Okay, so this I just for fun. I don't really see this paring happening, although it would be entertaining, to say the least. Purely for comedic value, here it is.

Vibrations by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

Chouji screamed in horror, seeing his beloved in danger. His eyes began to glow red and smoke bellowed from his ears as he prepared to attack. He raised his hand and slammed it down, crushing his enemy, or so he expected. Suddenly, his hand felt very, very hot. Wincing, he retracted it and saw a flame burning where it had been.

"Come," said a voice from around the corner. The flame died down and the small, black bug flew back to its master, Aburame Shino. "You should show more respect."

Indignant, Chouji snatched his bag of potato chips from the table, lest they face further threats.

"More importantly, you shouldn't send your bugs to spy on me during my private moments!"

Shino raised an eyebrow.

"People might think you're interested in me," Chouji added, crunching down on a potato chip.

"Sorry, I don't like men," Shino said simply.

"Ah, you never know 'til you've tried. Just ask Shikamaru!" Chouji exclaimed.

Trying to ignore the implications of that statement, Shino replied, "Even if I did, there are other men more suited to me, like Sasu—"

"Oh shut up about that guy already! Who are you, Ino?"

Shino was about to respond when he found himself silenced by Chouji's lips upon his. Hmm. This wasn't too bad. His large lips were soft, but not too soft, and the inside of his mouth tasted like salt. Suddenly Chouji jumped back, coughing and spitting and swatting at the dense cloud of bugs that had appeared around them.

"They can sense the readiness of a mate," Shino calmly explained. When Chouji looked disgusted, he continued, "It's not so bad. Their wings can vibrate quite fast…"

Chouji paused for a moment to reflect on that. This was going to be interesting.

The End