OK. I wrote this because it disturbed me when the JoA series started 3 months after the Girardi's moved to Arcadia. So I made that period of time up for you entertainment! It's not too good, but I might redo it later. I just want to hear your view on it, and if I should keep going, and also if I should redo the chapter again. I had to do it really quick, before school, so forgive me...please?
By the way I own nothing. Not the characters, not the places and not anything else.
Anyway, here we go...

Looking out of the window, Joan knew it was going to be a bad day. The first day of school was always daunting enough. Finding classes, friends and the bathroom. All of it was daunting.

But it was worse this year. A brand new school. It was going to be scary in weird. Scary for the obvious reasons, but weird, because it would be the first day she would have to go to high school without her older brother, Kevin. Everything had changed since they moved.

Their new house was so strange and foreign. Low light switches, ramps, adapted staircases and special toilets. It made her feel so sad insideā€¦

But she couldn't let that get to her today. Arcadia High; it seemed so not real. She had already seen the school when they first drove in town. It looked OK. But it wasn't right. The Girardi's should be in Arizona, watching Kevin play baseball on the TV. Joan guessed it happened for a reason, but she wasn't sure of that reason.

Joan snapped out of her daydream when she heard her mum toot the horn. Off to school she thought. And off she went.