by the way, I would have gotten to that part." Ron's voice was noticeably lower, "seriously you're right I could have died but I pulled through. And do you know the first thing I saw when I woke up?"


"Kim" replied Ron "I open my eyes and find her crying on my bed, in case you didn't know she blamed herself for what happened to me. Even after I awoke she kept on crying for another hour, I later find out from the nurse she never went home"

"I knew she spent most of the time there but I would have never guessed," replied Monique again in disbelief.

Ron looked up at the night sky as a gentle breeze passes through his blond hair "Two weeks Mo couple of years ago I would never have dreamed someone would care for me that like that. Especially for a guy like me, heh it's almost been 4 years since the prom and I've been happy ever since."

"Awww, Ron that is so sweet."

Ron began to blush "well now you know why I have too this, and believe me I spent a lot of time at the hospital, plus those six months thinking this over."

Monique nodded "yea you did seem distant these past couple of months."

"Yea I put all my time and energy into this; I even neglected Kim a little, it's ironic really."

"Speaking of Kim, her speech is finally over. Isn't it time you got ready?" Monique asked as she applauded her friend along with the crowd.

"Just got to run a quick check" says Ron as he pulls the Kimunicator out of his left pocket.

"Isn't that?"

"Yea I got it off Kim before she got on stage its all part of the plan, Wade speak too me buddy."

"He's in on this too"? She thinks to herself.

"Yo Ron" Wade began as he typed quickly on his computer, "everything is fully functional, and I got all the pics you wanted. You're good to go for the big moment."

"Alright Wade you can be my wing man anytime buddy. Monique you remember the plan right?"

"You bet I distract Kim while you're gone."

"Excellent", as he begins to leave Wade chimed in.

"Are you sure about this Ron, I mean there are a lot of people here, and your plan well no offense but it's not normal. If you're not positive this will be a disaster."

Ron thought about this for a moment and then he pushed all of his doubts away.

"Wade you're forgetting my number one motto, NEVER BE NORMAL. I guess it's about time I learn to take more risks. Wish me luck Rufus."

Rufus gave Ron a standing salute and then began to cry.

"Well looks like Ron has finally grown up" Monique thought to herself, while Ron hurried to the Possible family table

"Hey y'all great party huh."

Jim and Tim begin to grumble, "you know we could still be--" Jim began

"Working on our cloner right now, why are we even here?" Tim finished

"Just what the world needs more of them running around" thought Ron as he shuddered at the chaos that would ensue.

"Now boys were here for you sister, today's a specials day for her" said Dr. Possible.

"Now if you two don't sit still I'll take my perpetual energy engine back, and we'll see what kind of cloner you can make without that."

"Awww", they whined as Mrs. Dr. Possible tried to get them to sit still.

"Well Ronald what brings you too this table?"

"Well Mr. P I..." Ron stuttered awkwardly "I uh well …."

"He came for this," replied Mrs. Dr. Possible tossing a small box towards Ron.

His eyes opened wide as he snatched the object out of the air, "Thanks Mrs. P" before he could hurry off she grabbed his arm and whispered softly to him.

"This has been in the family for years it's very important. Oh and, good luck Ron" She gives him a hug and he hurries off. Her husband gives her a puzzled look.

"What was that about and, what's in the box?"

Mrs. Possible gave her husband a sly smile." Let's just say it's going be a night that we won't forget."

As Ron used his obviously weak stealth skills to slip past the crowd he head towards the stage, Kim made her way towards the tables. After giving her medal to her family for safekeeping, she took a seat next to Monique.

"Wow Kim you must be so happy, girl this is like your fifth medal in two years. This party for you is huge, and that dress is just dangerous."

"It's no big, I sort of lost track of the medals after the second ceremony."

"Lost track? Didn't the President give you one five months ago, during a televised ceremony?"

Kim didn't reply but she scanned the crowd with a worried expression. Noticing this Monique attempted to change the subject.

"Where did you buy that dress it is just--?"

"Monique where's Ron" she asked, "I saw you talking to him from the stage."

Monique squirmed as she tried to avoid any eye contact with her friend.

"I haven't seen him all week. He's been so distant lately, and now he's the only one I haven't seen tonight. I think something is going on, Ron doesn't usually keep secrets from me."

Monique took a sip of water, "Girl it's probably your imagination, I mean this is Ron we're talking about; what secrets could he have?'

"Yea you're right, what secrets could Ron keep from me?"

Kim seemed to cheer up for a brief second, then her face grew pale, finally she let her head drop to the table.

"Oh Monique it's over he's going to leave me, I know it"

Monique spat out her water in shock, "what are you crazy? Why would he leave you? I've never seen people who deserve each other more than you two."

"I know Monique" replied Kim with her head still on the table, "but ever since the accident a couple months's ago he's been acting weird."We haven't really talked in awhile, it' s never been like this even when we were just friends."

"I don't really like it, but this conversation should stall her long enough for Ron to get ready" thought Monique. "You don't think he's found someone else do you?"

Kim sat up with a look of horror and began talking rapidly.

"I don't know maybe, but Ron's not the type of guy to do that, but then again he is a guy, and our relationship hasn't really gone forward because I'm not ready, you know but when has he had the time, and I thought we were happy!"

"Kim, hold on, you're thinking about this a little too much," said Monique who was finding it hard to get a word in.

"I know I am but what if I'm right and he doesn't care anymore, we can't go back to being friends. I'll be crushed I thought I had lost him before and it was terrible. I never want to feel like that again, what should I do, I should just talk to him right, I hate not knowing what's going to happen."

"Kim, calm down, why would Ron not care about you anymore? I was just kidding about the other girl thing."

Kim gazed towards the ground, "who I am kidding, I know exactly what's wrong with Ron. Every since he got hurt he has been a little different. He's probably realized he's better off with someone else."

"Come on he's been hurt in missions before, and there's never been this much drama" Monique said.

"This time was different Monique, he was never this close to death before, there was only a 40 percent chance of him coming out of that coma alive and it was all my fault, something like that would change anyone".

Small teardrops formed in her green eyes, "Maybe he realized life was too short and he should explore his options or he may have just realized that it's too dangerous too be with me."

Suddenly Kim began to cheer up a little and gave her friend a small smile "maybe it's for the best, I never want to see Ron in that condition again".

As Monique cheered up Kim, Ron ended his long conversation with the band completely unnoticed. Most of the people in the crowd were too busy with their party, which was turning into a mini outdoor rave to notice Ron sneaking onto the stage.

He pulled out the Kimmunicator again for a final chat with Wade. "Remember Wade this has too be perfect, the timing must be spot on."

"Don't worry Ron everything is running smoothly the projectors are online." Wade paused for a moment "you're a braver man than me Ron; there are really a lot of people out there. This is no ordinary project."

"Ha if you haven't noticed Wade, Kim isn't a normal girl. In my eyes, for her anything less just wouldn't be worth it." He replied before he stuffed the Kimmunicator back into his pocket.

As the mayor is just about to announce the end of ceremonies, he grabbed the mike.

"Listen up everyone I've got something to say."

Ron's voice snapped Kim out of her funk and she turned her attention towards the stage, "is that Ron up there?" She asked just as Ron fell off the stage and landed on his face.

Monique sighed, "that's definitely Ron alright."

"That Stoppable he never changes", sighed Mr. Barkin.

Another voice that belonged to a former cheerleader began to laugh, "it's good to see he's still a loser."

Ron picked himself off the floor and looked disappointedly at his dirty tuxedo. "Aw man that cost me forty bucks. Well a dirty suit won't stop me, there's no turning back now"

"Ok, don't worry I'm alright folks" he called out to the audience.

"Some of you know me as Ron Stoppable, other's as the loser kid with the mole rat, well uh I know this a bash for Kim but there's something I got to say."

A new surge of confidence began to swell, which caused him to start talking a lot clearer.

"I was never one to think too negatively about life but I had always thought for certain people, they got better things out of life, and for awhile I knew for sure I wasn't one of those people".

Ron paused for a second "that was until four years when someone special showed me the truth; she proved to me that someone can receive what they've wished for all their lives."

"Girl he is talking about you," Monique giggled to the obviously shocked and blushing red head.

"That person" Ron continued "is the very intelligent, caring and of course beautiful Kimberly Ann Possible".

A cheer went up from the crowd which made Ron chuckle to himself, "that's how I felt when we kissed for the first time at the prom."

"You guys are probably thinking what am I doing here, I came here because I've made a decision, how did I come to this decision?"Well as some of you may know on one of our last mission I was almost killed".

As Ron spoke a projector screen appeared on the stage wall behind him, "Wade is coming through big time" he thought.

He shuddered as he recalls his injury "When I got better I realized that the last thing I saw before I blacked out was Kim crying, also the first thing I saw when I woke up was Kim crying."

"If that wasn't enough, over the past six months I gradually remembered there were other things I saw the second before I lost consciousness, my life had flashed before my eyes and all the times where I was happiest she was with me".

Suddenly Ron signaled the band and they began to play the intro slowly." I don't really have the words to say this so I'll use some else's for now."

A slide show begins on the screen with the title Through the Years

As the piano & violins strings fill the air, a hush once again goes over the crowd as Ron closed his eyes.

I can't remember when you weren't there

When I didn't care for anyone but you

I swear we've been through everything there is

(On the screen is a new paper clipping Kim Possible and associate defeat mutant ants)

Can't imagine anything we've missed

Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do

(Slide: Newspaper headline Kim Possible and sidekick stop runaway train filled with uranium)

Through the years, you've never let me down

(Slide: Kim hanging on to Ron ala Cliffhanger)

You turned my life around, the sweetest days I've found

(Slide: Ron and the Possible family Christmas Picture with Ron and Kim under the mistletoe

I've found with you ... through the years

I've never been afraid

(Slide: rabid monkeys are chasing Ron: crowd chuckles)

I've loved the life we've made

And I'm so glad I've stayed, right here with you

Through the years (on the first pause of the song Ron walked up to Kim grabs her hand and walks her away from the crowd where a spotlight shines on her) As the music continued Ron's doubts are washed away and he barley notices the crowd.

I can't remember what I used to do

Who I trusted whom, I listened to before

(Slide: Kim standing up for Ron in front of third grade bullies)

I swear you've taught me everything I know

(Slide: Ron is swinging from grappling hook in his underwear with his pants around his legs: crowd chuckles again)

Can't imagine needing someone so

(Slide: Kim tutoring Ron for the SAT s in her room as he scratches his head in confusion)

But through the years it seems to me

I need you more and more

Through the years, through all the good and bad

(Slide: Kim dancing with Eric)

I knew how much we had, I've always been so glad

To be with you ... through the years

Its better everyday, you've kissed my tears away

(Slide: Middleton Graduation photo of Ron and Kim in their gowns)

As long as it's okay, I'll stay with you

Through the years

Ron slid onto two legs in front of Kim and continued to sing

Through the years, when everything went wrong

(Slide: Kim and Ron tied to a launching rocket)

Together we were strong, I know that I belonged

(Slide: Newspaper clipping Kim Possible and Partner stop runaway rocket and capture terrorists)

Right here with you ... through the years

I never had a doubt; we'd always work things out

I've learned what life's about, by loving you

(Slide: Prom photo with Kim smiling happily and Ron putting up the victory peace symbol with the biggest smirk he's ever had in his life)

Through the years

As Ron finished the high note, the music momentarily stops, as fireworks erupted above them. Everyone including Kim looked up to the night sky.

"Ron it's so beautiful" she exclaimed

"It sure is" he replied

When she looked back down toward Ron, she gets the shock of her life, he is still on his knees but now he is holding a small box open with a sparkling ring

"Kimberly Ann Possible, would you give me the honor of being my wife."

The crowd gasped in shock and collectively held their breaths. "Alright Ron" screamed Monique quickly followed by Jim and Tim's "it's about time"

"Oh My God!" said Kim in deep shock with tears in her eyes, after a few seconds she nodded her head in approval

Ron sighed in relief before giving her a huge kiss on her and slipped the ring on her finger as the crowd applauded. When they finally break, Ron remembered he has one verse left in the song.

"Come on Kim" they began to spin as the band picks back up for Ron to finish the song, in the background the fireworks add to the show.

Through the years, you've never let me down

You've turned my life around, the sweetest days I've found

I've found with you ... through the years

Its better everyday, you've kissed my tears away

As long as it's okay, I'll stay with you

Through the years!

Spinning they are unable to hear the various comments from the crowd

"Who knew Stoppable had it in him?" said a smiling Steve Barkin

"I can't believe she got engaged before me," growled Bonnie

Monique sighed, "That was the most romantic thing I have ever seen."

Mrs. Possible wiped her tears away, which causes her husband to ask, "Honey what's wrong you already knew about this didn't you?"

"But it so beautiful, my baby girl's so in love" she sniffed

"Its okay honey she's in good hands" replied Dr. Possible

Rufus began weeping uncontrollably in Ron's seat.

As the couple continued to dance they become lost in own world.

"Ron, when did you get so romantic?"

"Well I had a little help from some friends, KP do you know what the scariest moments in my life were?"


"Heh, no there were times when I thought I wasn't good enough you. I felt this way even way before that night four years ago" He then looked into her eyes with an intense gaze.

"I know I may screw up a lot but I promise I'll make you happy."

She smiled him "Ron you already have"

"I guess that makes my job easier"

Laughing Kim placed her head on his shoulder as they continued to dance, "the truth is I'm always worried that I would screw up our relationship, you know do something to drive you away."

"Drive me away, believe me Kim I would give up nacos for life if it meant being with you." He said trying to hide the fact that he was beginning to tear.

"Ron, are you crying?"

"Yea I guess I've always been a little emotional."

"That's one of the things I love about you, it's so Ronnish."

"Well Miss Possible you've just agreed to spend your life with your awkward and clumsy former best friend, what do you have to say?"

Kim answered with a loud "Booyah!"

"Hey that's my line."

"Ron, be quiet, and from now on it's Mrs. Possible Stoppable", before Ron could reply she gives him a deep kiss "I hope this night never ends."

Ron who is dazed by the kiss replied with an unintelligible "mhmmf"

Just when they were falling deeper into their own world, the Kimmunicator went off and Ron pulled it out of his pocket.

"What's the sitch Wade?"

"Sorry to ruin the moment guys but we've got trouble," said Wade

"Drakken's back and he's just robbed a technology convention in Brazil."

"Ron you ready for a trip to the Amazon?"

"Now and forever Kim, Rufus buddy let's go."

"I've got your transportation ready right above you guys," said Wade as a helicopter appeared from above blowing the guests and tables around.

Kim screamed to the crowd "sorry everyone the party is over, hang on Ron."

Ron instinctively grabbed on to her as she pulls out a grappling hook from her purse and pulls herself and Ron with Rufus hanging on to his shoelaces up towards the helicopter.

They fly off as the crowd recovered from the shock of a helicopter blowing the party to a close.

As Monique stared off into the direction of the fading helicopter, she began to think of a couple who deserved each other more than those two. "Nope can't think of one."


Hope you guys liked it I worked hard on it after I saw the movie thanks in advance for any advice and for any reaction from the reviewers