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Warnings: Yaoi, possible lemons in the future I'm still debating that. And heterosexual stuff to with Ranma being both boy and girl.

Pairings: Ranma/Ryouga, Kasumi/Tofu, Nabiki/Kuno, and Akane/OC (Later)

The wind blew softly across the Tendo home. Genma Saotome sat at the dining table, peacefully drinking tea. He made a loud sneeze, a shiver going down his spine. He had a bad feeling something not so pleasant was going to happen that day. He shrugged his shoulders laughing, "Yeah right."

"Mr. Saotome, have you seen where Ranma and Akane have gone too?" Kasumi asked setting another kettle of tea. School had ended an hour ago and those two were still not home. She was beginning to get worried.

"Those two are young, I'm sure they're alright."

"If you insist," Kasumi answered getting up and moved towards the kitchen. She heard footsteps at the front door and paused a second to hear the doorbell. She smiled politely to open the door to reveal a young woman. She had black hair tied back into a braid ponytail. Her eyes were wide and angry. She wore, Kasumi noted, similar Chinese clothing as Ranma. It seemed rather big on her feminine curves and she seemed soaked too.

"Excuse me but is this the Tendo residence?" the girl asked sounding irritated. Kasumi nodded, unsure if she should answer with words. "And is Mr. Saotome inside right now?" the voice sounded even more annoyed and angry than before. Kasumi nodded again, moving to the side as the woman stormed inside, stomping her feet. "Genma!" the girl yelled as she spotted the bald man sipping his tea. Genma's eyes opened wide at the sight of her before he took off in fear. The woman took off after him but he got a head start and had disappeared. "Argh! You can run but you can't hide Genma Saotome!"

"Um…excuse me? Who are you? And will you be staying?" Kasumi wondered gently to the rough girl in her living room. The girl oddly reminded her of Ranma but she couldn't be. Ranma was a bit shorter than this girl was.

"The name is Rei. And I'm not leaving until I talk to Genma and Ranma Saotome," Rei answered stubbornly, sitting down Indian style on the living room floor. She glared at the door Genma had left from, she seemed very angry.

"Kasumi, we're home," Akane had yelled from the front door. Kasumi went off to greet them and told them they had a guest over. "A guest? Who?"

"Probably one of our parents frien…" Ranma paused as he looked down at the girl. He gasped, his eyes opening wide in fear as Rei glared at him menacingly. "I just remembered. Training with pops today. See ya!" Ranma took off to the nearest exit.

"Oh no you don't! Ranma get back here and take it like a man!" Rei yelled not giving this one a head start. She quickly gave Ranma a strong kick to the right shoulder, right into the ground. Ranma kept trying to escape though while Rei was beating on him. Finally Rei and Ranma were all sweaty and hot from fighting and when Ranma found the right opportunity he escaped. "Damn you Ranma!"

"Uh…don't you think that's enough?" Nabiki wondered from the living room. She had been the only one who decided to stay and watch the fight. "Kasumi told me to tell you once you were done to take a bath right after. We're not fond of sweaty people."

"Fine," Rei sighed, she headed towards the bath that Nabiki had directed her to. She really wanted to talk to Genma and Ranma before actually taking a bath and taking a nap. She really couldn't stand those two cowards, running at the sight of her. It was sick and rude! "Guess there's nothing I can do about it. Aside from giving them the biggest surprise of their life!"

She removed her clothes in a hurry. She really did hate staying sweaty for to long of a period. She sank into the hot bath calmly relaxing as her muscles were soothed at last. Now how would she get out?

"Akane you should go take a bath," Kasumi instructed as Akane walked back inside from a hard workout.

"But Kasumi that other girl is taking a bath remember."

"Doesn't matter. You're both girls right. I'm sure Rei won't mind," Akane gave up and agreed. She walked up to the bathroom, prepared for her bath. She heard a loud splash of water and thought Rei was still washing. Akane shrugged, taking off her clothes. She heard Rei loudly sigh from the inside of the room and thought that it sounded a little deep. She opened the door and paused at the sight of a young man standing in the middle of the room, uncovered.

"Oh, wait I can explain," the man said in a boyish voice. Akane just lowered her gaze to prove that the person in front of her was really a boy. Once it was confirmed Akane silently closed the door. "Oh great," the boy sighed as he heard the loud yell from Akane. Once he was sure she was somewhere else, finding a way to kill him. He got out of the bathing place and quickly put on some clothes. He walked towards the living room watching idly as Akane started yelling at her sisters.

"Akane what's wrong?"

"There's another pervert in the bathroom!"

"I'm not a pervert. You'd think you'd be used to this kind of thing happening. Living with Ranma and all. If he can do it, why can't I?" the boy shrugged his shoulders as he watched Akane calm down. He really didn't feel like fighting anyone, especially Ranma's fiancé.

"So you change genders too?" Nabiki wondered, chewing on a piece of bread. The boy nodded his head as he sipped some tea Kasumi had offered him. "So you're Rei?" Rei sighed, and nodded.

"You could've warned us you could turn into a boy again!" Akane scold angry at having to see another male body like that. And worst of all, this new boy just saw her naked too! What was with her and attracting these weirdoes!

"Hey, we're back! Please say she's gone," Ranma called from the front door. He walked into the living room looking in surprise at the sight of the boy who looked a great deal like the girl from this afternoon. This boy had the same black hair braided back in a ponytail. But he was taller than Ranma and more built. Not to the point of being a giant but his muscles were hard and defined. Showing off a lot of training and more attractive than Ranma in girls' opinion. "Rei, please tell me that ain't you."

"Ranma and Genma Saotome if you run from me this time I swear to god you will feel my wrath! Sit down now and talk!" Rei snapped at the retreating forms of the Saotome's. They both hurried back and sat down across from Rei. "Seriously, running away from the sight of me. Is that how you would treat your own first born child Genma Saotome?"

"First born? Wait are you saying you're a Saotome?" Akane asked, now considering the similarities between Rei and Ranma. They both had braided a ponytail that's a start.

"Yeah I'm a Saotome and the true successor of the Saotome Dojo of Anything-Goes Martial Arts. I'm Reina Saotome."

"So, Ranma has a sibling? How come we didn't know about this? I mean Akane, Ranma is your fiancé," Nabiki stated chewing on a cookie only slightly listening to the conversation.

"Actually, I'm afraid to say that Akane Tendo will no longer be my brother's fiancé," Rei stated sipping at his tea calmly. Everyone gave him a wide-eyed look as if he was crazy and even his father was complaining. "Our mother has decided to chose Ranma's fiancé once news of him being a part-female came along back home. Our mother wants to…marry Ranma off as a woman."

"What!" Ranma screamed in horror as he stood up from the table. He glared at Rei, who was still idly sipping at his tea. "What do you mean marry me off as a woman? I'm a man. And once I find the Spring of Drown Boy, I'm going to stay a guy again. 24/7, whether I'm wet with cold water or hot."

"Oh yes, mother has also forbid you from going back to China, so you won't be able to become a full time boy again. Oh don't give me that look, mother is marrying me off too," Rei snapped at his brother at once. He couldn't believe how immature the boy was being. By the number of fiancé their stupid father had given him, he should be used to this by now. Speaking of their stupid father, he had decided to interfere too.

"What do you mean pick another fiancé? Don't you know Ranma and Akane are good together! Another fiancé is out of the question."

"Who do you think you are! Mother has more authority than you, father! What she says is final. Ranma and I are to be married off, not to the people you want! She will be coming two days from now and wishes me to decide possible future husbands for Ranma."

"Fu-future hu-husbands!" Ranma stuttered in horror. The severity of his situation was becoming quite clear. His mother was coming to give him to some other guy, but as a girl.

"Come on Ranma, I think it's kind of sweet. You're already a coward so you'd make a perfect wife," Ryouga taunted as he made his presence known to everyone in the room. Rei seemed to take great interest in this though. He stood up and walked towards the unsuspecting Hibiki. Rei inspected Ryouga thoroughly trying to see if he was a possible brother-in-law. Rei at least liked the fact that Ryouga was taller than his brother, not as tall as he was, but taller than Ranma was. Ryouga looked like a strong fighter, definitely someone who can withstand the harshest of training. He seemed to already know his brother, this seemed like almost the perfect boy. But there just had to be a fault.

"Want to fight?" Rei challenged with a smirk. He just had to find out if this man was worthy of his brother. Ryouga didn't seem to understand that he was becoming a candidate to marrying Ranma. All Ryouga wanted to do was test the new warrior's strength.

They stood outside, Ryouga going into a stance prepared to go to the offensive and Rei stood there casually, looking completely unguarded. Ryouga was getting annoyed and growled, "Well?"

"I must warn you that I'm nothing like my pathetic father and brother. I have completed my training and am a true master of the Saotome techniques. No not those pathetic, weak things my father wishes to teach Ranma, true martial techniques that could kill a man without being touched. That's all I'll say. You can go first."

Ryouga moved quickly, going straight for Rei who hadn't moved to block. Ryouga punched Rei, as hard as he could in the chest. Rei was slammed back into a boulder, the rock shattered from the sheer force of the blow. Ryouga then seemed confident that it would be an easy fight. Rei got up easily enough from the ruins and dusted his clothes off from the remaining dust. It seemed there wasn't a scratch on him as he gave Ryouga a bored look.

Really Rei was slightly impressed. He hadn't thought the blow would be that hard, Ryouga was definitely a strong fighter. Rei was actually happy, he passed the test. Rei would tell his mother that Ryouga was definitely a good future husband for Ranma. But now it was time to show Ryouga that he wasn't stronger.

Ryouga charged for Rei again hoping to make the finishing blow. Rei easily dodged it, moving slightly to the side. Ryouga then made an assault of punches and kicks to Rei, who kept dodging as if they were nothing. Finally Rei thought it was enough and decided to attack. He pointed his finger at Ryouga's head, and the next thing anyone knew, Ryouga fell back unconscious.

"What the hell did you do?" Ranma asked, unsure of why Ryouga fainted. He looked and saw a dot, the size of Rei's finger, on the forehead.

"Ranma be careful. You are probably looking at your future husband," Rei stated casually watching as Ranma snatched his hand back as if Ryouga was a disease. Rei sighed thinking Ranma would eventually get over it. He sat down at the dinning table, accepting a cup of tea Kasumi had offered. He would be staying at the Tendo's for awhile. "Mother will be here in two days, if you want to help me find you a husband so be it but I will tell her that Ryouga would be a good choice."

"Then you marry him! But I'm not going to marry that idiot!"

"Ranma, deal with it, I am. Mother will also be looking for my bride here, so I warn you Tendo girls. My mother might pick one of you and what my mother wants, she'll get no matter what," Rei warned as he finished his tea. "I feel like bed, it's late. Come Ranma we'll take a bath together and go to bed." Rei got up walking towards the bath again. Ranma reluctantly followed giving Rei a disgusted and shocked look.

That night after the bath Ranma walked out and put on his clothes and went to bed as a male. But to everyone's surprise Rei had decided to come out as a female and went to bed all night like that.

Just an idea, okay everyone? What did you think? I hope not to bad. Please no one hate Rei. Rei is a good sibling! And yes, maybe Rei is a little to much like Ranma with the whole turns into boy and girl thing but it's cool right?