Yay! Sweep is now an official category! I've been waiting for this for ages, but considering the number of entries I guess I just wasn't looking hard enough! Anyway, here's my attempt at sweep, which I reckon might not be very good cause I write fcis for most books I've read (Harry Potter and HDM is easiest cause I know them best), the ones that have a category and I can be bothered with anyway.

Title: I'm still working on this one…be patient

Author: Stargazing Maiden (ha, got that one right at least)

Genre: General (just for now…I don't know what it's going to turn into)

Summary: Charlie's BOS when he meets Alisa and his thoughts about her and Wicca. Note: this is more like a diary than a BOS, but I know the Wicca term is BOS so that's what I'm calling it.

Setting; I don't know this either… I find it easiest to write from an Irish point of view not knowing anywhere but, but I understand that it would be wrong to write Sweep from Ireland so I'll see where I go. Plus this is Charlie's BOS so I suppose it should be from Gloucester in that state I can't spell for shit.

Disclaimer: I know I don't own Sweep (in Ireland I know it as Wicca, maybe why I couldn't find it's category), but I know that Cate Tiernan does own Sweep and I know if I was her (which I'm not) I'd be totally amazed by what people write about my characters.

Authors Note: I don't know the days of the week for how any of these thing happened in the books and I don't know how many days of the week there's going to be… hey, I hardly know how many days of the week there are anyway, but that's not the point. Basically any mistakes anyone finds will be duly noted and the problem sorted out as soon as poss. Thanks. Love, Stargazing Maiden. (All reviews, good and bad, appreciated.)


Bridget is great, but I'm starting to wonder about her. On the outside she appears very interested and taken in by her studying but inside you can tell that she isn't as she seems. Not that I can't understand why though…her cousin is here at the moment and their having a lot of serious Una moments so I think she's very stressed. That cousin though, she's something else. She's the one who contacted Sam through my site, and then two days later she turned up on his doorstep. She claims she just wanted to get to know us all but I don't think I'm the only one who can tell she's run away. I mean, she turned up with one tiny little bag and a watch synal on the back of her neck (not that I was looking, I could just sense it) and more power than I've ever seen in a non-initiated witch. And its even more amazing considering what her mother Sarah did. She took her own powers, stripped herself to escape from god-knows-what. I think Sam has a fairly good idea what it was though he won't say anything. I suppose I can understand…It would be bad enough to know something like that but for everyone else to know too, well… it would be horrible. Alisa though (that's Bridget's cousins name) is great fun. I met her today when I went to lunch with Bridget. She tagged along to get out of the house because they'd just had an Una moment. I can see why she'd want to get out. Bridget got a call asking her if she could work today during the meal so I ended up taking Alisa sight seeing, not something I would normally offer to do but there is something about that girl. I sensed it as soon as I came into the restaurant, she is drowning in her power, and she seems to feel she has no way of controlling it.

She's new to Wicca, she told me herself when we were out in town this afternoon. Until the other week when she got involved with a coven at her school she had no idea it existed, and then she found Sarah's BOS and Sam's letters and got an idea of what she was, or is I should say. I don't think it took long for her to decide to contact Sam after that, or maybe it did, but she's here now and I'm glad of it. I know it's a very weird thing to say when I'm still with Bridget, and Bridget is Alisa's cousin, but I think we had a connection. There's a circle at Bridget's house tomorrow night, maybe I'll see her again then and be able to decide what to do.


Okay, that's chapter one. Short and crappy just like I promised but it only took about twenty minutes. Glátherbrein is the name I chose for Charlie's coven name. I think if I thought hard enough I could probably translate it to English cause both parts, Gláther and Brein, have something in my mind from learning Irish. But basically it's not going to happen cause 1) my spelling is probably totally out and it would be impossible and 2) I honestly can't be fecked.

Anyway, reviews appreciated. Thanks for reading. Peace and love as always, Stargazing Maiden.