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Chapter 6 –A Familiar Face

The ghost hunter and his son turned as one and stared at this new intrusion into their lives. Like the previous one, it was a swirling green vortex, and out of it stepped, not Arctic, but someone familiar nonetheless. This one was a female; she was wearing a long green skirt with a blue belt, a short black t-shirt with a blue, see-through long-sleeved shirt over the top. Her eyes were purple and her hair was almost the same color, if a few shades more toward red. It was cut to just below her chin, except for one strand on her left side, which almost touched her waist. Around her neck was a black choker and encircling her right wrist was a bracelet of pearls.

"Kate" Jack breathed the name as if it were sacred.

"Jack" the new ghost whispered back affectionately. There was a tranquil smile on her lips as she looked upon the ghost hunter. "It's been a while"

"More than twenty years" he agreed. Danny just stood dumbfounded This is Kate, no wonder Dad was so upset about loosing her, if she wasn't twenty years older than me, and a ghost, I would be chasing her too" Lost in his own thoughts,Danny didn't hear the words that were being exchanged between the two former lovers.

"How have you been?" Kate asked as she hovered closer to the floor.

"I fell apart without you Kate, I could barley get out of bed, then I met Maddie. I fell in love Kate. I grieved for months over you, Maddie turned me around"

"I know"

"You do?"

"I watched you Jack, after I crossed over I watched you for months, I couldn't let go. But then I saw you with someone else, I saw you picking your life back up, and I let go" Kate said with a smile painted across her lips.

Jack's eyes were nearly brimming over with tears; he hastily wiped them with his free hand, and in doing so, managed to get a look at Kate's wrists. "You've still got it" he managed with a shaky voice.

Kate smiled again, "Of course I do, I couldn't take it off"

"After all this time, you're still wearing the bracelet I gave you…that night"

She brought her arm up and began to play with the pearls around her wrist staring at it lovingly a smile playing about her lips. When she brought her eyes back up, she spotted, as if for the first time, the young man with his arm draped around Jack's neck, barley clinging to consciousness.

"And who is this handsome young man?" she asked as she approached and put a gentle finger underneath Danny's chin, so she could get a better look at him. Jack puffed up his chest in a very proud manner before announcing.

"This is my son Danny" as Jack shifted, Danny moved as well, forced to stretch up taller than his slight frame would normally allow. Danny hissed as his wounds were tugged and Jack shrank back down to a more comfortable size to accommodate his son.

"So this is Danny, I've heard so much about you"

"You have?" Danny asked, curiosity overcoming the fresh pain and exhaustion.

"Your Father likes to come and tell me all about you"

"You…you heard me"

Kat's eyes traveled back to Jack "Every day, every time you came to my graveside I heard you. I missed your visits after you meet Maddie. I was so glad when you started visiting again."

"I'm sorry I didn't visit for so long…"

"Don't be Jack, you have a family to take care of now…" she looked once more at Danny with something like love in her eyes before she ran a hand trough his hair and down his face in a motherly gesture "…and you must take care of them Jack. Your family is the most precious thing you have. Jack, you have to let go. I'm happy now, you can't go on grieving. You've got to move on. The love you gave me still lives in me. Please Jack, if you still love me, let me go"

"Kate…" sensing the awkwardness that was beginning to build between them. Danny discreetly disentangled himself from his father, not that he noticed, and struggled over to the table. Once there he pulled himself up onto it and settled, as best he could, to watch what happened next.

"Jack, can you let me go?"

"I…think so" Jack replied. Kate smiled and brought herself down to land on the ground. She approached her one time lover and wrapped her arms around his neck. Stunned, Jack just stood and accepted the embrace until he snapped himself out of his stupor. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her thin waist and closed his eyes, committing this moment to memory, as he knew that the next time he would see her, he would have the same abilities she did. They remained in each other's embrace for what felt to them like an eternity, but was less than five minutes in reality.

"Thank you." The words were whispered into Jack's chest, but he heard them as if they had been screamed in his ear. He felt a little dampness on his chest, which caused him to open his eyes and look down at the woman in his arms. Before his very eyes, she grew less and less distinct, until finally, she disappeared altogether.

"For everything"

Jack let his arms fall to his side then merely stared up at the ceiling for a few moments. He wiped a tear from his eye before he whispered to it "No Kate, Thank you"

It was at that moment that he finally noticed the absence of the, albeit small, weight by his side. He looked round, frantic that his son had slipped off somewhere and was now lying unconscious. Within seconds he found him, sitting on the very table he himself had placed him on not half an hour ago, discreetly wiping a tear from his china blue eyes. He approached his son, a question upon his lips, but was interrupted by Danny, with a question of his own.

"So that's Kate?"

"That was her"

"She was beautiful"

"Yes she was, but that's not why I fell for her"

Danny's next question was intercepted by Jack's "Danny, why didn't you tell us about your powers?"

Danny lowered his gaze to the floor and spoke to it, instead of his father. " I guess I just never found the time, and you guys were always busy with some new invention and…" His answer trailed off giving Jack a moment to consider what it must have been like for his son to have to listen to him and Maddie jabber on about their new inventions and what damage they could do to a ghost, all the while knowing that they could do that kind of harm to himself if he got on the wrong end of one, one night. A deep feeling of guilt filled him as he thought of all the times he had done just that. Then something registered. Danny hadn't finished his sentence, so he prompted him.


"And…I guess, maybe deep down…I was afraid…afraid that something like this would happen"

That wave of guilt was back, but this time accompanied by something else, puzzlement and hurt. "What makes you think we would ever do anything like this to you knowingly?"

"You're always saying how you would love the chance to examine a ghost; I guess I just thought that you wouldn't be able to resist the temptation knowing you have one under your very roof."

Jack didn't have the words to express what he feeling or what he wanted to express to his son, instead he enveloped his son in his massive arms and hugged him for all he was worth. A whimper of pain reminded him of what he was going to do before Kate had shown up. He loosened his grip immediately and instead put his son's arm back in place around his neck and helped him to the ground, knowing that Danny would be too stubborn to let himself be carried up the stairs "Come on son, lets get cleaned up before your mum and Jazz get home okay?"

"Okay Dad" with those words, Jack and his son made their way slowly up the stairs. About halfway up, a question reformed in Danny's head.

"So Dad, why did you fall for her?"

"Well Danny…"

The End

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