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Chapter One; Kisses and Confessions

After prom, both Kim and Ron were walking home, hand in hand, gazing upon each other and thinking about what had just passed between them.

Ron and Kim both thought, "That lasted forever."

"I finally showed her I care about her, and I didn't ruin this night." Ron thought, showing relief in his pale facial features.

Kim thought, "I finally realized he has been there all along for me, and that he will be always there."

The two thought together, "I just can't believe it took so long!"

"So, um, heh..." Ron stammered, blushing a light pink tone, "Wow...that was..."

"Great?" Kim answered, her own stern, serious personality turning into her heart melting in his gaze.

"Yeah, I guess we could...uh, put it that way?" Ron was soon rubbing the back of his neck, in the cute little way that Kim loved.

As the two reached Kim's house, they took a moment, and sat on her porch swing. Ron began to say something, but soon stopped.

"Ron, has there always been something between us? I mean, this couldn't have just started..." Smirking in a smallish way, a light shade of pink crawled up her peach features.

Ron smiled, and looked into her emerald eyes. "Yeah, Kp, I think there...always has..." Blushing the same tones, he looked up into the stars, his hands trying to stay clasped together.

It was no mystery that Ron felt very much nervous.

"Why is it different between us?" Kim and Ron both thought.

A sad look came to Ron's face. "Our whole relationship as friends will soon be different!"

"I'll never feel that friendly way like I had always thought of Ron to be. He'll be more then that." Kim thought.

"What about our future?" The two thought in unison (without knowing).

"It really has been a different night," Kim started, looking into the stars like Ron had done.

"Uh, Yeah, it really, has..." He tried to keep together.

Rufus soon popped out of Ron's pocket, and seeing the two hadn't done anything since leaving the prom, he made a face, and grabbed Ron's hand. Putting Kim's in Ron's, he soon dashed off, and gave a small thumbs up to Ron, smiling in his approval.

"Rufus..." Ron growled, in a way that you would think he was mad at you, "Thanks."

Kim heard this, and while Ron was distracted, she kissed his cheek lightly, making it turn a darker pink then it already was. She leaned her head on his shoulder, and the two soon had looked down at each other. Ron soon gently lifted her head to his, and was upset, showing a slight frown come to his face.

"Kp, who am I kidding? I can't handle a change this big!"

Kim, seeing his stress, smiled, and replied, "Then, how did you handle it at the prom?" A devious smirk cam across her face, as she watched his brown eyes look back at her. Kim was now fully laid back, as it seemed Ron and Kim had briefly switched personalities.

"Crap. She got me. Now, what to say!" He thought in panic.

"Kim, what about the food chain? Bonnie may be right!" Ron looked back at her, his brown eyes with sorrow.

"Since when do you listen to Bonnie? You are usually the one telling me she is nothing but a witch." Kim smiled.

"Since the food chain started..." He rested his head on his hands, and then put his fingers through his messy blonde locks in frustration.

"I mean really, I am below the Chess Captain, Remember?" Ron let his head drop, and Kim watched him in concern.

Ron continued, "This is totally different now, Kp, like how a Grande Naco is different then a regular sized Naco. You and me now, nothing will be the same! We will be totally"

Kim cut him off with a kiss. And that seemed to last forever under the moonlit, starry night.

Getting up from the porch swing, they began to hold each other, like the way they would gaze into each other.

"Kim, I've never actually...told you this, but, I...I think I know the first day I started to love you..." At this, he smiled affectionately.

"Oh really? Because I think I have always been busy just calling you...a friend. You aren't just a friend...anymore." Kim smiled back, and the two just gazed at each other for a bit longer, but soon it was time to head in for the night.

"I remember the first day you started to like Josh Mankey...it drove me crazy, the fact that you would always talk about him...but I would never tell you I felt that way; It would...um..."

"Lead to this?" Kim knew he was trying, and she knew that he had always had these feelings, yet his Ron-like personality towards everything seemed to catch up to everything. But now, it lagged behind.

"Yeah. Kim, I really do love you. More then time could tell from this moment. It...just never showed. But now, it is different. No more regular sized-Nacho relationship, what is between us now if different."

"And I love you too, Ron. It just took to long for me to finally see. And don't worry, our Naco will be Grande."

Sharing an affectionate hug, Kim soon came through her door, and turned to face Ron one last time. "Goodnight, and I love you."

"Same to me, Kp." Ron sort of whispered back.

Closing the door, Ron made sure Kim was gone. But, she had not gone away. She silently looked out the window, and blushed at what he said.

"Rufus, I got her! I got KP! Boo-yah! I have a girlfriend! I have Kimberly Ann Possible all the myself!" Rufus smiled, and nodded, "Boo-yah" He squeaked, and the two were soon walking back to Ron's house.

Sighing in happiness, Kim just said, "That Ron..." Smiling, she went back up to her room, trying to fully understand what had just happened.