This is a poem from Will to Lyra. Just a little something I threw together when someone I loved died, I thought I'd change the name used in it and throw it up as a HDM poem fic. I know, the last verse isn't very good, but the way things happened I wasn't really up for making it really well put together and it would feel disrespectful to change it now. Please review. Love, Stargazing Maiden 

Painful Thoughtlessness

You're gone now, I see it clear.

Although we always hold you dear

You are in a better place,

We can clearly see your face.

Remembered you, my heart filled with fear,

But still I know that you are near.

You'll never leave me, that I know.

You comfort me when I am low

Remember you, you're smiling face

Where you are now I cannot place.

It's somewhere special, where you are,

Somewhere, but it must be far.

Let your be sleep long and comfortable,

Your coffin holds a golden label.

Rest in peace and rest in joy,

In your place a baby boy.

I think of you, I always will,

Rest in peace Lyra, I love you still.

So, what do ya think? Crappy huh! I know it would have made more sense if it was Lyra to Will, but you try sticking the name Will into the last verse. It so doesn't work! Wouldn't be something to do with the 'I think of you, I always will' bit would it. As always any reviews, good or bad, are greatly appreciated. Love and peace, Stargazing Maiden