The speech had been a disaster, but Volger was riding him hard. However, he had learned something from a patient today. It's ok to believe in people. OK, the thought about that one. He'd give it a shot. He picked at the piano keys and heard a light knocking. His first thought was that it was Wilson. His second, after speaking with Cameron numerous times that day was that it might be Cameron. He looked through the peephole and sighed. It was Cameron. Wordlessly, he opened the door. She came in and looked around nervously.

"I'm, sorry. I should have taken a couple of extra Vicodin and held my nose."

"I'm guessing you did take a couple of extra Vicodin." she smiled to soften the blow

"True." He nodded. It was no secret that he was an addict.

"You don't have to worry about firing anybody. I'm leaving."

House had to make sure he was hearing correctly?

"Why?" He caned his way over to her. She had his full attention now. He took in the scent of her hair. "Is this another noble self-sacrificing gesture? Are you trying to protect Foreman? Just don't fire me, I quit."

"I'm protecting myself. You asked me why I like you. You're abrasive and rude. But I figured everything you do; you do to help people. But I was wrong. You do it because it's right." There was an awkward pause and Cam suddenly stuck out her right hand.

House didn't take it. House couldn't deal with that. He looked away. He was never very good at this kind of thing. He didn't want to believe what she was saying. He wanted to tell her she was good and kind and beautiful and everything that he wasn't. Instead he said nothing. He was going to try and believe that something could happen between them, but now it never would. She took it back her hand and continued.

"There are only two ways I can deal with things. One, is in my control. That's to leave. Good-Bye House." She used the familiar minus the doctor.

Cam's eyes teared up. Why wouldn't he at least take her hand? This is the one man she believed in and now she had to leave him, he was making this much harder than it had to be, but House was never one to admit anything.

She turned on her heal and left.

House didn't look up until she was gone. He literally felt his heart rip in two. Volger had gone too far. So what if it's his job now. The hospital was nothing without Cameron now, what did anything matter. He poured himself a double bourbon on the rocks and took two more Vicodin. Making a margarita? Mine's a double senorita. That's Portuguese.

She was quick to correct him on that point. It seemed like so long ago that he uttered those words as she stood calibrating a centrifuge. Now there would be nothing left to say to her. Things would be better in the morning. Everything was better in the morning. House finished his drink and went to bed, wondering how the hell to fix this mess in the morning.