The Case of the Personality Shippos:

Chapter 1: The Incident

"That stupid Inuyasha!" Shippo said to himself. "He's always picking on me, and no one else! I'll make sure he'll never pick on me again!" He didn't notice that he walked into a tree and whacked himself on the head. He went comatose and he got a giant lump as a reward.

"Where is he!" Inuyasha exclaimed. "He said he wanted to go to the bathroom, and what happens? He doesn't come back for an hour! We gotta gather all of the jewel shards before Naraku does!"

"Calm down Inuyasha. I'm sure he lost his way," Kagome answered. "Yeah right! How long does it take for a runt like him to get lost in that kind of forest?"

"Inuyasha! SIT!" Inuyasha slammed into the ground with a meteor-like impact.

Somewhere in the distance…

"Aaaah!" SLAP!

"My dear Sango, must you be so cruel to a monk like me?"

"Yes! If you're a lecherous one!"

Sango and Miroku (with a bright-red hand print on his cheek) came back to their camp.

"Hi Miroku. Hi Sango. Do you where Shippo is?" Kagome asked them.

"I thought he was with you." Sango asked.

Sango then grabbed her boomerang and started whacking Miroku on the head with it. "Lecher," Inuyasha muttered.