Broken Sound

By Ekai Ungson

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Gundam SEED, characters used without permission, no infringement intended, no money made.

This is for Sakura-'neesama.

For a Gundam pilot--for a Coordinator, at that-- he owned only a beat-up radio-cassette player, where everyone else had MDs, MP3s, MP4s, and other M's.

But he was content. Happy, even. The signal his rickety radio picked up was to a pop station that frequently played Lacus Clyne songs. Which was--

-- really funny, considering that Lacus Clyne herself bunked just across the hall. And he was her friend. They were friends enough. Kira wondered how absurd it would be, if it were absurd at all, if he came to talking to her, in the mess hall, maybe, or the loading dock, and he asked her to sing?

He frowned, cutting the thought. Definitely very absurd indeed.

"And tonight! A Lacus Clyne special! All of your favorite idol singer's greatest hits plus interview and selected live performances!" the DJ bleated underneath the steady static. "Seven hours of Lacus' music, only here on D-W-SEED!"

Kira turned up the volume, which heightened the static also. He retracted his hand, and the static decreased but did not disappear. He reached for the antenna: more static ensued.

And then, he lost the station entirely.

He began to frantically turn dials to no avail. Frustrated, he picked up the radio and raised it high above his head. And then he began to run around the room in an attempt to find the signal.

-- Finally, a signal! Lacus' voice filled the room--

-- and his door opened, and there Lacus was, and there he was only just then realizing his position: standing on one foot on top of his writing desk with his radio raised high above his head at an obscure angle.

There was a moment of complete and utter silence-- the radio lost the signal again. And then, painfully, it puttered back to life, and began to play the first of seven hours' worth of Lacus Clyne songs.

"... Kira? What are you... doing?"

He could feel the burn spread across his face. "I was... the radio. And... I was trying to--" he blew out a breath. "Fix it," he finished lamely.

The radio steadily played her song.

"Oh. Well. Athrun wants to see you in the control room, if you have a minute."

"Oh. I do. Okay."


The door closed, and all Kira could do was close his eyes and bury his face in his palms.

The next day he found a box wrapped in pink ribbon on his desk. When he opened it, it contained an MP4 player.

Puzzled, he pressed play. Lacus' face filled the screen, and her music began to play.

He explored the gadget further, surprised and pleased that the contraption contained Lacus' music, videos, rare footage. Athrun, he thought. It was plausible-- the guy had an extensive Lacus collection. But, pink?

He looked at the box again for a clue, but found nothing but a cassette tape labeled "6-8 pm, common room".

He popped it into his old player, and magic flowed out.