The Case of the Personality Shippos:

Chapter 8: The End is Near

"Well Miroku, I think we've got all of them," Inuyasha told him. They've been scouring the surroundings for seven days and no signs of any other Shippos. "We should've gathered all of them, right?" Kagome asked Miroku with a hint of hope in her voice. So after they rebounded the Shippos together, Miroku told them to find the original Shippo, who could be anywhere in the forest.

Inuyasha volunteered to pick up Shippo's scent, but Miroku then told him that since there were so many Shippos, their scents may throw Inuyasha's nose off course. "So then how are we going to find Shippo? This forest is huge so we'll have to look in all the parts of the forest one by one," Sango told them all.

Once they all set out, they looked in all the places that they could think of. "Well, did you find him?" Kagome asked the others. "I've looked for him here but I can't find him anywhere." "Nope he wasn't where I looked." Night gradually fell onto the forest and it was growing dark. "We'll have to look for him tomorrow," Inuyasha said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "No, we have to look for him! He could be lost," Kagome reasoned. Miroku, however, replied, "Sorry Kagome, but even if we did look for him, he'd be hard to find at night. Let's continue our search in the morning."

At daytime, they looked in all of every nook and cranny that they could find. Suddenly, Kagome yelled, "I've found him!" Everyone saw Shippo, still unconscious. They quickly took him back to the camp and Miroku chanted a spell and fused the personality Shippos back into the original. Then, Shippo started to regain consciousness. "Uhhh, where am I?" Shippo started to annoy Inuyasha again with stupid questions. Inuyasha gave Shippo a big hard smack to the head.

"Shippo's back to normal, all right," the others commented on the wild show.

The End