You'll See

RENTfic from Benny's perspective

"You'll see, boys."

Right. They bounced my words back at me as I walked out. Well, it's not like they'd had any impact, anyway. Mark and Roger. I didn't get it. They both could have done things by now – hell, they could be on their way! But no, they just want to sail by on talent. Talent's the delusion of the year. It's an excuse to get out of getting anywhere. They have "talent," they're "artists." They're "going places." So why the hell hadn't they gotten anywhere yet? It's not like I don't like the guys – used to live with them. It's just that they're wasting their time. Five of us in that shitty apartment – place would make anyone want to pack – and I'm the only one who's got out. I've got a plan for this place! I'm gonna turn this hellpit into something worth living in – condos, businesses, something that'll actually help them. This'll be the beginning of a new city! But no, they can't see that. They're all tied up in guitar strings and power cords, high on drugs and dreams. Sure, they have visions – but where are they going with them? Nowhere. Well, they've got to go now, like it or not. They're out if they don't pay – then there'll finally be some progress around here. You'll see.