Chapter Eight: The Idea

Note: I don't exactly appreciate some feedback I've gotten. 'Oh, you need to make your chapters longer!" "When are you going to keep going?" It is disrespectful, and I won't have it. I'm writing this for you guys, for your enjoyment. Appreciate what you already have, I'm doing the best I can.

After Kim had carelessly gave the Kimmunicator to Monique (she said "Saving the World can wait, Ron is getting on my nerves!"), Monique knew what to do. Pressing the buttons, she finally got Wade to come up on the tiny screen.

"How's our couple-in-the-making?" Wade said, sipping his soda and eating chips.

Monique sighed. "I have no clue how to change them back...any ideas?"

"Hold on." Wade was playing a video game, a detective kind of game. "I've got to get a secret identity in this game..." He was moving the joy stick, and pressing keys and buttons rapidly.

She smiled. "That's it!"

Turning away from his game, he looked at her in confusion. "What?" He put his game on pause for a second.

"If I can turn Kim and Ron into different people, you know, make it so they don't recognize each other, then I can re-introduce them, and they can fall in love again!" She squealed.

"You mean to tell me you're going to try to change Kim and Ron's identities!" Wade shook his head. "You'll probably need something better than make-up and new clothes..."

"Okay Mister'I can invent everything,'that's where you come in. I want you to invent something that can change their looks. And make it so everyone just knows who they are." She was smiling.

Wade sighed. "It will be tough, because I need a special kind of amnesia..." He started to type on his computer keys, buzzes and beeps ammitting from the system. "Okay, I triangulated the exact place to find the special kind of amnesia...but you'll hate where..."

Monique looked desperate. "I'll do anything." She groaned, knowing she would hate where.

"Drakken's latest lair - in the arctic. He's the only person in the world who has it, after he stole who's going on a mission?" He gave a hesitated thumbs up.

She sighed. "I'll get suited up. Where am I getting a ride?"

Wade started to press more keys. "Okay, once you're ready, just go outside the school. I'll have GJ send a jet your way." Pressing off the computer, Monique ran to her locker, where she had kept a copy of mission clothes much like Kim's, in case of an emergency.

After suiting up, and running outside of the school, Monique pressed on the Kimmunicator. "Alright Wade, when's GJ-"

And she couldn't finish. GJ arrived with a Jet, right when Wade had said so.

"So who's the top inventor now?" Wade gloated, his eyes in a lust.

"Oh stop." Monique fake-mocked.

Wade smiled. "I've told GJ the coordinates, and so the jet is automaticly set. All you need to do is wait for landing."

"I'm there." Monique ran to the jet, and quickly boarded, watching the huge machine lift into the air.

Once arriving the the frigid Arctic, Monique shivered. "Uggh, why did he have to pick the cold lair?" Foldingher arms, she quietly hobbled over to where she saw the ice cavern, taking small, mute steps. Reaching the entrance, she ran through, the snow barely making a sound as she sprinted. This is easier then I thought! She thought to herself, smiling.

Suddenly, she saw a shadow come near her corner, and she quickled dashed behind it, looking in pereferrial (side) vision to whoever (or whatever) the shadow was. It turned out to be Shego, walking her way to meet Drakken.

"Okay Drakken, now, we've let Kimmie and the Buffoon hate and fight with each other for a month. You know what this means, right?" She smiled when she said the ending sentence.

Drakken smiled back. "They'll...uh..." He pondered for a second. "They will...die of anger?"

"CORRECT!" She screamed, slamming her clawed hand down in excitment. "I knew you'd make a good sidekick. Now, we can just relax." Shego finished, getting up for some smoothies.

"Ooooooh! I want a smoothie!" Drakken said quite childishly, slightly skipping back to her.

Monique was about to burst with laughter. Smoothies? You're kidding. Before she knew it, she had the rare brand of amnesia in her own two hands, ready to fly back to Wade. Running out quickly, knowing the two villians would be back soon. Her mission was a success, and she smiled for it, returning to the GJ Jet.

Sorry so boring...It will get better!