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Summary: After an incident left him blind and after years of hidding and suffering with a violin as sole comfort and memorial, his last hope resides in a risky operation. But in a world where no one could care less about what happened to an outcast, his life is about to change dramatically. SasuNaru. Shonunen-ai

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Music In My Heart
Writen by Monkan andBeta Readby Asaroth

Chapter 1

It was already dark when Umino Iruka walked home. He wanted nothing more than to collaps on his bed and just sleep for as long as he could. Being a teacher was hard work, not the students but the working hours he had to pull sometimes.

He rubbed his eyes tiredly. 'Why did I accept the extra work? I could have been home now and make sure Naruto is ok! To top it off, it's my birthday and no one rememberd it.'

After walking for about 5 more minutes he reached his apartment. He couldn't see any of the lights on so he thought the blond boy had gone to sleep. He took up the key and unlocked the door with a sigh. When he walked in soft music hit his ears.

'So he's still awake after all!'

Iruka made sure not to make a sound as he walked up the stair. He followed the small hall there until he reached the last room. The door was slightly open and that gave Iruka a chance to look inside. In the centre of the room not far from the lonely bed, a desk with a few books on and a tray with food stood a blond boy. He had his eyes closed as he created soft sounds from the violin he was holding. He wore a pair of grey sweat-pants and a red long armed sweater. The only light in the room was the moonlight that came throught the window. Iruka knew how good the boy was but it still amazed him whenever he heard him play.

He opened the door a little more and stood there listening to the music until the tones slowed down toward the end. They slowly disappeared into the night. Iruka clapped his hands, startling the blond boy. "That was really good."

"Iruka-sensei." Naruto breathed out in relief when he slowly opened his eyes and turned his back to Iruka to put away the violin. "When did you get back?" Naruto asked the older man.

"Just a few minutes ago. Sorry I'm late but Kurenai wanted to have the school orchest notes ready tomorrow and I had to stay as long as it took."

Naruto shook his head. "You don't have to appologies Iruka-sensei." He said joking. "You always have some excuse for me whenever you are late. I understand even if you don't say anything. You have your own life." Naruto's hand searched the blanket on his bed for the shell he had for his violin. Finally finding it he carefully placed the instrument into it.

Iruka leaned against the door frame. "Have you heard anything from the hospital yet, Naruto?" Iruka asked hopefully.

Naruto closed the bag. "Yeah, they've changed my time again. I'm going there in another six months." Naruto whispered.

"Nani?" Iruka exploded. "They can't do that. You've waited for the last half year to get the operation. How can they do this to you?" He walked over to the boy who still had his back to him.

"They hate me, that's reason enough most of the time but dr. Tsunade is going away for four months so I'm pretty lucky after all to get it in six months."

Iruka placed a hand on his shoulder. "I don't understand how you can be so calm about this Naruto! You can't joke about something like this. This is may be the only chance you have to..."

"I know." Naruto cut him off. He lowered his head. "I'm not happy about waiting for so long either but there is nothing I can do about it." He turned around to face Iruka with his eyes closed to slits and a sad smile.

Iruka sighed deeply. "Naruto, look at me."

"I am looking at you!" Naruto said defensively.

Iruka shook his head. "No, really look at me, Naruto."

Naruto bit his lip, slowly he opened his eyes until he was staring at the older man. Or more like the truth was blue eyes stared unseeingly in the direction Iruka's voice was.

This was the one thing Naruto hated more than anything else about his life. He was blind. The truth was that he hadn't been like that for a long time even before he meet Iruka. He didn't know what had happened, he remembered a bright place, laughter and fun then something had happened and everything had been black ever since. That was also the last time he ever saw or heard from his parents, he didn't know what had happened to them but one day they just weren't there. When he couldn't hear the gentle voice of his mother or his father's courage filled voice he felt scared and stayed away from everyone. It really didn't matter, no one had cared anyway. Or else someone else would have found out by now. He hadn't attended school either back then, the reason was that they wouldn't let him in at first but when he became blind he had stopped trying. He knew he wouldn't fit in. Because of the isolation he felt setting in, he found comfort in the violin he had found in his apartment, his father had used to play for him and his mother. It helped him heal and he didn't feel so lonely. He spent most of his time in the apartment, but the few times he had to go out it was always late in the night or he would order food and other things.

None of the messengers had ever looked at him in the face, they either were too tired to notice something was wrong or they didn't care because it was so late in the night. Except one girl.

There had been one girl that he come to like and she looked at him in the eyes and found out right away that he was blind. Hinata, a girl that was two years older than him, but she was the nicest person he could imagin. She was always with him as much as she could after school and work. Helping him to walk around and concentrate on her voice and keep up with her steps. She was the only one around him that helped him study so he wasn't so far behind her own education. She helped him practise using his other senses to find and avoid hitting things. He loved to play for her because he felt that someone apriciated what he did and that he could do something for her in return. To feel that he was needed by someone and wasn't just a waste of space. After she had moved away with her family he had felt more lonely than before. He missed her, she was so shy that she stood out from the rest and she had a nice voice once she didn't stumble over the words. His first and only friend.

He didn't know why everyone hated him, they just did. Maybe it was because of something in the past or maybe everyone just labled him as an outcast. He just didn't know. It didn't take a genius to sense the hateful stares that were thrown his way when they thought he wasn't noticing. It hurt. More than he could explain. They just stayed in his soul to hunt him and never let him forget them.

Then Iruka had found him. The young teacher had taken him in and raised him and taught him in order to make his life easier. Iruka thought that if people knew then they would stop treating Naruto like crap. Maybe Naruto didn't want others to feel sorry for him because he wouldn't be able to handle it, being alone for so long can have that kind of effect. With the help Iruka gave him Naruto managed to take a test at home and entered school along with everone else his age back then, 8th grade. Iruka didn't like how lonely Naruto was, he was now in ninth grade and he had zero friends his own age.

Naruto convinced Iruka to let him study more at home than in school. He only went there when he needed to pick up work that Iruka hadn't managed to get and a few lessons that he needed to listen to in order to understand things better. So most of the time Iruka still taught him. No one missed him there anyway so there wasn't any fuss about it.

Iruka took Naruto to the hospital to find out as much as possible why he was blind, but they hadn't given them any clear answer, only that it was caused by some kind of accident. There was a chance to correct it but the chance was very slim it was also too risky; if something went wrong then it could get worse for him. Because they had to operate on a very sensitive part of the brain there was even a chance that he wouldn't make it out of the room alive if someone screwed up. The doctor had told them that it was a hopeless case even if they did try. Naruto had thought he would never be able to see all the beauty Iruka and Hinata had told him about that existed in this world.

Then there had been a rumour in Konoha that there was a doctor and that there was nothing she couldn't do, dr. Tsunade. When Naruto had heard about her he had actually hoped that there was still a chance for him to have a normal life. They had saved money for three years for the operation, but when they got there dr. Tsunade hadn't been there so another doctor had jumped in and had performed the operation. Iruka had been furious when he found out. The man had told Iruka that he had done his best, but that he wasn't good enough and he had said he was sorry before leaving. Iruka had stayed with Naruto until the boy woke up the next day.

To their surprise the operation hadn't been a complete failure. Instead of complete darkness Naruto could see fuzzy images in colour, but they didn't last for more than a few hours. And they came randomly. He couldn't make them out with much detail, but it was a change from what he was used to. It made it easier to walk around too. It actually had given him new hope that he wasn't a hopeless case. He had been hurt to find out that Tsunade hadn't been the one to operate, but it still gave him hope that when she did she would maybe be able to get his sight back fully.

That had been over two years ago and they had saved up again for one final try.

Naruto shook his head to get rid of the memories. He was getting lost in them again. "I'm not sure but I think I burned your kitched again when I cooked Iruka-sensei." Naruto said after what seemed like an eternety when it only had been a few seconds.

"You burned my kitchen again?" Iruka asked in shock before rushing out of the room and down to the kitchen area. "I told you to leave the kitchen alone." He shouted. 'And this is supposed to be my birthday.' When he got there he lighted the room and gasped at the sight before him.

The walls were decorated with long colorful paper spirals. Balloons were taped up on the walls and on the table stood a small cake with cream and red bearies. A present wrapped in yellow paper stood beside it.

"Happy birthday, Iruka-sensei." Naruto said from behind. Iruka turned around and pulled him into a hug.

"You remembered." He said simply with a happy smile.

Naruto returned the friendly hug. "Of course. I wouldn't forget something like this."

They parted and Iruka lead Naruto into the kitchen. "How did you manage this anyway?" Iruka asked when he took the cake and started cuting it. "It wasn't hard, what was hard was how many candles I would put in it." Naruto gave Iruka his fox smile while the older man gave him a glare. You wouldn't believe it, but Iruka was a little sensitive about being called older than he was. Something Naruto made fun of whenever he found an opportunity. Iruka put a plate with a piece of cake in front of Naruto. They sat down on the oposite side of the table and ate while they talked about their day and what had happened. Iruka had completly forgotten how tired he had been. To see the young boy this happy was something that didn't happen very often anymore. He thought of all the times when the boy had smiled when they had started to share his appartment. He had never seen something as innocent as Naruto's most honest smile. When he really smiled, Iruka could tell the difference between it and a fake one a mile away.

Recently, Naruto had been sadder than normal. Iruka began to think of what could make Naruto happy again. The boy hadn't asked for much in his life. Saying that he didn't want to be a burden and other things. 'No, now I start to get depressed. New subject. New subject! Tomorrow is Wednesday and what happens then... That's right'

"Naruto," Iruka felt his mood brighten considerably. "Tomorrow is the big day. Don't you think that it will be great to practice with the school orchestra?"

Naruto shrugged. "I actually don't see what the big deal is. It's just a practice and I don't think that I will remain there for very long either. Besides everyone hates me enough as it is."

Iruka put down his fork. "You are one of the best I've heard, Naruto. You'll be happy once you get into it. I'm sure of it. You have practiced on the music I gave you, haven't you? Because I won't be able to help you with them before we start tomorrow!"

"Hai, I've practiced with them. They were pretty easy to learn. I'm just not sure I will be there long enough to perform in front of an audience!" Naruto said. He loved to play the violin, but he would never do it in front of others. The violin had been his only source of happiness when he had lived on his own and his only friend no matter what had happened to him.

"Naruto..." Iruka's voice broke Naruto's trail of thoughts. "It will be alright, before you know it you will be beging to go there again. Besides, I'll be there too! Nothing will happen if I can prevent it."

Naruto groaned after a moment of silence. 'I can never say no to him.' That was the bitter truth too. He respected and cared what Iruka thought so much and he would do anything to make him happy. 'I would even take up gymnastic if it would make him happy.'

"I'll...go there once, after that.. we'll see." Naruto said slowly. Iruka gave him a smile. Even if the boy couldn't see it he sure could feel it in the air. 'Kuso, what have I gotten myself into? I'm so going to regret this.'

He felt that it was time to change subject. "Open your present now!" Naruto said with a big smile.

Iruka grabbed the yellow packet and turned it around a few times. He couldn't guess what it was from the form, it was square and small but at the same time the edges were... round? Naruto heard paper rustle for a while before he heard a strange sound. Naruto cracked a small smile for he knew what was coming.

Iruka was holding a light brown teddy bear with big black eyes. The material was soft to his touch and it almost felt silky. The face showed a frown that only a teddy bear could have. There was something under the teddy bear's chin. Iruka picked up the thread with a piece of paper at the end of it. He couldn't take it of or move it so he had to read it while holding the bear, he regreted it.

'You wouldn't be so happy yourself if you saw what I see right now. It's soon time for retirement!'


The boy in question laughed at Iruka's outburst.

Naruto slowly let his hands trail along the wall as he tried to memorise the music room where he would be for the next two hours. Iruka had drove him early to school so he could find out where everything was in the room so as not to make anyone suspicious. Luckily for him it was one of his better days so he could see a blurr of images and colours instead of complete darkness. His vision wasn't clear, but since he was used to it he could make out what he needed to know. There were chairs and tables along one of the walls, in the middle a few chairs were spread out and all were facing a black board and a single piano. There were two doors, one that lead out to the hall (the one he had came through) and one to the school's own stage. There were a few large windows on two side of the room, because he room lay in one of the angles of the school building. The roof was high so everything echoed.

The violin was lying on one of the tables with his music notes. Even if he couldn't read them he couldn't show up without them or it would look wrong and draw attention to him.

There was also a locker there. When Naruto tried to open it he found it locked.

Naruto sighed as he sat down where his violin was. He put his head in his hands, closing his eyes. For some reason he felt really tired. 'I don't understand. I sleept more than I normaly do last night.' He folded his arms and laid his head against the folder of his violin. 'Come to think about it, I've always been more tired than usuall lately. Maybe I should tell Iruka-sensei.' He thought. 'No, he'll just think that it's something serious and I don't want him to worry anymore about me.'

Naruto felt like he was entering a waking-sleep state. He felt that he would fall asleep very soon but no matter how long he waited he was still awake. 'I have to get a cup of coffee when I get home.' Naruto thought. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Are you ok, Naruto?" Iruka's voice asked.

Naruto was so startled he hit his knees in the desk when he sat up, which drew the attention of those that had already arrived. "Just tired." Naruto mumbled before he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. 'Did I fall asleep? I didn't notice them when they got here! I seriously need something to keep me awake.' Naruto blinked a few times to clear out his vision as much as possible and settled when he could see a little better. The other members of the orchestra were dropping in now. Slowly the noise became louder and louder.

Naruto felt even more tired and closed his eyes to block all the noises out.

Suddenly he heard a voice that stood out from the rest. All the other voices seemed to fade away and only that one voice remained. Naruto looked up in the direction the voice was coming from. It was smooth and clear, not to say it was obvious that it belonged to a boy.

'Can anyone have a voice like that?' Naruto could see someone with dark hair that contrasted with pale skin standing not far from him.

"Don't get too full of yourself nii-san. This will never happen again!" The voice said.

A taller figure stood beside the boy the voice belonged to. "You should never say never, Sasuke."


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